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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-1-86351-008-0Judy NewmanBeautiful Boxes to Create, Cover and Decorate (Milner Craft Series)
1994978-1-86351-014-1Anne RenniePain-Free Living: An Anti-Arthritic Cookbook
1992978-1-86351-043-1Diana Lampe · Jane FiskEmbroidered Garden Flowers (Milner Craft Series)
  ''978-1-86351-055-4Elena DicksonKnotted Lace (Milner Craft Series)
978-1-86351-093-6Diana OakleyDiscovering Heirloom Sewing (Milner Craft)
1993978-1-86351-099-8Jennifer LaingThe Art Of Making Teddy Bears
978-1-86351-104-9Tonia TodmanTonia Todman's Candlewicking Book
2000978-1-86351-121-6Elena DicksonKnotted Lace In The Eastern Mediterranean Tradition
978-1-86351-128-5Linda CarrollAttic Dolls: The Creation and Design of Artist's Dolls (Milner Craft Series)
1995978-1-86351-136-0Gina MarionCreative Hardanger (Milner Craft Series)
978-1-86351-146-9Sue TrytellThe Glory of Gold: A Contemporary Approach to Gilding (Milner Craft Series)
1996978-1-86351-150-6Lyn WaringHats Made Easy (Milner Craft Series)
  ''978-1-86351-171-1Stephen DownesCharming Up Profits
  ''978-1-86351-183-4Jane NicholasStumpwork Embroidery: A Collection Of Fruits, Flowers & Insects For Contemporary Raised Embroidery
1997978-1-86351-184-1Edward Docker · Lynette SilverFabulous Furphies: 10 Great Myths From Australia's Past
1998978-1-86351-208-4Jane NicholasStumpwork Embroidery Designs and Projects (Milner Craft)
  ''978-1-86351-214-5Gina MarionDecorative Designs For Hardanger (Milner Craft Series)
1999978-1-86351-223-7Lynette Ramsay SilverSandakan: A Conspiracy of Silence
1999978-1-86351-226-8Diana LampeLittle book of embroidered garden flowers (Milner craft series)
  ''978-1-86351-227-5Jenny BradfordLittle Book Of Wildflowers In Silk Ribbon (Milner Craft Series)
2000978-1-86351-235-0Christine HarrisFrench Knot Pictures (Milner Craft Series)
1999978-1-86351-239-8Rhondda ClearyFragrant Candles: A Practical Guide to Making Candles For The Home & Garden
2000978-1-86351-241-1Helen DafterEmbroidered Treasures for Silk Ribbon - Book Two
  ''978-1-86351-245-9Lynette Ramsay SilverSandakan: A Conspiracy of Silence
  ''978-1-86351-249-7Theresa JamiesonThe Complete Book of Yoga & Meditation for Pregnancy
  ''978-1-86351-251-0Joan WattersElegance of Silk Ribbon
2001978-1-86351-259-6Lyn CochraneThe Fine Art of Decoupage (Milner Craft Series)
2001978-1-86351-260-2Danielle ChielLittle Book of Tassels (Milner Craft Series)
  ''978-1-86351-262-6Jane NicholasStumpwork Dragonflies (Sally Milner Craft Series)
  ''978-1-86351-269-5Jan PotterThe Unique Candlewicking Collection
2006978-1-86351-272-5Judy Hooworth · Margaret RolfeSpectacular Scraps: A Simple Approach to Stunning Quilts (Milner Craft)
2001978-1-86351-282-4Christine HarrisLittle Book Of Parterre And Knot Gardens In French Knots (Milner Craft Series)
2002978-1-86351-292-3Judith PinnellTake Silk: A Guide to Silk 'Paper' for the Creative Fiber Artist
  ''978-1-86351-293-0Trish BurrRedoute's Finest Flowers in Embroidery
  ''978-1-86351-294-7Helan PearceDimensional Embroidery
2002978-1-86351-298-5Shelagh AmorCrewel Embroidery: A Practical Guide
2003978-1-86351-306-7Helen WalterA Guide to Quilling Flowers
2006978-1-86351-307-4Heart Foundation of AustraliaEmbroidery from the Heart: A Collection of Beautiful Embroideries
2004978-1-86351-313-5Pamela GurneyPunchneedle Embroidery: Dancing Needles (Milner Craft Series)
  ''978-1-86351-315-9Jenny McWhinneyThread Painting: Bunnies in My Garden (Milner Craft Series)
  ''978-1-86351-318-0Jane NicholasThe Stumpwork, Goldwork and Surface Embroidery Beetle Collection (Milner Craft Series)
978-1-86351-320-3Jane CrowfootFinishing Stitches for Hand Knitters
2004978-1-86351-326-5Helan PearceBeaded Dimensional Embroidery (Milner Craft Series)
  ''978-1-86351-327-2Jenny DowdeFreeform Knitting and Crochet (Milner Craft Series)
  ''978-1-86351-329-6Catriona HallThe Miniature Costumier: Removable Clothing for Dolls' House People (Milner Craft Series)
2004978-1-86351-331-9Trish BurrThe African Cross Stitch Collection (Milner Craft Series)
2005978-1-86351-334-0Gail RogersThe Wool Embroidery Collection (Milner Craft Series)
  ''978-1-86351-336-4Judith PinnellSilk 'Paper' Creations for the Fibre Artist (Milner Craft Series)
2004978-1-86351-337-1Francesca NaishNatural Fertility
2005978-1-86351-338-8Helen WalterPopular Quilling (Milner Craft Series)
  ''978-1-86351-341-8Jane NicholasThe Complete Book of Stumpwork Embroidery (Milner Craft Series)
  ''978-1-86351-343-2Gina MarionClassic Hardanger (Milner Craft Series)
  ''978-1-86351-344-9Effie MitrofanisNeedleweaving and Embroidery: Embellished Treasures (Milner Craft Series)
2006978-1-86351-346-3Elena DicksonMediterranean Knotted Lace (Milner Craft (Paperback))
2006978-1-86351-347-0Helen DafterEmbroidered Silk Ribbon Treasures
978-1-86351-349-4Easy Crocheted Accessories (Milner Craft Series)
2006978-1-86351-352-4Trish BurrLong and Short Stitch Embroidery: A Collection of Flowers (Milner Craft Series)
  ''978-1-86351-353-1Diana Lampe · Jane FiskEmbroidery for All Seasons (Milner Craft Series)
  ''978-1-86351-358-6Jenny DowdeFreeformations: Design and Projects in Knitting and Crochet (Milner Craft Series)
2007978-1-86351-359-3Pamela GurneyPunchneedle Creations (Milner Craft Series)
  ''978-1-86351-365-4Margaret MorganFilet Lace: Stitches and Patterns (Milner Craft Series)
  ''978-1-86351-366-1Mary BrownGoldwork Embroidery: Designs and Projects (Milner Craft Series)
2007978-1-86351-367-8Helen DafterSilk Ribbon Embroidery: A Workshop Approach for Beginners (Milner Craft Series)
2008978-1-86351-371-5Renate KirkpatrickCrochet Techniques (Milner Craft Series)
  ''978-1-86351-373-9Helen DafterFloral Interpretations for Silk Ribbon (Milner Craft Series)
  ''978-1-86351-375-3Jenny DowdeSurface Works (Milner Craft Series)
  ''978-1-86351-377-7Trish BurrCrewel & Surface Embroidery: Inspirational Floral Designs (Milner Craft Series)
978-1-86351-378-4Kaffe Knits Again
2008978-1-86351-385-2Renate KirkpatrickFreeform Crochet and Beyond: Bags, Cushions, Hats, Scarves and More (Milner Craft Series)
2009978-1-86351-386-9Helen DafterLittle Book of Beaded Crusts and Tassels (Milner Craft Series)
  ''978-1-86351-388-3Eileen CampbellIdeas for Appliqué: The Appliqué Artist's Workbook (Milner Craft Series)
2008978-1-86351-389-0Shelagh AmorCrewel Embroidery: A Practical Guide (Milner Craft Series)
2008978-1-86351-390-6Christine BishopSchwalm Embroidery: Techniques and Designs (Milner Craft Series)
2009978-1-86351-392-0Helen WalterA Guide to Endangered Flora in Quilling (Milner Craft Series)
2008978-1-86351-395-1Pat Parker Jenny WilliamsonQuilt the Beloved Africa
2009978-1-86351-396-8Jane NicholasStumpwork Medieval Flora (Milner Craft Series)
2010978-1-86351-403-3Effie MitrofanisThreadwork: Silks, Stitches, Beads & Cords (Milner Craft Series)
  ''978-1-86351-407-1Annette Meldrum · Marie LaurieThe Borris Lace Collection: A Unique Irish Needlelace (Milner Craft Series)
  ''978-1-86351-409-5Jane NicholasStumpwork & Goldwork Embroidery Inspired by Turkish, Syrian & Persian Tiles (Milner Craft Series)
  ''978-1-86351-410-1Lynette Ramsay SilverDeadly Secrets
  ''978-1-86351-411-8Eileen CampbellJapanese Flowers in Appliqué (Milner Craft Series)
2011978-1-86351-420-0Trish BurrNeedle Painting Embroidery: Fresh Ideas for Beginners (Milner Craft Series)
2012978-1-86351-426-2   ''Colour Confidence in Embroidery (Milner Craft Series)
2012978-1-86351-430-9Renate KirkpatrickTextured Crochet Lace: 64 Crochet Lace Patterns to Create Rugs, Scarves, Beanies and More (Milner Craft Series)
978-1-86351-445-3Knitted Letters: Make Personalized Gifts and Accents with Creative Typography-Based Projects
2014978-1-86351-451-4Margaret MorganNetted Lace: Techniques and Patterns (Milner Craft Series)
  ''978-1-86351-452-1Jane NicholasStumpwork Butterflies & Moths (Milner Craft Series)
2015978-1-86351-470-5Trish BurrMiniature Needle Painting Embroidery: Vintage Portraits, Florals & Birds (Milner Craft Series)
  ''978-1-86351-481-1Jane NicholasShakespeare's Flowers in Stumpwork (Milner Craft Series)
2017978-1-86351-496-5Trish BurrWhitework with Colour (Milner Craft Series)
  ''978-1-86351-498-9Jenny McWhinneyThread Painting: Bunnies in My Garden (Milner Craft Series)