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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1986978-1-86254-003-3The Flinders history of South Australia
1992978-1-86254-289-1Charlotte JayA Hank of Hair: An Exquisite Danse Macabre (Wakefield Crime Classics)
1995978-1-86254-315-7Sudesh MishraMemoirs of a Reluctant Traveller
2002978-1-86254-325-6Lydia LaubeThe Long Way Home: Nobody Goes that Way
1995978-1-86254-335-5Alex C. CastlesThe Shark Arm Murders: The Thrilling True Story of a Tiger Shark and a Tattooed Arm
1997978-1-86254-337-9John BrayGallienus: A Study in Reformist and Sexual Politics
1996978-1-86254-380-5Desmond O'ConnorNo need to be afraid: Italian settlers in South Australia between 1839 and the Second World War
1997978-1-86254-381-2Jacquelynne Willcox-BaileyDream Lovers: Women Who Marry Men Behind Bars
978-1-86254-416-1Capital Taste: The A-Z of good food in and around Canberra
978-1-86254-432-1Untimely Meditations
1999978-1-86254-457-4William De MariaDeadly Disclosures: Whistle blowing and the ethical meltdown of Australia
1998978-1-86254-460-4Cath KerryThe Haigh's Book of Chocolate
1999978-1-86254-475-8Tom BurtonWords in Your Ear
2000978-1-86254-485-7Julia MastersThe Rollercoaster: A Country Couple’s Ride with IVF
1999978-1-86254-496-3David FlintThe cane toad republic
978-1-86254-500-7Musical Visions
2000978-1-86254-512-0Peter BassettWagner's Parsifal: The Journey of a Soul
  ''978-1-86254-513-7Bob MierischOn the Level: Striving for Openness to Build Corporate Strength
2018978-1-86254-523-6Roger CrossFallout: Hedley Marston and the Atomic Bomb Tests in Australia
2010978-1-86254-533-5Robert Foster · Rick Hosking · Amanda NettelbeckFatal Collisions: The South Australian frontier and the violence of memory
2001978-1-86254-544-1Tracey Lock-WeirJohn Dowie: A Life in the Round
  ''978-1-86254-545-8Judith WomersleyAussieData: From Prehistory to the Present
  ''978-1-86254-546-5Christine Nicholls · Ian NorthKathleen Petyarre: Genius of Place
2002978-1-86254-549-6Peter HowellSouth Australia and Federation
2004978-1-86254-553-3Cal Durrant · Catherine Beavis · Alec McHoulP(ICT)ures of English: Teachers, Learners and Technology (AATE series)
2001978-1-86254-554-0Sherriff Probert · John ProbertPrisoner of Two Wars: An Australian Soldier's Story
978-1-86254-558-8Wakefield Companion to South Australian History
2004978-1-86254-562-5Peter LewisThe Pocket Guide to Saint Paul: Coins Encountered by the Apostle on His Travels
2007978-1-86254-585-4Philip JonesOchre and Rust: Artefacts and encounters on Australian frontiers
2006978-1-86254-590-8Tony GriffithsBeautiful Lies: Australia from Menzies to Howard
2004978-1-86254-595-3Paul Skrebels · Sieta Van der Hoeven · John BellFor All Time?: Critical Issues in Teaching Shakespeare (AATE series)
  ''978-1-86254-602-8Jane HyltonWilliam Dobell: Portraits in Context (Carrick Hill series)
2005978-1-86254-625-7Jean Fornasiero · Peter Monteath · John West-SoobyEncountering Terra Australis: The Australian Voyages of Nicolas Baudin and Matthew Flinders
2006978-1-86254-648-6Stephen OrrHill of Grace
2006978-1-86254-656-1Maryan BeamsEver Yours, C. H. Spence: Catherine Helen Spence's An Autobiography (1825–1910), Diary (1894) and Some Correspondence (1894–1910)
  ''978-1-86254-660-8Roger Cross · Avon HudsonBeyond Belief: The British Bomb Tests: Australia's Veterans Speak Out
2004978-1-86254-661-5Russell JeavonsYour Brick Oven: Building it and Baking in it
2006978-1-86254-676-9Ken BoltonMichelle Nikou (SALA series)
2005978-1-86254-687-5Jeremy JamesThe Byerley Turk: The True Story of the First Thoroughbred
  ''978-1-86254-688-2In and Around Adelaide: A Souvenir Guide
2006978-1-86254-692-9Ken BoltonAt the Flash and At the Baci
  ''978-1-86254-694-3John Jessop · Gilbert R. M. Dashorst · Fiona M. JamesGrasses of South Australia
2005978-1-86254-696-7Anita CampbellGood Friends Bring Salad: A Lavishly Witty and Richly Honest Story of One Woman's Journey from Obesity and Beyond
2010978-1-86254-747-6Taplin · Ann-Marie TaplinBeing Mummy
2007978-1-86254-752-0T. Colin CampbellThe China Study: Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long Term Health
  ''978-1-86254-765-0Ouyang YuOn the Smell of an Oily Rag: Speaking English, thinking Chinese and living Australian
2007978-1-86254-778-0Philip · Kenny, Anna JonesAustralia's Muslim Cameleers: Pioneers of the Inland 1860s-1930s
2020978-1-86254-866-4David SchubertKavel's People: From Prussia to South Australia
2009978-1-86254-867-1Shaun BergComing to Terms: Aboriginal Title in South Australia
978-1-86254-874-9Encountering Terra Australis: The Australian Voyages of Nicolas Baudin and Matthew Flinders
978-1-86254-886-2Time to Listen: How it feels to be young and dying
2011978-1-86254-924-1John GladstonesWine, Terroir and Climate Change