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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-1-86168-032-7Craig DonnellanSurrogacy and IVF (Issues for the Nineties)
1999978-1-86168-079-2   ''Animal Welfare (Issues S.)
  ''978-1-86168-090-7   ''The Euthanasia Debate (Issues)
2000978-1-86168-125-6Sophie SmileyAdoption: Study Guide (Exploring the Issues)
2001978-1-86168-155-3Craig DonnellanConfronting Eating Disorders (Issues)
2004978-1-86168-263-5   ''Money Matters (Issues Series vol. 74)
  ''978-1-86168-265-9   ''The Water Crisis (Issues Series vol. 76)
2004978-1-86168-267-3Craig DonnellanThreatened Species (Issues Series vol. 78)
  ''978-1-86168-268-0   ''Dealing with Homelessness (Issues)
  ''978-1-86168-288-8   ''Genetic Modification (Issues)
  ''978-1-86168-289-5   ''Food and Nutrition (Issues Series vol. 88
2005978-1-86168-307-6Sophie SmileyGenetic Modification: Study Guide (Exploring the Issues)
  ''978-1-86168-310-6   ''Human and Animal Cloning: Study Guide (Exploring the Issues)
2005978-1-86168-313-7Craig DonnellanExploited Children (Issues Series vol. 99)
2005978-1-86168-325-0Craig DonnellanAgeing Issues (Issues Series vol 105)
2006978-1-86168-349-6   ''Grief and Loss (Issues Series vol. 116)
  ''978-1-86168-350-2   ''Self-esteem and Body Image (Issues Series vol. 117)
  ''978-1-86168-353-3   ''The Human Rights Issues (Issues Series vol 120)
  ''978-1-86168-354-0   ''The Censorship Debate (Issues Series vol. 121)
2006978-1-86168-363-2Craig DonnellanParenting Issues (Issues Series vol. 124)
  ''978-1-86168-364-9   ''Understanding Depression (Issues Series vol. 125) (Issues 125)
  ''978-1-86168-365-6   ''The Abortion Debate: v. 126 (Issues)
2007978-1-86168-374-8Lisa FirthThe Cannabis Issues (Issues Series vol.128)
  ''978-1-86168-376-2Lisa FirthHomelessness (Issues Series vol. 130)
  ''978-1-86168-389-2   ''Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour (Issues Series vol. 137)
2007978-1-86168-410-3Lisa FirthThe Cloning Debate: v. 144 (Issues S. No. 144) (Issues Series)
  ''978-1-86168-411-0Cobi SmithSmoking Trends (Issues Series vol.145)
2008978-1-86168-423-3   ''Migration and Population (Issues Series vol. 150)
2008978-1-86168-424-0Cobi SmithClimate Change: v. 151
  ''978-1-86168-434-9Claire OwenMigration and Population Issues (Issues Today vol. 12)
  ''978-1-86168-439-4Lisa FirthEuthanasia and the Right to Die (Issues Series vol. 152)
  ''978-1-86168-442-4   ''Domestic Abuse (Issues Series vol. 155)
  ''978-1-86168-444-8   ''The Problem of Globalisation (Issues Series vol. 157)
2008978-1-86168-452-3Lisa FirthAn Ageing Population (vol. 159 Issues Series)
  ''978-1-86168-453-0   ''Poverty and Exclusion: (vol 160 Issues Series)
  ''978-1-86168-455-4   ''Staying Fit:(vol 162 Issues Series) (Issues 162)
  ''978-1-86168-465-3Claire OwenGlobalisation (Issues Today vol. 18)
2008978-1-86168-466-0Claire OwenGender Equality (Issues Today vol. 19)
2009978-1-86168-480-6   ''The Internet (Issues Today vol. 21)
  ''978-1-86168-498-1   ''Bullying: v.27 (Issue 27) (Issues Today)
  ''978-1-86168-506-3   ''Racial Discrimination (Issues Today Col. 29) (Issues Today Series)
2010978-1-86168-524-7Lisa FirthWork and Employment (vol. 183 Issues Series) (Issues Today Series)
  ''978-1-86168-525-4   ''Understanding Eating Disorders (vol. 184 Issues Series) (Issues Today Series)
  ''978-1-86168-529-2Claire OwenHealthy Lifestyles (vol. 33 Issues Today Series)
2010978-1-86168-530-8Claire OwenCrime and Justice (vol. 34 Issues Today Series): 33
  ''978-1-86168-540-7Lisa FirthThe Homeless Population (vol. 189 Issues Series)
2010978-1-86168-542-1Lisa FirthThe Changing Family (vol. 191 Issues Series)
  ''978-1-86168-562-9   ''Homelessness in Society (vol. 42 Issues Today Series)
  ''978-1-86168-563-6   ''The Family (vol. 43 Issues Today Series)
2011978-1-86168-597-1   ''Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide (vol. 217 Issues Series)
2013978-1-86168-664-0Cara AcredThe Annual Index 2013
2019978-1-86168-813-2Tracy BiramThe Climate Emergency: 357 (Issues series)