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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-86207-822-2William LangewiescheOutlaw Sea: Chaos and Crime on the World's Oceans
  ''978-1-86207-824-6James CameronPoint of Departure (Experiment in Biography)
  ''978-1-86207-826-0Steven E. OzmentA Mighty Fortress: A New History Of The German People 100 Bc To The 21st Century
  ''978-1-86207-828-4Hans Magnus Enzensberger · Michael Henry HeimNumber Devil: A Mathematical Adventure
  ''978-1-86207-829-1Elizabeth SpellerThe Sunlight On The Garden: A Family In Love, War And Madness
2006978-1-86207-831-4Tom McCarthyTintin And The Secret Of Literature
  ''978-1-86207-832-1Ken BrayHow to Score: Science and the Beautiful Game
  ''978-1-86207-833-8Malcolm GuiteWhat Do Christians Believe? (What Do We Believe)
  ''978-1-86207-834-5Ziauddin SardarWhat Do Muslims Believe? (What Do We Believe)
  ''978-1-86207-835-2Tony MorrisWhat Do Buddhists Believe? (What Do We Believe)
2007978-1-86207-836-9Colin SchindlerWhat Do Zionists Believe? (What Do We Believe)
2013978-1-86207-837-6Graham HarveyWhat Do Pagans Believe? (What Do We Believe)
2006978-1-86207-838-3Nicholas CampionWhat Do Astrologers Believe? (What Do We Believe)
2006978-1-86207-839-0Mike HallyElectronic Brains: Stories From The Dawn Of The Computer Age
  ''978-1-86207-841-3Janet MalcolmCrime of Sheila Mcgough
  ''978-1-86207-842-0Sandra HempelMedical Detective: John Snow and the Mystery of Cholera
  ''978-1-86207-844-4Barry Kemp100 Hieroglyphs: Think Like An Egyptian
  ''978-1-86207-845-1Catriona KellyComrade Pavlik: The Rise And Fall Of A Soviet Boy Hero
2006978-1-86207-846-8Mike DashThug: The True Story Of India's Murderous Cult
2007978-1-86207-847-5Richard FordThe New Granta Book of the American Short Story
2006978-1-86207-848-2A. M. HomesThis Book Will Save Your Life
  ''978-1-86207-849-9Michael WardMostly Women: A Photographer's Life
  ''978-1-86207-850-5Lavinia Greenlaw · Helon HabilaNw14: the Anthology of New Writing: Volume 14: v. 14
  ''978-1-86207-851-2Brigitte HamannWinifred Wagner: A Life At The Heart Of Hitler's Bayreuth
  ''978-1-86207-852-9Charles McKeanBattle For The North: The Tay And Forth Bridges And The 19th Century Railway Wars
2006978-1-86207-853-6Stuart McLeanVinyl Cafe Unplugged
2007978-1-86207-854-3Wayne McLennanTent Boxing: An Australian Journey
2006978-1-86207-855-0Julian BagginiPig That Wants to be Eaten: And 99 Other Thought Experiments: And Ninety-nine Other Thought Experiments
  ''978-1-86207-856-7Stuart McLeanHome from the Vinyl Cafe: A Year of Stories
  ''978-1-86207-857-4Sara HollowayFamily Wanted: Adoption Stories: True Stories of Adoption
  ''978-1-86207-859-8Stephen McCauleyAlternatives to Sex
2008978-1-86207-861-1Rachel DwyerWhat Do Hindus Believe? (What Do We Believe)
2006978-1-86207-862-8Edward KesslerWhat Do Jews Believe? (What Do We Believe)
  ''978-1-86207-863-5Richard AppignanesiWhat Do Existentialists Believe? (What Do We Believe)
2006978-1-86207-864-2Philip Carr-GommWhat Do Druids Believe? (What Do We Believe)
  ''978-1-86207-865-9Chris MorrisThe New Turkey: The Quiet Revolution On The Edge Of Europe
  ''978-1-86207-866-6Hans-Georg BehrAlmost A Childhood: Growing Up Among The Nazis
  ''978-1-86207-868-0Joan DidionSalvador (Classics of Reportage)
  ''978-1-86207-870-3Ian FrazierGreat Plains (Classics of Reportage S.)
2007978-1-86207-871-0Frank BarnabyThe Future of Terror
2006978-1-86207-872-7L.J.K. SetrightLong Lane with Turnings: A Fragment: Last Words of a Motoring Legend
2006978-1-86207-874-1Stella SandfordHow To Read Beauvoir
  ''978-1-86207-875-8Robert BernasconiHow To Read Sartre
  ''978-1-86207-876-5Charles C. Mann1491: The Americas before Columbus
2007978-1-86207-880-2Steve Lake · Paul GriffithsHorizons Touched: The Music of Ecm
2006978-1-86207-882-6Franz de WaalOur Inner Ape: The Best And Worst Of Human Nature
  ''978-1-86207-883-3Michael BywaterBig Babies: Or: Why Can't We Just Grow Up?
  ''978-1-86207-884-0Chris RobertsCross River Traffic: A History of London's Bridges
2006978-1-86207-885-7Travis ElboroughThe Bus We Loved: London's Affair With The Routemaster
  ''978-1-86207-886-4Maxim JakubowskiGranta Diary 2007: Classic Crime (Week to View Diary)
  ''978-1-86207-887-1Craig TaylorReturn to Akenfield: Portrait of an English Village in the twenty-first Century
  ''978-1-86207-888-8A. M. HomesIn a Country of Mothers
  ''978-1-86207-889-5   ''Music for Torching
2006978-1-86207-890-1A. M. HomesThe End of Alice
  ''978-1-86207-891-8Michael HampsonLast Rites: The End Of The Church Of England
  ''978-1-86207-893-2Richard HollowayHow to Read the Bible
  ''978-1-86207-894-9Slavoj ZizekHow to Read Lacan
2007978-1-86207-895-6Sven LindqvistTerra Nullius: A Journey Through No One's Land
2006978-1-86207-896-3Simon GrayThe Year of the Jouncer
  ''978-1-86207-897-0Barbara EhrenreichBait And Switch: The Futile Pursuit of the Corporate Dream
2006978-1-86207-898-7Studs TerkelAnd They All Sang: The Great Musicians of the 20th Century Talk About Their Music
  ''978-1-86207-900-7Stephen McCauleyThe Man Of The House
  ''978-1-86207-901-4   ''The Object Of My Affection
  ''978-1-86207-902-1   ''The Easy Way Out
  ''978-1-86207-903-8   ''True Enough
2008978-1-86207-904-5Richard FordThe Granta Book Of The American Short Story: V. 1 (Granta Anthologies)
2006978-1-86207-906-9Malise RuthvenIslam in the World
2006978-1-86207-907-6Simon GrayYear of the Jouncer (Smoking Diaries Volume 2)
  ''978-1-86207-908-3Blake MorrisonAnd When Did You Last See Your Father?
2007978-1-86207-909-0Lynsey HanleyEstates: An Intimate History
  ''978-1-86207-910-6Thomas HealyI Have Heard You Calling in the Night
2012978-1-86207-912-0Derek AttridgeHow to Read Joyce
2007978-1-86207-913-7Barry KempHow To Read The Egyptian Book Of The Dead
  ''978-1-86207-914-4Timothy McDermottHow To Read Aquinas
  ''978-1-86207-915-1John CaputoHow To Read Kierkegaard
2006978-1-86207-916-8Jeremy Stangroom · Julian BagginiDo You Think What You Think You Think?
2007978-1-86207-918-2Gardner BotsfordA Life of Privilege, Mostly
2007978-1-86207-919-9Sofka ZinovieffRed Princess: A Revolutionary Life
  ''978-1-86207-921-2Julian BagginiWelcome to Everytown
  ''978-1-86207-922-9Andrew HoskenNothing Like A Dame: The Scandals Of Shirley Porter
  ''978-1-86207-923-6Craig TaylorReturn To Akenfield: Portrait Of An English Village In The 21st Century
  ''978-1-86207-924-3Bruce ClarkTwice A Stranger: How Mass Expulsion Forged Modern Greece And Turkey
2007978-1-86207-925-0Elizabeth SpellerThe Sunlight On The Garden: A Family In Love, War And Madness
  ''978-1-86207-926-7John LeakeThe Vienna Woods Killer: A Writer's Double Life
  ''978-1-86207-927-4Timothy PhillipsBeslan: The Tragedy of School No. 1
  ''978-1-86207-928-1David SeabrookJack Of Jumps
  ''978-1-86207-929-8Stuart McLeanVinyl Cafe Unplugged
2007978-1-86207-930-4A.M. HomesThe Mistress's Daughter: A Memoir
2008978-1-86207-931-1Ziauddin SardarBalti Britain: A Journey Through the British Asian Experience
2007978-1-86207-932-8Bernardine Evaristo · Maggie GeeNW15: The Anthology of New Writing: v. 15
  ''978-1-86207-933-5A. M. HomesThis Book Will Save Your Life
  ''978-1-86207-934-2Stephen McCauleyAlternatives to Sex
  ''978-1-86207-935-9Tom McCarthyTintin and the Secret of Literature
  ''978-1-86207-936-6Studs TerkelAnd They All Sang: Great Musicians Talk About Their Music
2007978-1-86207-937-3Sandra HempelThe Medical Detective: John Snow, Cholera and the Mystery of the Broad Street Pump
  ''978-1-86207-940-3Charles mckeanBattle for the North: The Tay and Forth Bridges and the 19th-Century Railway Wars: The Building of the Tay and Forth Bridges and the 19th Century Railway Wars
  ''978-1-86207-941-0Robert MacfarlaneThe Wild Places
2009978-1-86207-942-7Greg MilnerPerfecting Sound Forever: The Story Of Recorded Music
2007978-1-86207-943-4Ted NieldSupercontinent: 10 Billion Years in the Life of Our Planet
  ''978-1-86207-944-1Terence CaveHow to Read Montaigne
2013978-1-86207-945-8Mona SiddiquiHow to Read the Qur'an
2007978-1-86207-947-2GrantaGranta Diary: The Books They Tried to Ban
2010978-1-86207-950-2Jennifer HomansApollo's Angels: A History of Ballet
2007978-1-86207-952-6Michael BywaterBig Babies: Or: Why Can't We Just Grow Up?
  ''978-1-86207-953-3Cioma SchonhausThe Forger
2007978-1-86207-954-0Barbara EhrenreichDancing in the Streets: A History of Collective Joy
  ''978-1-86207-955-7Jonathan TaylorTake Me Home: Parkinson's, My Father, Myself
  ''978-1-86207-958-8Barrie SherwoodEscape from Amsterdam
  ''978-1-86207-959-5Ryszard KapuscinskiThe Soccer War
  ''978-1-86207-960-1Ryszard KapuscinskiImperium
2008978-1-86207-966-3Mike DashSatan's Circus: Murder, Vice, Police Corruption and New York's Trial of the Century
2007978-1-86207-970-0Amy BloomAway
2007978-1-86207-972-4Gary ShteyngartAbsurdistan
978-1-86207-973-1Wild Places
2007978-1-86207-974-8Lorenz SchroterSkylarks and Scuttlebutts: A Treasure Trove of Nautical Knowledge
978-1-86207-976-2This Book Will Save Your Life
2007978-1-86207-977-9Kolbert · Francis SpuffordThe Ends of the Earth: An Anthology of the Finest Writing on the Arctic and the Antarctic
  ''978-1-86207-978-6Blake MorrisonAnd When Did You Last See Your Father?
  ''978-1-86207-983-0Mark CrickKafka's Soup: A Complete History of World Literature in 17 Recipes
2008978-1-86207-984-7Diana AthillSomewhere Towards the End
  ''978-1-86207-985-4Lynsey HanleyEstates: An Intimate History
  ''978-1-86207-986-1Pierre BayardHow to Talk About Books You Haven't Read
2008978-1-86207-987-8Cioma SchonhausThe Forger
  ''978-1-86207-988-5Ken BrayHow to Score
  ''978-1-86207-989-2Anne LandsmanThe Rowing Lesson
  ''978-1-86207-991-5Maurizio ViroliHow To Read Machiavelli
  ''978-1-86207-992-2Sofka ZinovieffRed Princess: A Revolutionary Life
2008978-1-86207-993-9Timothy PhillipsBeslan: The Tragedy of School No. 1
  ''978-1-86207-994-6Masha GessenBlood Matters: A Journey Along The Genetic Frontier
  ''978-1-86207-995-3Andrew BrownFishing In Utopia: Sweden And The Future That Disappeared
  ''978-1-86207-996-0Jeffrey S. RosenthalStruck By Lightning: The Curious World Of Probabilities
  ''978-1-86207-997-7Miriam LeonardHow To Read Ancient Philosophy
2008978-1-86207-998-4Julian BagginiWelcome To Everytown: A Journey Into The English Mind