Wicked Publications

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-1-870000-00-0Steve JonesLondon, the Sinister Side
1989978-1-870000-01-7Steve JonesWicked London
1991978-1-870000-02-4   ''Through the Keyhole
1992978-1-870000-03-1   ''Capital Punishments: Crime and Prison Conditions in Victorian Times
1994978-1-870000-04-8   ''In Darkest London. Antisocial Behaviour, 1900-39
1995978-1-870000-05-5   ''When the Lights Went Down: Crime in Wartime London
1996978-1-870000-06-2Steve JonesNottingham...the Sinister Side
2001978-1-870000-07-9   ''Lancashire Lasses: Their Lives and Crimes
2002978-1-870000-08-6   ''The Illustrated Police News: Victorian Court Cases and Sensational Stories
1997978-1-870000-09-3   ''Manchester: The Sinister Side
1998978-1-870000-14-7   ''Birmingham...the Sinister Side: Crime and the Causes of Crime in Victorian and Edwardian Times
1999978-1-870000-49-9Steve JonesNorthumberland and Durham....the Sinister Side: Crime and Punishment, 1837-1914