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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1986978-1-870098-00-7Maurice AshNew Renaissance: Essays in Search of Wholeness
1988978-1-870098-01-4Edward GoldsmithThe Great U-turn: Deindustrializing Society
1987978-1-870098-02-1Tom WoodhousePeople and Planet: The Right Livelihood Award Speeches: Alternative Nobel Prize Speeches
1988978-1-870098-03-8Richard GwynnWay of the Sea: Use and Abuse of the Oceans
1987978-1-870098-04-5Charlie Pye-Smith · Christopher HallThe Countryside We Want: A Manifesto for the Year 2000
  ''978-1-870098-05-2Walter Schwarz · Dorothy SchwarzBreaking Through: Theory and Practice of Wholistic Living
  ''978-1-870098-06-9Richard NorthSchools of Tomorrow: Education as if People Matter
1991978-1-870098-07-6David WadeCrystal and Dragon: Structure and Energy in the Cosmic Dance
1990978-1-870098-08-3Christopher DayBuilding with Heart: Practical Approach to Self and Community Building
1988978-1-870098-09-0Philip ConfordThe Organic Tradition: An Anthology of Writings on Organic Farming, 1900-50
1989978-1-870098-10-6Ronald HarveyOur Fragmented World
1998978-1-870098-11-3Robert HamiltonEarthdream: The Marriage of Reason and Intuition
1989978-1-870098-12-0E.K. LedermannYour Health in Your Hands: Case for Natural Medicine
1988978-1-870098-13-7John MoatThe Missing Moon
  ''978-1-870098-14-4L. T. C. RoltHigh Horse Riderless (Green Classics)
  ''978-1-870098-15-1John LaneThe Living Tree: Art and the Sacred
1988978-1-870098-16-8Walter RoseGood Neighbours (Green Classics)
  ''978-1-870098-17-5H. J. MassinghamA Mirror of England: Anthology of Writings (1888-1952)
1990978-1-870098-19-9Mark KidelBeyond the Classroom: Dartington's Experiments in Education
1989978-1-870098-20-5Jim Garrison · John-Francis PhippsThe New Diplomats: Citizens as Ambassadors for Peace
  ''978-1-870098-22-9Kim TaplinTongues in Trees: Studies in Literature and Ecology
1991978-1-870098-23-6Jon Broome · Brian RichardsonThe Self-build Book: How to Enjoy Designing and Building Your Own Home
1989978-1-870098-24-3John SeymourThe Ultimate Heresy
1990978-1-870098-26-7Kathleen RaineIndia Seen Afar
1991978-1-870098-27-4John ButtonThe Best of Resurgence: A Selection from the First Twenty-five Years
1990978-1-870098-28-1Stuart McBurneyEcology into Economics Won't Go: Or Life is Not a Concept
1989978-1-870098-29-8Lawrence D. HillsFighting Like the Flowers: The Life Story of Britain's Best Known Organic Gardener
  ''978-1-870098-30-4Lawrence D. HillsFighting Like the Flowers: The Life Story of Britain's Best Known Organic Gardener
1990978-1-870098-32-8Mark KidelBeyond the classroom: Dartington's experiments in education
1991978-1-870098-33-5Leo TolstoyWhat Then Must We Do? (Green Classics Series)
  ''978-1-870098-34-2Christopher Plant · Judith PlantGreen Business: Hope or Hoax?
1989978-1-870098-35-9Maurice AshJourney into the Eye of a Needle
1990978-1-870098-36-6Jeremy SeabrookThe Myth of the Market: Promises and Illusions
1990978-1-870098-37-3Stephen Coleman · Paddy O'SullivanWilliam Morris and News from Nowhere: A Vision of Our Time
  ''978-1-870098-38-0Tom WoodhouseReplenishing the Earth: The Right Livelihood Awards, 1986-89
1991978-1-870098-39-7Robert Van De WeyerHealth of the Nations: Political Morality for the 21st Century
  ''978-1-870098-40-3Charles HoultLiving Green
1992978-1-870098-41-0Richard DouthwaiteThe Growth Illusion: How Economic Growth Has Enriched the Few, Impoverished the Many and Endangered the Planet
  ''978-1-870098-42-7Maurice AshThe Fabric of the World: Towards a Philosophy of Environment (A Resurgence Book)
1991978-1-870098-43-4Colin WardInfluences: Voices of Creative Dissent: Quiet Voices of Dissent
  ''978-1-870098-44-1Robert HartForest Gardening: Cultivating an Edible Landscape
1992978-1-870098-45-8Philip ConfordSustainable Land Use: Towards an Organic Future
1992978-1-870098-46-5Satish KumarNo Destination: Autobiography of a Pilgrim
  ''978-1-870098-47-2Richard DouthwaiteThe Growth Illusion: How Economic Growth Has Enriched the Few, Impoverished the Many and Endangered the Planet
1991978-1-870098-48-9Colin HodgettsInventing a school: The Small School, Hartland
1992978-1-870098-49-6Philip ConfordA Future for the Land: Organic Practice from a Global Perspective (A Resurgence Book)
1993978-1-870098-50-2Vithal RajanRebuilding Communities: Experiences and Experiments in Europe (A Resurgence Book)
1999978-1-870098-52-6Edward HarlandEco-renovation: Ecological Home Improvement Guide
1993978-1-870098-53-3Mike MoneyHealth and Community: Holism in Practice
1990978-1-870098-54-0VinobaMoved by Love: The Memoirs of Vinoba Bhave
1995978-1-870098-55-7Jon Broome · Brian RichardsonThe Self-build Book: How to Enjoy Designing and Building Your Own Home
  ''978-1-870098-56-4David EdwardsFree to be Human: Intellectual Self-defence in an Age of Illusions
1990978-1-870098-57-1Warwick FoxToward a Transpersonal Ecology: Developing New Foundations for Environmentalism
1995978-1-870098-59-5Edward Goldsmith · Martin KhorThe Future of Progress: Reflections on Environment and Development
1990978-1-870098-60-1Peter CruttwellHistory Out of Control: Confronting Global Anarchy
  ''978-1-870098-61-8   ''History Out of Control: Confronting Global Anarchy
2004978-1-870098-62-5James LovelockGaia Theory with James Lovelock [VHS]
1996978-1-870098-64-9Richard DouthwaiteShort Circuit: Practical New Approach to Building More Self-Reliant Communities
1990978-1-870098-65-6John LaneA Snake's Tail Full of Ants: Art, Ecology and Consciousness (Resurgence Book)
1997978-1-870098-66-3E.F. SchumacherThis I Believe and Other Essays (Resurgence Book)
  ''978-1-870098-67-0Sharon BederGlobal Spin: The Corporate Assault on Environmentalism
1990978-1-870098-68-7Christopher WrightThe Sufficient Community: A New World Waiting
1998978-1-870098-69-4Valerie BelseyThe Green Lanes of England
1998978-1-870098-70-0David EdwardsThe Compassionate Revolution: Radical Politics and Buddhism
1990978-1-870098-71-7Maurice AshBeyond the Age of Metaphysics: And the Restoration of Local Life
  ''978-1-870098-72-4James RobertsonTransforming Economic Life: A Millennial Challenge: A Millennial Change (Schumacher Briefings)
  ''978-1-870098-73-1Angela King · Susan Clifford · Adam NicolsonField Days: An Anthology of Poetry (Trees, Rivers and Fields)
1998978-1-870098-74-8Vandana ShivaBiopiracy: The Plunder of Knowledge and Nature
1990978-1-870098-75-5John LaneIn Praise of Devon: A Guide to Its Places, People and Character
  ''978-1-870098-76-2Richard DouthwaiteThe Growth Illusion: How Economic Growth Has Enriched the Few, Impoverished the Many and Endangered the Planet
1999978-1-870098-77-9Herbert GirardetCreating Sustainable Cities (Schumacher Briefings)
  ''978-1-870098-78-6Luke AndersonGenetic Engineering, Food and Our Environment: A Brief Guide
1999978-1-870098-79-3Tanyia Maxted-FrostThe Organic Baby Book: How to plan and raise a healthy child: The Essential Guide to Raising the Healthiest Infant of the New Millennium
1990978-1-870098-80-9Robin StottThe Ecology of Health (Schumacher Briefings)
2000978-1-870098-81-6Richard J DouthwaiteThe Ecology of Money
1990978-1-870098-82-3Angela King · Susan CliffordThe River's Voice: An Anthology of Poetry (Trees, Rivers and Fields)
2000978-1-870098-83-0Jane FitzgeraldOff the Map: Around the Kingsbridge, Salcombe and Dart Estuaries
  ''978-1-870098-84-7Clive LitchfieldThe Organic Directory: 2000-2001: Your Guide to Buying Natural Foods
  ''978-1-870098-85-4   ''Organic Directory 2000-2001
1990978-1-870098-86-1Daphne Lambert · Tanyia Maxted-FrostThe Organic Baby and Toddler Cookbook
2000978-1-870098-87-8Anna SemlyenCutting Your Car Use: Save Money, be Healthy, be Green!
  ''978-1-870098-88-5David EdwardsFree to be Human: Intellectual Self-Defence in an Age of Illusions
1990978-1-870098-89-2Satish KumarNo Destination: Autobiography of a Pilgrim: An Autobiography
  ''978-1-870098-90-8John Lane · Maya Kumar MitchellOnly Connect: The Best of "Resurgence", 1990-1999
1990978-1-870098-91-5Theodore RoszakThe Gendered Atom: The Sexual Psychology of Science
  ''978-1-870098-92-2Alex BeggEmpowering the Earth: Strategies for Social Change
2000978-1-870098-93-9Julia PonsonbyGaia's Kitchen: Vegetarian Recipes for Family and Community from Schumacher College
1990978-1-870098-94-6Aubrey MeyerContraction and Convergence: The Global Solution to Climate Change (Schumacher Briefings)
  ''978-1-870098-96-0Valerie BelseyDiscovering Green Lanes
  ''978-1-870098-97-7Angela King · Susan CliffordTrees be Company: An Anthology of Poetry (Trees, Rivers and Fields)
2001978-1-870098-98-4Leopold KohrThe Breakdown of Nations
  ''978-1-870098-99-1Stephen SterlingSustainable Education: Re-Visioning Learning and Change (Schumacher Briefings)