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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1988978-1-870015-07-3Pamela VermesBuber (Jewish Thinkers)
  ''978-1-870015-08-0Pamela VermesBuber (Jewish Thinkers)
  ''978-1-870015-09-7Chaim PearlRashi (Jewish Thinkers)
  ''978-1-870015-17-2Peter G.J. PulzerThe Rise of Political Anti-Semitism in Germany and Austria
  ''978-1-870015-18-9Peter PulzerThe Rise of Political Anti-Semitism
1989978-1-870015-19-6Albert Rapoport · Steven ZippersteinJewish History: Essays in Honour of Chimen Abramsky
1989978-1-870015-28-8Yuz AleshkovskyThe Hand
  ''978-1-870015-29-5Andrew JotischkyMarco Polo's Tears
1991978-1-870015-38-7Steven BellerHerzl (Jewish Thinkers S.)
  ''978-1-870015-39-4Steven BellerHerzl (Jewish Thinkers S.)
1997978-1-870015-47-9Daniel FrankJudah Halevi (Jewish Thinkers)
1992978-1-870015-48-6Ramin Jahanbegloo · Isaiah BerlinConversations With Isaiah Berlin
  ''978-1-870015-49-3Hyam MaccobyJudas Iscariot & the Myth of Jewish Evil
1993978-1-870015-54-7Steven ZippersteinAhad Ha'am: Elusive Prophet: Ahad Ha'am and the Origins of Zionism (Jewish Thinkers)
1995978-1-870015-58-5Isaac LevyWitness to Evil: Bergen-Belsen, 1945
  ''978-1-870015-59-2Jonathan SacksCommunity of Faith
1998978-1-870015-66-0J. HartAsk Me No More: An Autobiography
1998978-1-870015-68-4B. CheyetteContemporary Jewish Writing In Britain And Ireland: An Anthology
  ''978-1-870015-69-1Dan Vittorio SegreMemoirs Of A Fortunate Jew: An Italian Story
1999978-1-870015-71-4A.B. YehoshuaJourney To End Of The Millennium
2002978-1-870015-77-6A.B. YehoshuaMr Mani
  ''978-1-870015-78-3Simin DaneshvarA Persian Requiem
  ''978-1-870015-79-0Benedetta CraveriMadame Du Deffand And Her World
2004978-1-870015-82-0David SorkinMoses Mendelssohn (Jewish Thinkers Series)
  ''978-1-870015-84-4Dinah Lee KüngA Visit from Voltaire: A Comic Novel
2003978-1-870015-85-1Mona YahiaWhen the Grey Beetles took over Baghdad
2003978-1-870015-86-8A.B. YehoshuaThe Liberated Bride
2004978-1-870015-87-5Ellis DouekA Middle Eastern Affair
  ''978-1-870015-88-2Stuart Hampshire · Ramin JahanbeglooConversations With Stuart Hampshire
2005978-1-870015-89-9Dan Vittorio SegreMemoirs of a Failed Diplomat
2004978-1-870015-91-2A.B. YehoshuaThe Lover
2005978-1-870015-94-3   ''Five Seasons
  ''978-1-870015-95-0   ''A Late Divorce
2006978-1-870015-96-7Dinah Lee Kung · Dinah Lee KüngUnder Their Skin
  ''978-1-870015-98-1A.B. YehoshuaA Woman in Jerusalem: A Passion in Three Parts