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2008978-1-86227-355-9Michael SmithI Am Just Going Outside: Captain Oates, Antarctic Tragedy
2006978-1-86227-357-3Peter Barton · Peter Doyle · Johan VandewalleBeneath Flanders Fields: The Tunnellers War 1914-1918
  ''978-1-86227-358-0Robert Lewis KoehlThe SS: A History 1919-1945: Hitler's Instrument of Terror
  ''978-1-86227-359-7Steve CrawfordThe Eastern Front Day by Day, 1941--45: A Photographic Chronology
2007978-1-86227-362-7Stephen BullStosstrupen of WWI and Their Legacy
  ''978-1-86227-363-4Paul ElliottThe Last Legionary: Life as a Roman Soldier
2006978-1-86227-364-1E Montagu · Duff CooperThe Man Who Never Was / Operation Heartbreak
2007978-1-86227-365-8Peter CochraneCharlie Company: In Service with C Company 2nd Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders 1940-1944
  ''978-1-86227-368-9G.L.D. AldertonCap-badges of the British Army 1939-1945
2007978-1-86227-369-6Rupert MatthewsThe Battle of Crecy: A Campaign in Context
  ''978-1-86227-373-3Carl FranklinBritish Napoleonic Field Artillery
2008978-1-86227-374-0Ian RobertsonA Commanding Presence: Wellington in the Peninsula 1808-1814
2007978-1-86227-375-7Frank WalkerJohn Paul Jones: Maverick Hero
  ''978-1-86227-376-4Andrew UffindellNapoleon's Immortals: The Imperial Guard and It's Battles, 1805-1815
  ''978-1-86227-377-1Charles WhitingPoor Bloody Infantry 1939 - 1945
  ''978-1-86227-378-8David JohnsonNapoleon's Cavalry and Its Leaders
2007978-1-86227-379-5John WellhamWith Naval Wings: An Autobiography of a Fleet Air Army Pilot in World War II
  ''978-1-86227-380-1Stuart ReidAll the King's Armies
  ''978-1-86227-381-8Gunther RothenbergThe Art of Warfare in the Age of Napoleon
  ''978-1-86227-382-5E.D. SmithValour: A History of the Gurkhas
  ''978-1-86227-384-9Chris BishopPanzergrenadier Divisions 1939-1945 (Spellmount Vehicle Identification Guide)
2008978-1-86227-385-6Jonathan TriggHitler's Flemish Lions: The History of the SS - Freiwilligen Sturmbrigade and Division Langemarck (Hitlers Legions 2)
2007978-1-86227-388-7Richard WadgeArrowstorm The World of the Archer in the Hundred Years War
2007978-1-86227-390-0RyanBattlefield Afghanistan: The Inside Story of Coalition Forces on the Front Line
  ''978-1-86227-391-7David HolbrookFlesh Wounds
  ''978-1-86227-392-4John F WhiteRestorer of the World: The Emperor Aurelian
  ''978-1-86227-393-1WhitingWest Wall: The Battle for Hitler's Siegfried Line (Siegfried Line 1)
  ''978-1-86227-394-8Charles Whiting'44 In Combat from Normandy to the Ardennes
2007978-1-86227-395-5Charles WhitingBloody Aachen (Siegfried Line 3) (Siegfried Line 3) (Spellmount Siegfried Line)
  ''978-1-86227-396-2   ''The Battle of Hurtgen Forest (Siegfried Line 4) (Spellmount Siegfried Line)
  ''978-1-86227-397-9   ''Ardennes: The Secret War (Spellmount Siegfried Line)
  ''978-1-86227-398-6   ''Decision at St Vith (Spellmount Siegfried Line Series) (Spellmount Siegfried Line Series)
  ''978-1-86227-399-3   ''The Other Battle of the Bulge: Operation Northwind (Siegfried Line 7) (Spellmount Siegfried Line)
2007978-1-86227-400-6Charles WhitingPattons Last Battle (The Spellmount Siegfried Line Series)
2007978-1-86227-401-3Charles WhitingBounce the Rhine (Spellmount Siegfried Line Series)
  ''978-1-86227-402-0   ''Paths of Death and Glory: The Last Days of the Third Reich (Spellmount Siegfried Line)
  ''978-1-86227-403-7Brian RobsonCrisis on the Frontier: The Third Afghan War and the Campaign in Waziristan 1919-1920
  ''978-1-86227-404-4Rudyard KiplingThe Irish Guards in the Great War: The First Battalion
  ''978-1-86227-406-8Michael FoleyHard as Nails: The Sportsmen's Battalion of World War One: The Sportsman's Battalion of World War One
2007978-1-86227-407-5John Hill · Monica ButtSlim's Burma Boys
  ''978-1-86227-408-2Tony HeathcoteThe Afghan Wars: 1839-1919
  ''978-1-86227-410-5Michael ReynoldsSteel Inferno: I SS Panzer Corps in Normandy
2010978-1-86227-414-3Digby SmithArmies of 1812
2007978-1-86227-415-0Ian FletcherA Desperate Business: Wellington, the British Army and the Waterloo Campaign
  ''978-1-86227-416-7Brian RobsonThe Road to Kabul: The Second Afghan War, 1878- 1881
  ''978-1-86227-418-1FalknerGreat and Glorious Days: Marlborough's Battles 1704-09
2008978-1-86227-419-8Ian FletcherGalloping at Everything: The British Cavalry in the Penninsular War and at Waterloo 1808-15
2007978-1-86227-420-4Gary Sheffield · Dan TodmanCommand and Control on the Western Front: The British Army's Experience 1914-18
2008978-1-86227-421-1David MillerLady De Lancey at Waterloo: A Story of Duty and Devotion
2008978-1-86227-422-8Ian FletcherWellington's Regiments
  ''978-1-86227-423-5BeckmanThe Jewish Brigade: An Army with Two Masters 1944-45
2009978-1-86227-424-2Patrick MercerGive Them a Volley and Charge!: The Battle of Inkermann 1854
2008978-1-86227-425-9KiplingThe Irish Guards in the Great War: The Second Battalion
2007978-1-86227-429-7Oliver LindsayThe Battle for Hong Kong: Hostage to Fortune
  ''978-1-86227-430-3Captain Ronald HornerSingapore Diary: The Hidden Journal of Captain R M Horner
  ''978-1-86227-431-0Richard MeadChurchills Lions: A Biographical Guide to the Key British Generals of World War II
  ''978-1-86227-432-7Chris BishopWaffen: SS Divisions 1939-45
2007978-1-86227-434-1Kelly Devries · Iain Dickie · Martin J. Dougherty · Phyllis G. Jestice · Christer Jorgensen · Michael F. PavkovicBattles of the Crusades 1097-1444: From Dorylaeum to Varna
  ''978-1-86227-435-8Michael KerriganThe Instruments of Torture
  ''978-1-86227-436-5UffindellGreat Generals of the Napoleonic Wars
2008978-1-86227-437-2Clive BishopOrder of Battle: German Infantry of World War II
  ''978-1-86227-440-2Charles WhitingThe British Liberation Army 1944-45
2007978-1-86227-441-9Chris BishopOrder of Battle: German Panzers in World War II (Order of Battle): German Panzers in World War II (Order of Battle)
  ''978-1-86227-442-6Michael FitzgeraldAdolf Hitler: A Portrait
2008978-1-86227-443-3Richard DohertyOnly the Enemy in Front
2007978-1-86227-444-0Andrew HiltonMilitary Monograph: The Ethiopian Patriots (Spellmount Military Studies)
2007978-1-86227-445-7Adrian J. EnglishThe Green Hell: A Concise History of the Chaco War Between Bolivia and Paraguay, 1932-35
2008978-1-86227-447-1Michael F. Pavkovic · Iain Dickie · Kevin F. KileyFighting Techniques of the Napoleonic Age 1789-1815
  ''978-1-86227-448-8Rupert MatthewsAlexander the Great at the Battle of Granicus: A Campaign in Context
  ''978-1-86227-449-5Brigadier Ben BarryA Cold War: Front-Line Operations in Bosnia 1995-1996
  ''978-1-86227-450-1Richard Worth · Vladimir YakubovRaising the Red Banner: A Pictorial History of Stalin's Fleet 1920-1945
  ''978-1-86227-451-8Brian TaylorBarbarossa to Berlin: A Chronlolgy of the Campaigns on the Easter Front 1941 to 1945
2008978-1-86227-452-5Clive SempleDiary of a Night Bomber Pilot in World War I
2009978-1-86227-453-2NormanHMS Hood: Pride of the Royal Navy
2008978-1-86227-454-9Richard DohertyThe Siege of Derry, 1689: The Military History
  ''978-1-86227-455-6John KincaidAdventures in the Rifle Brigade in the Peninsula, France and the Netherlands from 1809-1815 (Spellmount Library of Military History)
  ''978-1-86227-459-4Major General · F.W. VON MELLENTHINPanzer Battles
  ''978-1-86227-460-0Brian TaylorThe Age of Emperors 28BC-476AD: v. 3: The Rise and Fall of Rome (Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire)
  ''978-1-86227-461-7Sigismund DiczbalisThe Russian Patriot: A Red Army Soldier's Service for His Motherland and Against Bolshevism
2008978-1-86227-463-1Brian TaylorBarbarossa to Berlin: A Chronology of the Eastern Front 1941-45: Volume Two - The Defeat of Germany, 19 November 1942-15 May 1945
  ''978-1-86227-464-8Andrew R.B. SimpsonAnother Life: Lawrence After Arabia
2009978-1-86227-465-5David RamsayBlinker Hall, Spymaster: The Man who Brought America into World War I
2008978-1-86227-466-2Paul ChamberlainHell Upon Water: Prisoners of War in Britain 1793-1815
  ''978-1-86227-468-6P R Hill · J M WatkinsonMajor Sanderson's War: The Diary of a Parliamentary Cavalry Officer in the English Civil War
  ''978-1-86227-472-3Ian F.W. BeckettTerritorials; a Century of Service
  ''978-1-86227-473-0Dorian BondFamous Regiments of the British Army: A Pictorial Guide and Celebration, Vol. 1: A Short Guide and Celebration
2008978-1-86227-474-7Jonathan WalkerPoland Alone: Britain, SOE and the Collapse of the Polish Resistance, 1944
  ''978-1-86227-476-1Philip JobsonRoyal Artillery Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations
  ''978-1-86227-477-8Paul KendallThe Zeebrugge Raid 1918: 'The Finest Feat of Arms': The Finest Feat of Arms
  ''978-1-86227-478-5Ian Fletcher · Natalia IshchenkoWar in the Crimea: An Illustrated History
  ''978-1-86227-479-2Richard DohertyA Noble Crusade: The History of the Eighth Army 1941-45
2008978-1-86227-480-8Ian FletcherIn Hell Before Daylight: The Siege and Storming of the Fortress of Badajoz, 16 March - 6 April 1812
  ''978-1-86227-481-5John GarfieldThe Fallen: A Photographic Journey Through the War Cemeteries and Memorials of the Great War, 1914-18
2010978-1-86227-482-2Virginia Morris · Clive HillsGiao-Lien - The Female Communist Underground: Voices from the Vietnam Wars
2008978-1-86227-483-9Harry PlevyDestroyer Actions
2009978-1-86227-484-6C.E. FranklinBritish Napoleonic Uniforms: The First Complete Illustrated Guide to Uniforms, Facings and Lace: A Complete Illustrated Guide to Uniforms and Braids
2008978-1-86227-485-3John WhiteEndgame: The U-Boat Inshore Campaign 1944-45 (Spellmount Military Studies)
  ''978-1-86227-487-7Jonathan TriggHitler's Jihadis: Muslim Volunteers of the SS (Hitler's Legions)
2009978-1-86227-488-4Leslie EdwardsKohima: The Furthest Battle
2008978-1-86227-491-4Andrew NormanMugabe: Teacher, Revolutionary, Tyrant
  ''978-1-86227-492-1Richard DohertyUbique: The Royal Artillery in the Second World War
  ''978-1-86227-493-8Martin HowardWellington's Doctors: The British Army Medical Services in the Napoleonic Wars