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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-1-86210-000-8William George AstonCollected Works of William George Aston (Collected works of Japanologists)
1998978-1-86210-001-5Isabella L. BirdCollected Travel Writings of Isabella Bird (Collected travel writing of Isabella Bird)
  ''978-1-86210-002-2Ernest SatowCollected Works of Ernest Mason Satow: Major Works Pt. 1 (Collected Works of Japanologists)
1999978-1-86210-003-9Frederick Victor DickinsThe Collected Works of Frederick Victor Dickins
1998978-1-86210-004-6Ganesha PublishingInternational Congress of Orientalists: Proceedings, 1873-81 (Periodical Publication)
1997978-1-86210-005-3James G.R. ForlongA Cyclopaedia of Religions (Dictionaries & encyclopedias)
1999978-1-86210-011-4Walter WestonCollected Works of Walter Weston (Collected works of travel writers)
2000978-1-86210-012-1Akiko MabuchiJapanese Art and Japonisme: Early English Writings Pt. 1
  ''978-1-86210-013-8Basil Hall ChamberlainCollected Works of Basil Hall Chamberlain: Major Works (Collected works of Japanologists)
  ''978-1-86210-014-5Sebastian DobsonThe Russo-Japanese War: Reports from Officers Attached to the Japanese Forces in the Field (London, 1905-6) (Modern Asian History S.)
2001978-1-86210-016-9Michael FranklinThe European Discovery of India: Key Indological Sources of Romanticism (Sources of Orientalism S.)
  ''978-1-86210-018-3Robert MorrisonVocabulary of the Canton Dialect (Western Linguists & the Languages of China)
2001978-1-86210-021-3Samuel Wells WilliamsA Syllabic Dictionary of the Chinese Language: Arranged According to the Wu-fang Yuen Yin, with the Pronunciation as Heard in Peking, Canton, Amoy and ... (Western Linguists & the Languages of China)
  ''978-1-86210-022-0WLLCDie Preussische Expedition Nach Ost-Asien: Nach Amtlichen Quellen (Modern Asian History S.)
2002978-1-86210-024-4Robert Morrison · E.J. Eitel · Samuel Wells WilliamsWestern Linguists and the Languages of China (chinese dictionaries, first series)
  ''978-1-86210-030-5Kinahan CornwallisTwo Journeys to Japan, 1856-7 (Japan in English: Key Nineteenth-century Sources on Japan 1850-1859)
  ''978-1-86210-043-5Nicholas Belfield DennysA Descriptive Dictionary of British Malaya (Reference Library of Asian Studies)
  ''978-1-86210-044-2Robert A. GilbertTibet in English Fiction, 1880-1925 (Sources of Orientalism S.)
2002978-1-86210-049-7Edwin Munsell BlissThe Encyclopaedia of Missions: Descriptive, Historical, Biographical, Statistical
2003978-1-86210-060-2Jules MohlVingt-Sept Ans d'Histoire DES Etudes Orientales: part 2: Rapports Faits a La Societe Asiatique De Paris De 1840 a 1867 (Reference Library of Asian Studies)
  ''978-1-86210-062-6Joyce MadancyRoyal Commission on Opium, 1893-94: Reports, Minutes of Evidence, and Appendices (Britain in China)
  ''978-1-86210-067-1Walter Henry MedhurstA Dictionary of the Hok-Keen Dialect of the Chinese Language, according to the Reading and Colloquial Idioms: Containing about 12,000 Characters ... Western Linguists and the Languages of China)
  ''978-1-86210-068-8Carstairs DouglasChinese-English Dictionary of the Vernacular or Spoken Language of Amoy, with the Principal Variations of the Chang-Chew and Chin-Chew Dialects
2007978-1-86210-082-4H CravenNotes and Sketches from the Wild Coasts of Nipon,with Chapters on Cruising After Pirates in Chinese Waters: Vol 33 (Ganesha - Japan in English: Key Nineteenth-Century Sources on Japan)
  ''978-1-86210-083-1E HolthamEight Years in Japan,1873-1881: Work,Travel,and Recreation: Vol 34 (Japan in English: Key Nineteenth-Century Sources on Japan)