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2003978-1-86396-295-7Susan TomnayFast Fish ("Australian Women's Weekly" Home Library)
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2004978-1-86396-337-4Pamela ClarkLean Food ("Australian Women's Weekly")
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2004978-1-86396-340-4Susan TomnayBest Food Desserts ("Australian Women's Weekly")
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2004978-1-86396-363-3Susan TomnayBowl Food
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2005978-1-86396-411-1Pamela ClarkHome Baked: Muffins, Pastries, Cakes, Biscuits ("Australian Women's Weekly")
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2005978-1-86396-415-9Susan TomnayFresh Food for Babies & Toddlers ("Australian Women's Weekly")
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2006978-1-86396-419-7Susan TomnayCakes, Biscuits and Slices ("Australian Women's Weekly")
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2005978-1-86396-460-9Susan TomnayMiddle Eastern ("Australian Women's Weekly")
  ''978-1-86396-461-6   ''Greek Cooking
  ''978-1-86396-470-8Pamela ClarkDetox
2006978-1-86396-471-5Susan TomnayLow-Fat Fast
2006978-1-86396-473-9Susan TomnayPacked Lunch
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978-1-86396-497-5Beach Houses
2005978-1-86396-498-2Susan TomnayMalaysian Favourites
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2006978-1-86396-506-4Susan TomnayChinese Favourites
2006978-1-86396-507-1Susan TomnayIndonesian Favourites
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2006978-1-86396-532-3Susan TomnayItalian Favourites
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  ''978-1-86396-535-4   ''Art and Crafts for Kids
2005978-1-86396-539-2UnknownCooking Class Indian: Step-by-step to Perfect Results (" Australian Women's Weekly ")
2006978-1-86396-551-4susan-tomnayKids' Birthday Cakes
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2006978-1-86396-556-9UnknownBabies and Toddlers Good Food (" Australian Women's Weekly ")
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2006978-1-86396-596-5Spanish Favourites (" Australian Women's Weekly ")
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2006978-1-86396-624-5Australian Women's Weekly and Pamela ClarkThe Australian Women's Weekly Fresh Food For Babies & Toddlers
2002978-1-86396-627-6UnknownMoroccan and the Foods of North Africa (" Australian Women's Weekly ")
2006978-1-86396-629-0Susan TomnaySimply Seafood (" Australian Women's Weekly " Mini)
  ''978-1-86396-631-3Pamela · Tomnay, Susan ClarkParty Food
2002978-1-86396-632-0Susan TomnayBiscuits, Brownies and Biscotti (" Australian Women's Weekly ")
2002978-1-86396-633-7UnknownTapas, Antipasto, Mezze (" Australian Women's Weekly ")
2006978-1-86396-634-4Susan TomnayCooking Class Cakes (" Australian Women's Weekly ")
2002978-1-86396-639-9UnknownVegie Main Meals (" Australian Women's Weekly ")
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2007978-1-86396-647-4unknownTarts (" Australian Women's Weekly ")
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  ''978-1-86396-650-4Cakes, Bakes + Desserts (" Australian Women's Weekly ")
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2006978-1-86396-660-3Susan Tomnay4 Fast Ingredients (" Australian Women's Weekly " Mini)
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2003978-1-86396-663-4Australian Women's WeeklyCheesecakes, Pavlovas and Trifles (Australian Women's Weekly Mini)
2007978-1-86396-664-1susan-tomnayMince Favourites (" Australian Women's Weekly " Mini)
  ''978-1-86396-665-8UnknownSimple Slices (" Australian Women's Weekly " Mini)
2006978-1-86396-667-2   ''Cafe Food (" Australian Women's Weekly " Mini)
2007978-1-86396-677-1UnknownJust for Two (" Australian Women's Weekly ")
  ''978-1-86396-678-8Susan TomnayThe Packed Lunch (" Australian Women's Weekly " Mini)
2009978-1-86396-705-1Australian Women's WeeklyAfter-work Cookbook
2007978-1-86396-709-9   ''Kitchen (" Australian Women's Weekly ")
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2007978-1-86396-717-4Rice and Risottos (" Australian Women's Weekly ")
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  ''978-1-86396-719-8n/aBreads and Muffins (" Australian Women's Weekly ")
  ''978-1-86396-722-8australian-women-s-weeklyChocs and Treats (" Australian Women's Weekly ")
2008978-1-86396-723-5unknownBrunches, Lunches and Treats (" Australian Women's Weekly ")
  ''978-1-86396-724-2   ''A Taste of Chocolate (" Australian Women's Weekly ")
2008978-1-86396-725-9unknownSimple Starters, Mains and Puds (" Australian Women's Weekly ")
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978-1-86396-728-0Easy Comfort Food (The Australian Women's Weekly)
2008978-1-86396-729-7unknownGreat Kids' Cakes
  ''978-1-86396-733-4Grills and Barbecues (" Australian Women's Weekly " Mini)
  ''978-1-86396-734-1unknownStir-fry Favourites (" Australian Women's Weekly " Mini)
2008978-1-86396-736-5unknownSoup Plus
  ''978-1-86396-739-6Australian Women's WeeklyThe Christmas Table ("Australian Women's Weekly" Home Library Mini Classics)
  ''978-1-86396-742-6AuthorCafe Favourites (" Australian Women's Weekly ")
978-1-86396-745-7Allergy-Free Eating The Australian Womens Weekly The Gluten Free Cookbook
2008978-1-86396-753-2Australian Women's WeeklyRoast Classic + contemporary
  ''978-1-86396-754-9   ''Stew
  ''978-1-86396-755-6Australian Womens WeToss ("Australian Women's Weekly") (The Australian Women's Weekly)
978-1-86396-756-3Grill ("Australian Women's Weekly")
2008978-1-86396-757-0Australian Women's WeeklyKids' Cooking for Health ("Australian Women's Weekly")
2004978-1-86396-760-0tomnay-susan50 Fast Chicken Fillets (" Australian Women's Weekly ")
2006978-1-86396-761-7Australian Women's WeeklyLow-fat Fast
2008978-1-86396-776-1Christmas Food ("Australian Women's Weekly")
2007978-1-86396-777-8clark-pamelaSummer Salads
2008978-1-86396-787-7Stephanie KistnerThe Complete Book of Modern Entertaining
2008978-1-86396-789-1the-australian-women-s-weeklyBake (Australian Womens Weekly H/B)
  ''978-1-86396-790-7UnknownVegetable Stars
  ''978-1-86396-793-8   ''One-Pot Cooking (Australian Womens Weekly)
2009978-1-86396-800-3Australian Women's WeeklyThe Great Health Cookbook
978-1-86396-802-7"Take 5 Ingredients: More Than 300 Quick and Easy "
2009978-1-86396-804-1Australian Women's WeeklyLittle Party Books: Celebrity
  ''978-1-86396-805-8   ''Little Party Books: Spooks
2008978-1-86396-808-9ACP BooksHarper's BAZAAR: 10 Years of Fashion Photography
  ''978-1-86396-837-9ACP BooksMadison Living
2009978-1-86396-852-2australian-women-s-weeklyKids' Lunches
978-1-86396-854-6Gluten-free Eating
2009978-1-86396-855-3australian-women-s-weeklyAfter-work Healthy
978-1-86396-856-0Australian Women's WeeklySlow-cooked
978-1-86396-857-7Easy Barbecues (The Australian Women's Weekly Minis)
2009978-1-86396-859-1australian-women-s-weeklyLow Low-fat
2009978-1-86396-861-4australian-women-s-weeklyHooked on Fish
2003978-1-86396-862-1FOOD EDITOE KELSEY LANETapas Bar
2009978-1-86396-863-8australian-women-s-weeklyEasy Baking
  ''978-1-86396-866-9Australian Women's WeeklyPerfect Picnics
978-1-86396-867-6Fizz (The Australian Women's Weekly)
978-1-86396-868-3Sweet Treats
978-1-86396-871-3Ask Pamela Q and A
978-1-86396-876-8Classic Christmas
978-1-86396-883-6Kid's Food for Parties
2009978-1-86396-884-3UnknownIce-cream Favourites
2008978-1-86396-892-8Australian Women's Weekly StaffEasy Cupcakes by Colour
2009978-1-86396-900-0the-australian-women-s-weeklyGluten Free, Allergy Free (The Australian Women's Weekly)
2010978-1-86396-901-7Australian Women's WeeklyChristmas (AWW)
2009978-1-86396-902-4tomnay-susanHealthy Babies (The Australian Women's Weekly: New Essentials) by The Australian Women's Weekly, Tomnay, Susan (2009) Paperback
978-1-86396-926-0The (dollars) Smart Cook
2010978-1-86396-929-1Australian Women's WeeklyBaking Favourites (AWW)
  ''978-1-86396-931-4Pamela ClarkSnazzy Snacks (The Australian Women's Weekly Minis)
  ''978-1-86396-932-1the-australian-women-s-weeklyGratins and Bakes (The Australian Women's Weekly Minis)
2010978-1-86396-933-8Australian Women's WeeklyDelicious Desserts.
  ''978-1-86396-934-5   ''Outdoor Food (AWW)
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