New Era Publications

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1987978-1-870451-00-0L. Ron HubbardAn Alien Affair (Mission Earth)
1988978-1-870451-02-4L. Ron HubbardDeath Quest: Vol. 6 of 'Mission Earth'
1987978-1-870451-03-1   ''Voyage of Vengeance (Mission Earth)
1988978-1-870451-04-8   ''Disaster: Mission Earth Volume 8
  ''978-1-870451-05-5   ''Villainy Victorious (Mission Earth)
  ''978-1-870451-06-2   ''The Doomed Planet (Mission Earth)
1988978-1-870451-07-9L. Ron HubbardInvaders Plan
1992978-1-870451-08-6   ''Black Genesis (Mission Earth)
  ''978-1-870451-09-3   ''The Enemy Within (Mission Earth)
  ''978-1-870451-10-9   ''An Alien Affair (Mission Earth)
  ''978-1-870451-11-6   ''Fortune of Fear (Mission Earth)
1992978-1-870451-12-3L. Ron HubbardDeath Quest (Mission Earth)
1993978-1-870451-13-0   ''Voyage of Vengeance (Mission Earth)
1992978-1-870451-14-7   ''Disaster (Mission Earth)
1987978-1-870451-19-2L Ron (ed) HubbardWriters of the Future: v. 3 (L Ron Hubbard Presents)
1989978-1-870451-22-2L. Ron HubbardDianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health
1991978-1-870451-31-4   ''The Invaders Plan (Mission Earth)
1997978-1-870451-70-3How to Use Dianetics [VHS]