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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-1-86872-008-8Louis LiebenbergA Photographic Guide to Tracks and Tracking in Southern Africa (Photographic Guides)
1997978-1-86872-033-0J. C. Sinclair · Ian Sinclair · P. A. R. Hockey · W. R. TarbotonSasol Birds of Southern Africa
1999978-1-86872-035-4J. C. Sinclair · Olivier Lagrand · Ian Sinclair · Olivier LangrandBirds of the Indian Ocean Islands
1998978-1-86872-040-8Bill BranchField Guide Snakes and Other Reptiles of Southern Africa (Photographic Field Guides)
2003978-1-86872-080-4Tabitha HumeThe X Diet Cookbook
1998978-1-86872-083-5Sylvia Robert · Alain Degre · Joelle OdyTippi of Africa: The Little Girl Who Talks to the Animals
1997978-1-86872-101-6Cathy O'Dowd · Ian WoodhallEverest, free to decide: The story of the first South Africans ro reach the highest point on earth
978-1-86872-103-0Ian Sinclair · Phil Hockey · Warwick TarbotonBirds of Southern Africa: The Region's Most Comprehensively Illustrated Guide
1998978-1-86872-120-7Tracey HawthorneCommon Birds of Southern Africa (Field Guides)
1999978-1-86872-157-3Sean FraserSeven Days in Cape Town
2000978-1-86872-260-0Adrian Hadland · Joviac RantaoThe Life and Times of Thabo Mbeki
  ''978-1-86872-269-3Rory Steyn · Debora PattaOne Step Behind Mandela: The Story of Rory Steyn, Nelson Mandela's Chief Bodyguard
  ''978-1-86872-281-5Johan MaraisSnakes and Snake Bite in Southern Africa (Nature Guides)
978-1-86872-284-6Mike LundyBest Walks in the Cape Peninsula
1999978-1-86872-289-1D. G AllanSasol birds of prey of southern Africa: A first field guide (Sasol First Field Guide)
  ''978-1-86872-291-4Elsa PooleySasol trees of southern Africa: A first field guide (Sasol First Field Guide)
2000978-1-86872-297-6Wendy ToerienSouth African Wine: A Celebration
2001978-1-86872-302-7Astri Leroy · John LeroySpiderwatch in Southern Africa
2000978-1-86872-307-2Hennie CrousSaltwater Fishing in South Africa
  ''978-1-86872-318-8Rob M. Little · Tim Crowe · Simon BarlowGamebirds of Southern Africa
2007978-1-86872-340-9Hilton HamannDays Of The Generals: The Untold Story of South Africa's Apartheid-era Military Generals
2003978-1-86872-341-6Chandre Gould · Marlene BurgerSecrets and Lies: Wouter Basson and South Africa's Chemical and Biological Warfare Programme
2001978-1-86872-353-9Tony ManningMaking Sense of Strategy
978-1-86872-370-6N. FlanaganJust About Everything a Manager
2000978-1-86872-384-3James Berrangen Gids Tot Woonwa- En Kampvakansies in Suid-Afrika
2003978-1-86872-389-8Keith Coates Palgrave · R. B. Drummond · Eugene John Moll · Meg Coates PalgraveTrees of Southern Africa
2000978-1-86872-413-0Peter Magubane · Sandra KlopperAfrican Renaissance
2000978-1-86872-421-5Nigel DennisKruger
  ''978-1-86872-423-9Ian Sinclair · Trevor HardakerSasol Birding Map of Southern Africa
2001978-1-86872-437-6Wendy ToerienWines and Vineyards of South Africa
2003978-1-86872-441-3Kristo PienaarThe South African 'what Flower Is That'?
2005978-1-86872-451-2Vincent CarruthersThe Wildlife of Southern Africa: A Field Guide to the Animal and Plants of the Region
2000978-1-86872-454-3Nick Greaves · Nick BrutonWhen Elephant Was King: And Other Tales from Africa
  ''978-1-86872-487-1D RichardsA Photographic Guide to Birds of East Africa (Photographic Guides)
2001978-1-86872-503-8Richard du Toit · Gerald HindeCatching the Moment: Photographing Wildlife in a Timeless Perspective
2003978-1-86872-514-4Peter Magubane · Sandra KlopperDress and Adornment (African Heritage)
  ''978-1-86872-515-1   ''Ceremonies (African Heritage)
  ''978-1-86872-517-5Sandra KlopperHomesteads (African Heritage)
1996978-1-86872-521-2David AllanPhotographic Guide to Birds of of Southern, Central and East Africa (Photographic Guides)
2001978-1-86872-532-8Daryl Balfour · Sharna BalfourSimply Safari
2006978-1-86872-534-2Chris Stuart · Tilde StuartField Guide to Larger Mammals of Africa
978-1-86872-537-3Field Guide to Mammals Ofsouthern Africa
2000978-1-86872-538-0Duncan ButchartWildlife of the Okavango: Common Plants and Animals
2008978-1-86872-550-2Peter AppsSmither's Mammals of Southern Africa: A Field Guide
2003978-1-86872-558-8Chris Stuart · Tilde StuartA Field Guide to the Tracks and Signs of Southern and East African Wildlife
2002978-1-86872-564-9Peter MagubaneThe BaNtwane: Africa's Undiscovered People
2001978-1-86872-569-4Gus MillsAfrican Predators
2005978-1-86872-582-3Richard Du Toit · Gerald Hinde · William TaylorAfrica's Big Five
2001978-1-86872-584-7Peter MagubaneSoweto
2002978-1-86872-594-6Heike SchutzeField Guide to the Mammals of the Kruger National Park
2001978-1-86872-607-3Vincent CarruthersFrogs and frogging in Southern Africa
2002978-1-86872-619-6Bill BranchA Photographic Guide to Snakes and Other Reptiles of Southern Africa by Bill Branch (2002) Paperback
2001978-1-86872-621-9Chris Stuart · Tilde StuartSouthern, Central, and East African mammals: A photographic guide
2001978-1-86872-629-5Jack HadfieldThe A-Z of Vegetable Gardening in South Africa
2003978-1-86872-632-5Mary Rice · Craig GibsonHeat, Dust and Dreams: An Exploration of People and Environment in Namibia's Kaokoland and Damaraland
2002978-1-86872-640-0Najma DharaniField Guide to Common Trees and Shrubs of East Africa
2005978-1-86872-652-3Geoff HillBattle For Zimbabwe: The Final Countdown
2003978-1-86872-653-0Donna Darkwolf VosDancing Under an African Moon: Paganism and Wicca in South Africa
  ''978-1-86872-662-2Anne Marie du Preez BezdrobWinnie Mandela: A Life: A Life
  ''978-1-86872-665-3Pieter-Dirk UysElections & Erections: A Memoir of Fear and Fun
  ''978-1-86872-666-0Bruce CameronGetting Started: Money Matters for under-25's
2005978-1-86872-670-7Piet Nortie32 Battalion
2003978-1-86872-682-0Robynn HofmeyrThe Really, Really, Really Easy Step-By-Step Computer Book: For Absolute Beginners of All Ages
2005978-1-86872-685-1SamakiAfrican Names: Reclaim Your Heritage
2002978-1-86872-693-6Jéan Du PlessisDesertscapes of Namibia
2004978-1-86872-694-3Kingsley HolgateCape to Cairo: One Family's Adventures Along the Waterways of Africa
2005978-1-86872-703-2Jacqui TaylorAn African ABC
2003978-1-86872-713-1Mike Picker · Charles Griffiths · Alan WeavingField Guide to Insects of South Africa
2005978-1-86872-718-6Lehla EldridgeThe South African Illustrated Cookbook
2007978-1-86872-719-3Luke HunterCheetah
2002978-1-86872-721-6Ian Sinclair · Phil Hockey · Warwick TarbotonSasol Birds of Southern Africa
2005978-1-86872-724-7Steve WoodhallField Guide to Butterflies of South Africa
2007978-1-86872-725-4Callan Cohen · Jonathan Roussouw · Claire SpottiswoodeThe Southern African Birdfinder: Where to Find 1,400 Bird Species in Southern Africa and Madagascar
2010978-1-86872-729-2Robyn Keene-YoungOKAVANGO
2002978-1-86872-732-2A. Kemp · M. KempSasol Birds of Prey of Africa
  ''978-1-86872-735-3Kenneth NewmanNewman's Birds of Southern Africa
2002978-1-86872-739-1Lee R. BergerThe Official Field Guide to the Cradle of Humankind
2007978-1-86872-746-9Magdaleen van WykThe Complete South African Cookbook
2002978-1-86872-751-3Jenny RaworthKreatief Met Blomme
2006978-1-86872-762-9Robyn StewartNomads Of The Serengeti
2002978-1-86872-764-3I. Sinclair · J. SinclairBirds of Namibia (Photographic Guides)
2003978-1-86872-804-6J. Paper LeemingScorpions of Southern Africa
  ''978-1-86872-822-0David Holt-Biddle · William Taylor · Gerald HindeThe Waterberg: The Natural Splendours of a Forgotten Wilderness
2004978-1-86872-827-5Shaen Adey · Fiona McIntoshSeven Days in Mauritius and Rodrigues
2001978-1-86872-836-7Peter JoyceAfrican Heritage Series (African Heritage)
2003978-1-86872-842-8Liz McGrathThe Collection Cookbook
  ''978-1-86872-854-1Gideon SmithFirst Field Guide to Aloes of Southern Africa
  ''978-1-86872-856-5Leon NellThe Garden Route and Little Karoo: Between the Desert to the Deep Blue Sea
2009978-1-86872-857-2Ian Sinclair · Peter RyanBirds of Africa South of the Sahara: A Comprehensive Illustrated Field Guide
2004978-1-86872-879-4Kenneth NewmanWhat's That Bird?: A Starter's Guide to Birds of Southern Africa
  ''978-1-86872-882-4Bill Hansford-SteeleAfrican Fly-Fishing Handbook: A Guide to Freshwater and Saltwater Fly-Fishing in Africa
2003978-1-86872-890-9M. Smith · Phil HeemstraSmith's Sea Fishes (Wildlife)
2005978-1-86872-899-2Gavin Hoole · Cheryl SmithThe Really Really Really, Easy Step-by-step Computer Book 2: For Novices of All Ages (Bk.2)
2007978-1-86872-903-6Richard CallandAnatomy of South Africa: Who Holds the Power?
2005978-1-86872-906-7SADETThe Road to Democracy in South Africa, Vol. 1: 1960-1970
2011978-1-86872-914-2Piet Nortje32 Battalion
2005978-1-86872-918-0Ahmed KathradaMemoirs
2011978-1-86872-922-7David Klatzow · Sylvia WalkerSteeped in Blood: The Life and Times of a Forensic Scientist
978-1-86872-925-8Everyone's Guide to the South African Economy
2005978-1-86872-926-5Anne Mare du Preez BezdrobWinnie Mandela: A Life
2005978-1-86872-932-6Johan MaraisA Complete Guide to Snakes of Southern Africa
  ''978-1-86872-946-3Jacqui TaylorA Baobab is Big
2011978-1-86872-951-7Dianne StewartThe Zebra's Stripes: And Other African Animal Tales
978-1-86872-954-8John ManningSasol First Field Guide to Fynbos of Southern Africa
2003978-1-86872-956-2Olivier Langrand · Ian SinclairBirds of the Indian Ocean Islands: Madagascar, Mauritius, Réunion, Rodrigues, Seychelles and the Comoros
978-1-86872-963-0Okavango River: The Flow of a Lifeline
2005978-1-86872-966-1Jenny DoddChildren's Birthday Parties
978-1-86872-972-2Alan Bridgewater · Gill BridgewaterThe Pond Specialist
2006978-1-86872-978-4Colin Paterson-JonesBest Walks of the Garden Route
2005978-1-86872-987-6Sophie Perryer10 Years, 100 Artists: Art in a Democratic South Africa
  ''978-1-86872-988-3Garth StroebelModern South African Cuisine
  ''978-1-86872-996-8Ian MichlerBotswana: The Insider's Guide
  ''978-1-86872-998-2Nick GreavesWhen Bat Was A Bird: and Other Animal Tales from Africa