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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-1-86842-023-0John LabandRope of sand: The rise and fall of the Zulu Kingdom in the nineteenth century
1996978-1-86842-025-4B.P.J. ErasmusOn Route in South Africa: a Region by Region Guide to South Africa
  ''978-1-86842-035-3Antony ThomasRhodes
1900978-1-86842-037-7PackenhamBoer War
1997978-1-86842-039-1GeersContemporary South African art: The Gencor collection
  ''978-1-86842-056-8Ken VernonAscent & Dissent
1998978-1-86842-062-9Anne LandsmannThe Devils Chimney
  ''978-1-86842-071-1Cecil MargoFinal postponement: Reminiscences of a crowded life
2000978-1-86842-098-8Gary TeichmannFor the Record
2002978-1-86842-123-7John RyanOne Man's Africa
2008978-1-86842-124-4Jonny SteinbergMidlands
2002978-1-86842-131-2M. MeredithFischer's Choice - A Life of Bram Fischer
  ''978-1-86842-139-8Catherine BuckleBeyond Tears: Zimbabwe's Tragedy
2018978-1-86842-140-4Catherine BuckleAfrican Tears: The Zimbabwe Land Invasions
2009978-1-86842-150-3Allister SparksBeyond the Miracle: Inside the New South Africa
2003978-1-86842-163-3Chris LoganCelebrity Surgeon: Christiaan Barnard, a Life
2004978-1-86842-191-6Hans FransenA Guide to the Old Buildings of the Cape: A Survey of Extant Architecture from Before C1910 in the Area of Cape Town-Calvinia-Colesberg-Uitenhage
2004978-1-86842-205-0jonny-steinbergThe Number: One Man's Search for Identity in the Cape Underworld and Prison Gangs
2005978-1-86842-211-1anthony-sampsonDrum: The Making of a Magazine
2002978-1-86842-214-2Ron LockZulu Victory: The Epic of Isandlwana and the Cover-up
978-1-86842-218-0Legacy of Freedom: The ANC's Human Rights Tradition
2009978-1-86842-219-7Gerald L'AngeThe White Africans: From Colonisation to Liberation
978-1-86842-221-0The Seed is Mine: Kas Maine - the Life of a South African Sharecropper
2009978-1-86842-227-2Hans FransenOld Towns and Villages of the Cape: A Survey of the Origin and Development of Towns, Villages and Hamlets at the Cape of Good Hope
2006978-1-86842-236-4leonard-thompsonA history of South Africa
2009978-1-86842-247-0Riaan ManserAround Africa on my Bicycle
2006978-1-86842-250-0f-van-zyl-slabbertThe Other Side of History: An Anecdotal Reflection on Political Transition in South Africa
2009978-1-86842-259-3Tony LeonOn the Contrary: Leading the Opposition in a Democratic South Africa
  ''978-1-86842-263-0Jeremy GordinZuma: A Biography
2007978-1-86842-270-8Chika A. OnyeaniCapitalist Nigger: The road to success
2009978-1-86842-271-5Liz McGregor · Sarah NuttallAt Risk: Writing On and Over the Edge of Souh Africa
2007978-1-86842-272-2Kim KiyosakiRich Woman: A Book on Investing for Women
2009978-1-86842-281-4Milton Shain · Richard MendelsohnThe Jews in South Africa: An Illustrated History
2007978-1-86842-282-1heunis-j-cThe Inner Circle: Recollections from the Last Days of White Rule
  ''978-1-86842-293-7Jonny SteinbergNotes from a Fractured Country: Selected Journalism
2009978-1-86842-303-3   ''Thin Blue: The Unwritten Rules of South African Policing
  ''978-1-86842-315-6Bruce BrydenA Game Ranger Remembers
  ''978-1-86842-331-6Jannie GeldenhuysAt the Front
2009978-1-86842-351-4Riaan ManserAround Africa on my Bicycle
  ''978-1-86842-357-6Anthea JefferyPeople's war: New light on the struggle for South Africa
2011978-1-86842-363-7Garth Owen-SmithAn Arid Eden: A Personal Account of Conservation in the Kaokoveld
  ''978-1-86842-368-2Riaan ManserAround Madagascar on my Kayak
2014978-1-86842-608-9Christo BrandDoing life with Mandela: My prisoner, my friend
2016978-1-86842-716-1Henry KenneyVerwoed
2017978-1-86842-726-0Redi TlhabiKhwezi: The Remarkable Story of Fezekile Ntsukela Kuzwayo
  ''978-1-86842-797-0Jakkie CilliersFate of the Nation: 3 Scenarios for South Africa's Future
  ''978-1-86842-807-6John LabandThe Assassination of King Shaka
2017978-1-86842-818-2Adriaan Basson · Pieter H du ToitEnemy of the People: How Jacob Zuma stole South Africa and how the people fought back
  ''978-1-86842-842-7James-Brent StyanHeartbreaker: Christiaan Barnard and the first heart transplant
  ''978-1-86842-894-6Jacques PauwIn the Heart of the Whore: The Story of Apartheid's Death Squads
2019978-1-86842-986-8Rodney TrudgeonRodney Trudgeon's Concert Notes: A Selection of favourite orchestral masterpieces
  ''978-1-86842-994-3Charles Van OnselenThe Night Trains: Moving Mozambican miners to and from the Witwatersrand Mines, 1902 - 1955