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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1988978-1-86940-014-9D. A. HamerThe New Zealand Liberals: The Years of Power, 1891-1912
1987978-1-86940-016-3R.C.J. StoneThe Father and His Gift
1991978-1-86940-049-1Ian PoolTe Iwi Maori: A New Zealand Population, Past, Present and Projected
  ''978-1-86940-054-5Richard Von SturmerA network of dissolving threads
2012978-1-86940-056-9Bruce BiggsEnglish-Maori, Maori-English Dictionary
1993978-1-86940-078-1Jack Vowles · Peter AimerThe Voters' Vengeance: The 1990 Election in New Zealand and the Fate of the Fourth Labour Government
1995978-1-86940-094-1Patrick DayThe Radio Years: A History of Broadcasting in New Zealand Volume One
1994978-1-86940-095-8Ian McGibbonUndiplomatic Dialogue: Letters between Carl Berendsen and Alister McIntosh, 1943-1952 (An Auckland University Press Book)
  ''978-1-86940-096-5Andrew SharpLeap into the Dark: The Changing Role of the State in New Zealand since 1984
  ''978-1-86940-097-2Malcolm TempletonTies of Blood and Empire: New Zealand's Involvement in Middle East Defence and the Suez Crisis 1947-57
  ''978-1-86940-098-9Douglas G. SuttonThe Origins of the First New Zealanders
1995978-1-86940-119-1Bruce Biggs · Pei Te Hurinui JonesNga Iwi o Tainui: The Traditional History of the Tainui People (English, Maori and Maori Edition)
1995978-1-86940-120-7John DolanStuck Up: Poems by John Dolan
  ''978-1-86940-122-1Albert WendtPhotographs
  ''978-1-86940-128-3Hugh TempletonAll Honourable Men: Inside the Muldoon Cabinet 1975-1984
1996978-1-86940-138-2Jonathan Boston · Elizabeth McLeay · Nigel S. Roberts · Stephen LevineNew Zealand Under MMP: A New Politics?
  ''978-1-86940-139-9Peter DavisIntimate Details and Vital Statistic: AIDS, Sexuality and the Social Order in New Zealand
  ''978-1-86940-147-4Judith BinneyNga Morehu/the Survivors: The Life Histories of Eight Maori Women
1996978-1-86940-148-1Judith BinneyMihaia: The Prophet Rua Kenana and His Community at Maungagobatu
1997978-1-86940-149-8Jan Kelly · Brian MarshallAtlas of New Zealand Boundaries
  ''978-1-86940-153-5Judith Huntsman · Antony HooperTokelau
1998978-1-86940-170-2Malcolm TempletonHuman Rights and Sporting Contacts: New Zealand Attitudes to Race Relations in South Africa 1921-94
1997978-1-86940-171-9Richard G. MulganPolitics in New Zealand
  ''978-1-86940-175-7Michael BassettThe Mother of All Departments: The History of the Department of Internal Affairs
  ''978-1-86940-177-1Kapka KassabovaAll Roads Lead to the Sea
1998978-1-86940-180-1Jack VowlesVoters' Victory
  ''978-1-86940-186-3Bruce BiggsLet's Learn Maori
1999978-1-86940-205-1Elizabeth Wood-EllemQueen Salote of Tonga: The Story of an Era 1900-1965
1999978-1-86940-206-8Fay HercockAlice: The Making of a Woman Doctor 1914-1974
  ''978-1-86940-207-5Kapka KassabovaDismemberment
2003978-1-86940-212-9Mervyn McLeanWeavers of Song: Polynesian Music and Dance
1999978-1-86940-213-6Robert SullivanStar Waka: Poems by Robert Sullivan
  ''978-1-86940-214-3Raeburn LangeMay the People Live: Maori Health Development 1900-1920
2001978-1-86940-225-9Claudia OrangeNga Tangata Taumata Rau: Maori Language Version
2000978-1-86940-229-7Ann CalhounThe Arts and Crafts Movement in New Zealand 1870–1940: Women Make Their Mark
2001978-1-86940-231-0Penelope Griffith · Peter Hughes · Alan LoneyA Book in the Hand: Essays on the History of the Book in New Zealand
2000978-1-86940-233-4Patrick DayVoice and Vision Volume 2: History of Broadcasting in New Zealand
2002978-1-86940-236-5Barry GustafsonHis Way: A Biography of Robert Muldoon
2000978-1-86940-238-9Nga Tangata Taumata Rau: 5 Volume Set (Maori Edition)
2001978-1-86940-245-7Robin HydeThe Godwits Fly
  ''978-1-86940-247-1Roger HorrocksLen Lye
2002978-1-86940-260-0B. H. EastonThe Nationbuilders
  ''978-1-86940-261-7Anna JacksonThe Pastoral Kitchen
2001978-1-86940-262-4Elizabeth Wood-EllemQueen Salote of Tonga: The Story of an Era 1900-1965
2002978-1-86940-270-9David WrightJoyita: Solving the Mystery
2003978-1-86940-276-1Philip TempleA Sort of Conscience: The Wakefields
2002978-1-86940-277-8Michael DunnNew Zealand Sculpture: A History
2002978-1-86940-279-2Jenifer Curnow · Ngapare Hopa · Jane McRaeRere Atu, Taku Manu!: Discovering History, Language, and Politics in the Maori Language Newspapers, 1842-1933
2004978-1-86940-283-9Albert WendtThe Book of the Black Star
2003978-1-86940-287-7John DolanPeople with Real Lives Don't Need Landscapes
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  ''978-1-86940-298-3Robin HydeYoung Knowledge: Poems of Robin Hyde
2004978-1-86940-305-8Barbara Brookes · Annabel Cooper · Robin LawSites of Gender: Women, Men & Modernity in Southern Dunedin 1890-1939
2005978-1-86940-307-2Philip TempleA Sort of Conscience: The Wakefields
2004978-1-86940-315-7Geoffrey IrwinKohika: The Archaeology of a Late Maori Lake Village
2005978-1-86940-335-5Michael DunnNerli: An Italian Painter in the South Pacific
  ''978-1-86940-341-6Helen LaurensonGoing Up Going Down: The Rise and Fall of the Department Store (AUP Studies in Cultural and Social History)
2006978-1-86940-348-5Pamela WoodDirt: Filth and Decay in a New World Arcadia
  ''978-1-86940-350-8Barry BarclayMana Tuturu: Maori Treasures and Intellectual Property Rights
2007978-1-86940-357-7D. Ian Pool · Arunachalam Dharmalingam · Janet SceatsThe New Zealand Family from 1840
2006978-1-86940-361-4Michael D. JacksonDead Reckoning
2006978-1-86940-364-5John Singleton · Arthur Grimes · Gary Hawke · Frank HolmesInnovation and Independence: The Reserve Bank of New Zealand
2007978-1-86940-370-6Louise ShawMaking a Difference: A History of the Auckland College of Education, 1881-2004
2008978-1-86940-373-7Damian SkinnerThe Carver and the Artist: Maori Art in the Twentieth Century
2007978-1-86940-374-4Neil PearceAdverse Reactions: The Fenoterol Story
  ''978-1-86940-378-2Gerald HenselyFinal Approaches: A Memoir
  ''978-1-86940-388-1Fiona FarrellThe Pop-up Book of Invasions
  ''978-1-86940-393-5Russell StoneLogan Campbell's Auckland: Tales from the Early Years
  ''978-1-86940-395-9Jack Ross · Jan KempContemporary New Zealand Poets in Performance
2007978-1-86940-398-0Judith. HuntsmanThe Future of Tokelau: Decolonising Agendas, 1975-2006
2008978-1-86940-399-7Manying IpBeing Maori Chinese: Mixed Identities
  ''978-1-86940-400-0Barry GustafsonKiwi Keith: A Biography of Keith Holyoake
978-1-86940-420-8Beauty Queens and Physique Kings: A History of New Zealand Beauty Contests
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2013978-1-86940-729-2Jarrod GilbertPatched: The History of Gangs in New Zealand
2015978-1-86940-822-0Joan MetgeTauira: Maori Methods of Learning and Teaching
2017978-1-86940-848-0Peter SimpsonBloomsbury South: The Arts in Christchurch 1933 - 1953
  ''978-1-86940-857-2Jo SmithMaori Television: The First Ten Years
2018978-1-86940-871-8Chris BourkeGood-bye Maoriland: The Songs and Sounds of New Zealand's Great War
  ''978-1-86940-873-2Leonard BellStrangers Arrive: Emigrés and the Arts in New Zealand, 1930-1980
  ''978-1-86940-875-6Janet McLean · Alison Quentin-BaxterThis Realm of New Zealand: The Sovereign, the Governor-General, the Crown
2018978-1-86940-876-3Jarrod Gilbert · Greg NewboldCriminal Justice: A New Zealand Introduction
2019978-1-86940-892-3Milen MarinovDragonflies and Damselflies of New Zealand
2020978-1-86940-901-2Bruce W. HaywardVolcanoes of Auckland: A Field Guide
2019978-1-86940-937-1Dylan van Winkel · Marleen Baling · Rod HitchmoughReptiles and Amphibians of New Zealand: A Field Guide