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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-86470-007-7Michael WebbThemes and Variations: House Design: Ray Kappe: Architects/Planners (House Design, 3)
  ''978-1-86470-011-4Images Publishing GroupSporting Spaces, Vol. 1: A Pictorial Review of Significant Spaces (International Spaces Series)
2006978-1-86470-012-1   ''Transport Spaces: Vol 1 (International Spaces Series)
  ''978-1-86470-017-6   ''Int. Architecture Yearbook No 5
  ''978-1-86470-021-3Julian DahlMillennium Architecture Studio (Millennium (Antique Collector's Club))
  ''978-1-86470-023-7Stephen DobneyTai Soo Kim Partners: Selected Works (The Master Architect Series, 4)
2006978-1-86470-024-4Ken WooleyKen Woolley and Ancher Mortlock & Woolley (Master Architect Series, 4)
  ''978-1-86470-027-5Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer AssociatesHardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates: Theaters (Building Monographs)
  ''978-1-86470-032-9Images Publishing GroupResidential Spaces of the World V4
  ''978-1-86470-038-1Images Australia PtyDetails in Architecture Vol II: Creative Detailing (Details in Architure)
  ''978-1-86470-041-1Lighting Planners AssociatesDesigning with Light and Shadow
2000978-1-86470-042-8Bruce King KomiskeDesigning the World's Best: Children's Hospitals
2006978-1-86470-047-3William H. Grover · Jefferson B. Riley · Mark Simon · Chad Floyd · James C. ChildressThe Enthusiasms of Centerbrook: Selected and Current Works (The Master Architect Series, 4)
2007978-1-86470-049-7Images Publishing GroupDaryl Jackson Architecture Folio (Millennium (Antique Collector's Club))
2006978-1-86470-050-3Images PublishingKPF: Selected Works: America, Europe, Asia (The Millennium Series)
2001978-1-86470-057-2Images Australia PtyCyberspace: The World of Digital Architecture
2002978-1-86470-064-0Images Publishing GroupPerkins & Will: Selected and Current Works (The Master Architect Series, 5)
2009978-1-86470-065-7   ''Vizzion Architects
2006978-1-86470-066-4   ''Int. Architecture Yearbook No.6 (Millennium) (International Architecture Yearbook, Vol. 1)
2001978-1-86470-068-8Alberto BottiBotti Rubin Architects: Selected and Current Works (The Master Architect Series V)
2006978-1-86470-069-5Images Publishing GroupMontois Partners: Selected and Current Works (The Master Architect Series IV)
2006978-1-86470-071-8Stephen CraftiBeach Houses
  ''978-1-86470-072-5Michael CrosbieDesigning the World's Best Museums & Art Galleries
2001978-1-86470-073-2Wimberly Allison TongDesigning the Worlds Best Resorts: Designing the World's Best (Designing the World's Best Series)
2006978-1-86470-074-9Henry StolzmanSynagogue Architecture In America
  ''978-1-86470-079-4Images Publishing GroupArchitects For The New Millennium (Profile)
  ''978-1-86470-084-8Barry A. BerkusArchitecture/Art/Parallels/Connections
  ''978-1-86470-085-5Dennis SharpTwentieth Century Architecture: A Visual History
2006978-1-86470-089-3Brenda LevinLevin and Associates Architects: Selected and Current Works (The Master Architect Series, V)
  ''978-1-86470-093-0Images Publishing GroupDetails in Architecture: Creative Detailing by Some of the World's Leading Architects, Vol. 3
  ''978-1-86470-094-7Georges BinderSky High Living: Contemporary High-rise Apartment (Tall Buildings)
2001978-1-86470-095-4Ivor RichardsHamzah & Yeang: Ecology of the Sky (The Millennium Series)
2006978-1-86470-097-8American Institute of Architects Design for AgingDesign for Aging Review, Vol. 1 '02
  ''978-1-86470-100-5Mark McinturffMark McInturff: House Design
2003978-1-86470-101-2Ken Tate · Oscar Riera OjedaKen Tate Architect, Vol. 1: Selected Houses
2006978-1-86470-102-9Michael WebbSteven Ehrlich: A Dynamic Serenity----House Design
2001978-1-86470-103-6Images Publishing GroupInt. Architecture Yearbook No 7 (International Architecture Yearbook, Vol. 1) (Vol 7 2001)
1955978-1-86470-104-3Harry SeidlerHarry Seidler: Houses 1 (Early Houses) (v. 1)
  ''978-1-86470-105-0Harry SeidlerHarry Seidler: Houses 2 (Recent Houses) (v. 2)
2006978-1-86470-106-7Steven House · Cathi HouseMediterranean Villages: An Architectural Journey
2006978-1-86470-108-1Images Publishing GroupResidential Spaces of the World, Vol. 5 (International Spaces Series)
  ''978-1-86470-112-8Peter Hyatt · Jenny HyattDesigning with Glass: Great Glass Buildings
  ''978-1-86470-114-2Stephen CraftiH2O Architecture
2007978-1-86470-115-9Melina DeliyannisRetail Spaces: Retail Therapy: Store Design Today (Volume 1)
2008978-1-86470-118-0Images Publishing GroupArchitecture For Healthcare
2007978-1-86470-124-1Images Publishing GroupIn Residence: McInturff Architects (House Design Series II)
  ''978-1-86470-125-8Stephen KinzerTurkey
2006978-1-86470-126-5Chris SullivanDavid A. Hansen: Corporate Campus Architecture
  ''978-1-86470-131-9Erick Van EgeraatErick van Egeraat associated architects: 10 years (Master Architect Series)
  ''978-1-86470-136-4Glenn MurcuttGlenn Murcutt: A Singular Architectural Practice
978-1-86470-137-1Absolutely Public Crossover Art and Architecture
2006978-1-86470-141-8Robyn Beaver100 Top Houses From Down Under
2008978-1-86470-142-5Images Publishing GroupMecanoo: The Master Architect Series
2006978-1-86470-144-9Aisha Hasanovic50 Great Bathrooms by Architects
2008978-1-86470-149-4Stephen CraftiBeach Houses Down Under
2006978-1-86470-150-0Peter HyattOut of Town: The Country House
  ''978-1-86470-152-4Daniel ReyMarrakech: Living on the Edge of the Desert
2007978-1-86470-153-1Mariella GardellaCapri Style
2008978-1-86470-156-2Images Publishing GroupDevelopment Design Group Inc.: Revisited (The Master Architect Series)
2009978-1-86470-157-9A.2R.C ArchitectsA.2R.C Architects: The Master Architect Series
2009978-1-86470-162-3Paul Goldberger · Michael Sorkin · Peter G. Rowe · Witold Rybczynski · Moshe SadfieMoshe Safdie (Millennium) (Volume 1)
  ''978-1-86470-164-7Images Publishing GroupJean-Marie Duthilleul (The Master Architect)
2007978-1-86470-168-5Jay PridmoreGoettsch Partners (The Master Architect Series)
  ''978-1-86470-169-2Images Publishing GroupArchitecture of Adrian Smith, SOM: Toward a Sustainable Future (Master Architect Series VII)
  ''978-1-86470-171-5Stephen CraftiUltimate Urban Makeover
  ''978-1-86470-172-2Peter Hyatt · Jenny HyattMasters of Light: Designing the Luminous House
2006978-1-86470-173-9Georges Binder101 of the World's Tallest Buildings
2007978-1-86470-176-0Massimo VignelliVignelli From A to Z
2006978-1-86470-179-1Joel CariouSustainable French Timber Houses: L'Affaire de Wood
2007978-1-86470-180-7Peter Exley · Sharon ExleyDesign For Kids
2006978-1-86470-184-5Joseph GiovanniniSteven Ehrlich: Multi-Cultural Modernism (Master Architect (Unnumbered))
2006978-1-86470-185-2Massimo ListriGreat Houses in Sweden
  ''978-1-86470-187-6American Institute of ArchitectsDesign for Aging Review: The American Institute of Architects
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2008978-1-86470-192-0Donald InsallLiving Buildings: Architectural Conservation, Philosophy, Principles and Practice
2007978-1-86470-194-4Thom Mayne · Daniel Libeskind · Odile Decq · Fumihiko MakiPeter Pran NBBJ:realizations
2008978-1-86470-196-8Philip JodidoResidential Mountain Architecture: House With a View
2007978-1-86470-199-9John PayneFraming the Nineteenth Century
2008978-1-86470-200-2Melina DeliyannisSignificant Interiors: Interior Architecture Knowledge Community
2013978-1-86470-203-3Phillip DoddThe Art of Classical Details: Theory, Design & Craftsmanship
2008978-1-86470-209-5Colonel Joseph Alexander · General Ron Christmas · General Gerald McKay · Colonel Joseph Long · Curtis Worth FentressPortal to the Corps: Chronicling the National Museum of the Marine Corps
2011978-1-86470-218-7Images Publishing GroupRonald Lu & Partners: The Master Architect Series
2008978-1-86470-223-1Richard DiedrichThe 19th Hole: Architecture of the Golf Clubhouse
  ''978-1-86470-226-2Janelle McCullochView From the Top: 50 Great Apartments
2007978-1-86470-228-6Melina DeliyannisA Pocketful of Bars (Pocketful S.)
  ''978-1-86470-229-3Images PublishingRoss Barney Architects: Process + Projects
2007978-1-86470-233-0Dinyar S. WadiaWadia Associates New Classicists: Residential Architecture of Distinction
  ''978-1-86470-236-1Michael J. CrosbieLiving Together: Multi-Family Housing Today
  ''978-1-86470-237-8Alan FordDesigning the Sustainable School
  ''978-1-86470-238-5Alan Ford · Paul HuttonA Sense of Entry: Designing the Welcoming School
2008978-1-86470-245-3AIADesign for Aging Review 9
2007978-1-86470-250-7Melina DeliyannisPowers Brown Architecture: NeoArchitecture
  ''978-1-86470-266-8Robyn BeaverThe New 100 Houses x 100 Architects
2007978-1-86470-268-2Ken YeangEco Skyscrapers
2009978-1-86470-271-2Pascal BaetensA Pocketful of Nudes
  ''978-1-86470-276-7D FitzgeraldWindow on the Park: New York's Most Prestigious Properties on Central Park
2008978-1-86470-280-4Michael J. CrosbieArchitecture of the Cape Cod Summer: The Work of Polhemus Savery DaSilva: New Classicists
  ''978-1-86470-282-8Stephen CraftiCourtyards for Modern Living: Contemporary Outdoor Spaces
2009978-1-86470-283-5Philip EnquistA Pocketful of Watercolors
  ''978-1-86470-284-2Robyn BeaverTsoi/Kobus & Associates: The Master Architect Series (Master Architect (Unnumbered))
2008978-1-86470-286-6Kas OosterhuisONLogic: Speed and Vision The Master Architect Series
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2009978-1-86470-300-9Stephen CraftiContemporary Beach Houses Down Under
2008978-1-86470-301-6Robyn Beaver100 Dream Houses from Down Under
  ''978-1-86470-306-1Ai Xia · Qi FenCCDI Architects: Design For China's Future The Millennium Series
2009978-1-86470-308-5Janelle McCullochParis Secrets: Architecture, Interiors, Quartiers, Corners
2009978-1-86470-312-2Stephen CraftiRobyn Beeche
  ''978-1-86470-313-9Christine Elliott · David JablonkaCustom Bicycles: A Passionate Pursuit
  ''978-1-86470-314-6Editors at HOKHOK: A Global Design Portfolio
  ''978-1-86470-318-4   ''HOK Asia
  ''978-1-86470-323-8Amanda DunsmoreBugatti: Carlo, Rembrandt, Ettore, Jean
2009978-1-86470-326-9Bob GillWords into Pictures
2011978-1-86470-331-3Janelle McCullochCoast: Lifestyle Architecture
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2010978-1-86470-338-2Amanda DunsmoreBugatti: Carlo, Rembrandt, Ettore, Jean
2013978-1-86470-339-9Bruce King KomiskeDesigning the World's Best Children's Hospital
2009978-1-86470-342-9Andrew HallDetails in Architecture
2010978-1-86470-343-6Holzmann Moss Architecture · JaffeHolden · Theatre Projects ConsultantsTheaters 2: Partnerships in Facility Use, Operations, and Management
2011978-1-86470-350-4Birthe JensenSweet on Denmark: Contemporary Danish Desserts
2010978-1-86470-368-9KAA Design GroupLifestyles of Southern California: Personal Sanctuaries
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  ''978-1-86470-373-3Perkins & WillPerkins+Will: 75 Years
2010978-1-86470-375-7Andrew Hall21st Century Beach Houses
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2011978-1-86470-387-0   ''Eco Skyscrapers (Volume 2)
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2012978-1-86470-406-8Dean Herald21st Century Residential Landscape Design (21st Century Architecture)
2011978-1-86470-409-9Kaoru IshikawaVintage Fabric Accessories: Stylish Creations from Recycled Fabrics
2011978-1-86470-410-5Setsuko IshiiDyes from Kitchen Produce: Easy projects to make at home
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978-1-86470-509-6Cycle: The Art and Science of Building a Bicycle
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2017978-1-86470-692-5PDRCollisions: PDR
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2020978-1-86470-701-4Ralph JohnsonRalph Johnson: Complete Works
2016978-1-86470-703-8Tony Ibbotson · Peng ChongEco Packaging Now
  ''978-1-86470-704-5Shanshan QiEscape: Designing the Modern Guest House
2016978-1-86470-706-9Yvett Arzate GomezTakeaway Food Packaging Now
2017978-1-86470-707-6Scott SlaneyStormwater Management for Sustainable Urban Environments
  ''978-1-86470-711-3David ColeSir Edwin Lutyens: The Arts & Crafts Houses
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2018978-1-86470-747-2Habita ArchitectsHotel and Resort Design: Habita Architects
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2019978-1-86470-790-8Studio William HefnerCalifornia Homes II: Studio William Hefner
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  ''978-1-86470-829-5Athanasios TzokasBakery Design
2019978-1-86470-833-2ImagesCabins: Escape to Nature
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2019978-1-86470-838-7Eric MeolaFierce Beauty: Storms of the Great Plains
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2020978-1-86470-844-8Images Publishing GroupAt Home: Solace in Nature
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2020978-1-86470-863-9Images Publishing GroupNew Houses in Asia: Inspired Architecture and Interiors for the Modern World
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  ''978-1-86470-873-8Wadia AssociatesWadia Associates