HarperCollins New Zealand

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-1-86950-063-4Chloe Talbot KellyCollins Birds of New Zealand
1991978-1-86950-064-1Christopher HarderMercy, mistress, mercy: The Plumley Walker saga
1992978-1-86950-078-8Ja NalepkaCapsized Man New Zealand Edn
1995978-1-86950-188-4Ken CatranIce Stranger
1996978-1-86950-201-0Rebecca AnsellCaught in the Crunch: Earthquakes and Volcanoes in New Zealand
1997978-1-86950-222-5Edmund BohanNew Zealand: The Story So Far
2001978-1-86950-248-5Matt ElliottKiwi Jokers: The Rise and Rise of New Zealand Comedy
1998978-1-86950-257-7Michael Laws · Sally TaggThe Demon Profession
1997978-1-86950-265-2Neil RobinsonTo the ends of the earth: Norman McLeod and the Highlanders' migration to Nova Scotia and New Zealand
1998978-1-86950-283-6Tim HazeldineTaking New Zealand Seriously: the Economics of Decency
2000978-1-86950-300-0Terence R. Lindsey · Terence LindseyCollins Field Guide to New Zealand Wildlife
  ''978-1-86950-341-3Deborah Challinor · Elizabeth LancasterWho'll Stop the Rain?: Agent Orange and the Children of New Zealand's Vietnam Veterans
  ''978-1-86950-342-0Glyn HarperMassacre at PasschEND
2001978-1-86950-349-9Chris WinitanaLegends of Aotearoa
2000978-1-86950-352-9Dianne Haworth · Diane MillerFreda Stark: Her Extraordinary Life
2002978-1-86950-387-1AmmaAmma's Cookbook: From Indian Village to Internet
2003978-1-86950-473-1Daryl. CrimpHook Line and Sinker
  ''978-1-86950-477-9V.M. JonesSerpents of Arakesh (Karazan Quartet)
2004978-1-86950-479-3V. M. JonesPrince of the Wind: The Door is Open... (Karazan Quartet)
2003978-1-86950-491-5Ian BrodieThe Lord of the Rings Location Guidebook
2004978-1-86950-493-9Steve Williams · Hugh de LacyHitting the Zone: Golf at the Top with Steve Williams
2006978-1-86950-522-6colin-richardsonIn the Face of the Enemy: The Complete History of the Victoria Cross and New Zealand
2005978-1-86950-530-1Ian BrodieThe Lord of the Rings Location Guidebook: Extended Edition
2004978-1-86950-531-8Dianne HaworthTears in the Wind
  ''978-1-86950-532-5David CrimpCrimpy's Fishing for Kids
2004978-1-86950-533-2Richard BechtStanding Tall: The Tawera Nikau Story
2005978-1-86950-542-4Max LambertNight After Night: New Zealanders in Bomber Command
978-1-86950-544-8Robin CunninghamLittle Tuatara
2005978-1-86950-550-9Ian BrodieThe Lord of the Rings Location Guidebook: Travel Diary
  ''978-1-86950-553-0Bob Howitt · Dianne Haworth1905 Originals
2006978-1-86950-558-5Nigel LattaBefore Your Kids Drive You Crazy
2005978-1-86950-566-0Bob HowittSanzar Saga - Ten Years of Super 12 and Tri-Nations Rugby
2006978-1-86950-584-4Mike DillonFrom the Horses Mouth: The Keith Haub Story
978-1-86950-590-5Crimpys Cartooning for Kids
2006978-1-86950-592-9Graham Hutchins101 Years of All Black Trivia
2008978-1-86950-620-9Andy McGechanJosh Flyingkiwi
  ''978-1-86950-635-3Joanne DraytonNgaio Marsh: Her Life In Crime
2007978-1-86950-644-5Max LambertNight After Night: New Zealanders in Bomber Command
  ''978-1-86950-650-6Harper & Richardson.In the Face of the Enemy - the Complete History of the Victoria Cross and New Zealand
978-1-86950-658-2Cooking Times
2007978-1-86950-660-5Mike HydeTwisting Throttle Australia
2008978-1-86950-661-2Nigel LattaHow To Have Kids And Stay Sane
  ''978-1-86950-666-7Peter JanssenVineyard Visits: 150 of New Zealand's Best
2008978-1-86950-686-5Glenn CompainStreetwise Parenting
978-1-86950-688-9Trends Inspiring Homes: Celebrating 25 Years of New Zealand Trends
978-1-86950-709-1The Dangerous Book for Boys
2008978-1-86950-713-8Nigel LattaBefore Your Teenagers Drive You Crazy, Read This!: Battlefield Wisdom for Stressed-Out Parents
2009978-1-86950-728-2Ian ChapmanGlory Days: From Gumboots to Platforms
2013978-1-86950-784-8Nigel LattaMothers Raising Sons
2009978-1-86950-785-5Megan (ed.) HutchingA Fair Sort of Battering
2013978-1-86950-787-9Nigel LattaFathers Raising Daughters
2009978-1-86950-822-7John MathesonWarrior Nation: A Celebration of 15 Years of the Warriors
2011978-1-86950-844-9Max LambertDay After Day
  ''978-1-86950-857-9Graeme CrosbyCroz Larrikin Biker
  ''978-1-86950-862-3John MathesonSonny Bill Williams: The Story of Rugby's New Superstar
2013978-1-86950-865-4Nigel LattaPolitically Incorrect Parenting: Before Your Kids Drive You Crazy, Read This!
978-1-86950-873-9The Last of the Human Freedoms
2011978-1-86950-875-3Anna SandifordExpert Witness
2012978-1-86950-894-4Richard BechtBruce McLaren
978-1-86950-902-6The Art of District 9
2011978-1-86950-926-2Ian BrodieLord of the Rings Location Guidebook
  ''978-1-86950-927-9   ''Lord of the Rings Location Guidebook
  ''978-1-86950-930-9Weta WorkshopThe Art of the Adventures of Tintin.
2011978-1-86950-938-5Day LorainCastlepoint: A Powerful Story of Life on an Iconic Sheep and Cattlestation
2012978-1-86950-973-6Bob HowittGraham Henry: Final Word