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1998978-1-86187-041-4Helen ExleyWords on Compassion (Words for life)
  ''978-1-86187-046-9Helen ExleyWords on Simple Life (Words for Life S.)
  ''978-1-86187-051-3   ''Words on Beauty (Words for Life S.)
  ''978-1-86187-054-4   ''Seize the Day! Enjoy the Moment! (Values for Living) (Values for Living S.)
  ''978-1-86187-056-8   ''Words on Calm (Words for life)
1998978-1-86187-059-9Helen ExleyThank You for Every Little Thing (Values for Living S.)
  ''978-1-86187-061-2   ''Words on Strength and Perseverance (Words for Life S.)
1998978-1-86187-066-7Helen ExleyWords on Solitude and Silence (Words for Life S.)
  ''978-1-86187-069-8   ''Men! by Women (A Helen Exley Giftbook)
  ''978-1-86187-106-0   ''Ms Murphy's Law (Cartoon Book)
  ''978-1-86187-108-4Spencer JohnsonThe Precious Present (Words for Life) (Words for Life S.)
2000978-1-86187-113-8Helen ExleyAnd Wisdom Comes Quietly (Wisdom S.)
1999978-1-86187-114-5   ''Wisdom for the Millennium (A Helen Exley giftbook)
  ''978-1-86187-123-7Stuart Macfarlane · Linda MacFarlaneOver 30s' Jokes (Helen Exley Giftbook)
2005978-1-86187-147-3VariousTaking Time To Just Be (Wisdom) (Wisdom S.)
2001978-1-86187-165-7Helen ExleyToo Soon for a Mid-life Crisis (Helen Exley Giftbooks)
2001978-1-86187-191-6Helen ExleyGlorious Cats (Special Occasions S.)
2000978-1-86187-204-3Richard ExleyGrandmas and Grandpas: You Loveable Old Things (Words & Pictures by Children S.)
2006978-1-86187-205-0Helen ExleyThe Baby Blessing (Special Occasions) (Special Occasions S.)
2002978-1-86187-298-2Helen Exley · Juliette ClarkeA Special Gift of Peace and Calm (Special Gifts S.)
  ''978-1-86187-306-4Helen ExleyBe What You Believe in (Values for Living) (Values for Living S.)
  ''978-1-86187-349-1Pam BrownTo a Very Special Daughter (To-Give-and-to-Keep S.)
  ''978-1-86187-417-7Susan Squellati FlorenceYour Journey: A Passage Through a Difficult Time (Journeys S.)
  ''978-1-86187-419-1Susan Squellati FlorenceTime Alone: The Gift of Being with Yourself (Journeys S.)
2002978-1-86187-420-7Susan Squellati FlorenceChange...: Is a Place Where New Journeys Begin (Journeys S.)
2015978-1-86187-421-4Susan FlorenceWhen You Lose Someone You Love: A Journey Through the Heart of Grief (Journeys) (Journeys S.)
2002978-1-86187-422-1Susan Squellati FlorenceHaving Friends in Our Lives (Journeys S.)
2008978-1-86187-428-3Helen ExleyTimeless Values (Wisdom) (Wisdom S.)
2003978-1-86187-514-3   ''Wisdom for Our Times (Wisdom S.)
2004978-1-86187-520-4Helen ExleySons (Mini Squares S.)
2003978-1-86187-558-7Helen Exley · Joanna KidneySmile (Sparklies S.)
  ''978-1-86187-559-4Helen ExleyLove (Sparklies S.)
  ''978-1-86187-560-0   ''Happy Day (Sparklies) (Sparklies S.)
  ''978-1-86187-561-7   ''Hope! Dream! (Sparklies) (Sparklies S.)
2006978-1-86187-562-4   ''Friend (Sparklies) (Sparklies S.)
2003978-1-86187-588-4   ''Giggles (Jewels) (Jewels S.)
2004978-1-86187-594-5Helen Exley · Joanna KidneyFriend (Sparklies S.)
2009978-1-86187-595-2Helen ExleyThe Midlife Disaster (Jewels) (Jewels S.)
2003978-1-86187-598-3Helen ExleyA Gift of Calm (Jewels) (Jewels S.)
  ''978-1-86187-603-4   ''Happiness with Love (M.I.L.K.)
  ''978-1-86187-604-1   ''Mothers with Love (M.I.L.K. S.)
  ''978-1-86187-605-8   ''Families with Love (M.I.L.K.)
  ''978-1-86187-606-5   ''Fathers with Love (M.I.L.K. S.)
2003978-1-86187-650-8VariousA Gift of Happiness: 1 (Jewels) (Jewels S.)
2004978-1-86187-724-6Susan Squellati FlorenceGift of Now (Journeys (Exley))
2004978-1-86187-729-1Susan Squellati FlorenceLet Happiness be Yours (Journeys (Exley))
  ''978-1-86187-731-4VariousWedding Guest Book (Helen Exley Giftbooks)
2005978-1-86187-926-4   ''Lovers with Love (M.I.L.K.)
  ''978-1-86187-971-4Helen ExleyHappy Day 2006 Calendar