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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-1-86163-002-5Jaq D. HawkinsSpirits of the Earth
1997978-1-86163-007-0Nigel PennickDragons of the West
1998978-1-86163-008-7Rhiannon RyallSymbols of Ancient Gods
1997978-1-86163-019-3Paddy SladeSeasonal Magic: Diary of a Village Witch
1998978-1-86163-025-4Catrin JamesCeltic Faery Shamanism: v.1: Vol 1
2000978-1-86163-029-2Nigel Jackson · Michael HowardPillars of Tubal Cain
  ''978-1-86163-036-0Rhiannon RyallTeachings of the Wisewomen
1998978-1-86163-041-4Chris ThomasThe Journey Home
2004978-1-86163-046-9Paddy SladeTales Round the Cauldron
1998978-1-86163-053-7Chris Thomas · Diane BakerThe Healing Book
  ''978-1-86163-056-8Berenice WattLanguage of the Psycards
1999978-1-86163-057-5Philip HeseltonMagical Guardians: Exploring the Spirit and Nature of Trees
  ''978-1-86163-059-9Catrin JamesCeltic Faery Shamanism: The Wisdom of the Otherworld v.2: The Wisdom of the Otherworld Vol 2
  ''978-1-86163-061-2"Gwyn"Light from the Shadows: A Mythos of Modern Traditional Witchcraft
1999978-1-86163-062-9Helena HawleyThe Other Kingdoms Speak: What the Animals, Plants, Crystals, Extraterrestrials, Angels, Mermaids and Fairies Have to Say
  ''978-1-86163-063-6"Gwyn"Light from the Shadows: A Mythos of Modern Traditional Witchcraft
1998978-1-86163-065-0Jaq D. HawkinsSpirits of the Air
1999978-1-86163-069-8Richard Rutherford-MooreThe Legend of Robin Hood
1998978-1-86163-072-8Chris ThomasThe Fool's First Steps
2000978-1-86163-076-6Jaq D. HawkinsSpirits of the Fire (Spirits of the Elements S.)
1999978-1-86163-081-0Simon Lilly · Sue LillyTree: Essence of Healing (isbn 181630816)
  ''978-1-86163-084-1Simon Lilly · Sue LillyTree: Essence, Spirit and Teacher (isbn: 181630840)
2000978-1-86163-090-2Jaq D. HawkinsSpirits of the Water (Spirits of the Elements S.)
1999978-1-86163-098-8Chris Thomas · Diane BakerEverything You Always Wanted to Know About Your Body, But So Far Nobody's Been Able to Tell You
2000978-1-86163-108-4Anna FranklinMagical Incenses and Oils
  ''978-1-86163-110-7Philip HeseltonWiccan Roots - Gerald Gardner and the Modern Witchcraft Revival
2002978-1-86163-111-4Mary CaineThe Kingston Zodiac
2000978-1-86163-122-0Janet Farrar · Stewart Farrar · Gavin BoneThe Complete Dictionary of European Gods and Goddesses
2003978-1-86163-134-3Paul BennettThe Old Stones of Elmet
2001978-1-86163-137-4Chris Thomas · Diane BakerThe Sequel to Everything: The Case Histories
  ''978-1-86163-139-8Sage WestonA Year in the Life of a Faery Witch
2001978-1-86163-140-4Tony SteeleRites and Rituals of Traditional Witchcraft
  ''978-1-86163-145-9Jaq D. HawkinsSpirits of the Aether (Spirits of the Earth)
  ''978-1-86163-155-8Evan John Jones · Robert Cochrane · Michael HowardThe Roebuck in the Thicket: An Anthology of the Robert Cochrane Tradition
  ''978-1-86163-156-5Jenny SmedleyRipples
  ''978-1-86163-163-3Patricia CrowtherFrom Stagecraft to Witchcraft: The Early Years of a High Priestess
2003978-1-86163-164-0Philip HeseltonGerald Gardner and the Cauldron of Inspiration: An Investigation into the Sources of Gardnerian Witchcraft
2003978-1-86163-168-8Gordon MacLellanCelebrating Nature
  ''978-1-86163-169-5Barry PattersonThe Art of Conversation with the Genius Loci
2006978-1-86163-173-2Jess WynnePaganism for Teenagers: Thinking Like a Pagan
2002978-1-86163-177-0Richard Rutherford-MooreRobin Hood: On the Outlaw Trail
  ''978-1-86163-184-8Sue LillyHealing with Astrology
2003978-1-86163-186-2Teresa MooreyWheel of the Year: Myth and Magic Through the Seasons
  ''978-1-86163-187-9Pete JenningsThe Northern Tradition
2002978-1-86163-188-6Jaq D. HawkinsThe Chaos Monkey
2003978-1-86163-191-6Shirley O'DonoghueWorking with Crystals: A Practical Guide
  ''978-1-86163-202-9Nigel JacksonCelestial Magic: Principles and Practises of the Talismanic Art
2003978-1-86163-206-7Michael HowardFaery Beasts and Animals of Legend
  ''978-1-86163-209-8Robert CochraneThe Robert Cochrane Letters: an Insight into Modern Traditional Witchcraft
2004978-1-86163-218-0Sheila Adby · Dan O'NeillHamsters in Sickness and in Health
2003978-1-86163-221-0Robert Cochrane · Evan John JonesThe Robert Cochrane Letters: An Insight into Modern Traditional Witchcraft
  ''978-1-86163-224-1Chris ThomasPlanet Earth: The Universe's Experiment
2005978-1-86163-227-2Dilys GaterThe Urban Shaman
2004978-1-86163-229-6Runic JohnThe Book of Seidr: The Native English and Northern European Shamanic Tradition
  ''978-1-86163-232-6Jan McDonaldCottage Witchcraft
  ''978-1-86163-236-4Michael HowardThe Book of Fallen Angels
2005978-1-86163-237-1Katherine KearFlower Wisdom: The Definitive Guidebook to the Myth, Magic and Mystery of Flowers
2006978-1-86163-241-8Jaq D. HawkinsWomen of Power: The Woman as Magus
2004978-1-86163-243-2Nigel PennickSecrets of East Anglian Magic
2005978-1-86163-247-0Jenny SmedleyCome Back To Life
2005978-1-86163-254-8Dilys GaterUnderstanding Star Children
2006978-1-86163-270-8Elen SentierNumerology - The Spiral Path
2005978-1-86163-273-9Chris ThomasThe Universal Soul
2007978-1-86163-285-2Rachel MayattNature's Children: Celebrating the Seasons in a Pagan Family
  ''978-1-86163-287-6WulfeageLyblac - Anglo Saxon Witchcraft
  ''978-1-86163-293-7Nigel G. PearsonTreading the Mill: Practical CraftWorking in Modern Traditional Witchcraft
  ''978-1-86163-299-9Chris ThomasThe Human Soul (Universal Soul)
2009978-1-86163-306-4Nigel G. PearsonWalking the Tides: Seasonal Rhythms and Traditional Lore in Natural Craft
  ''978-1-86163-312-5Chris Thomas · Dave MorganProject Human Extinction: The Ultimate Conspiracy
2010978-1-86163-315-6Nicholaj de Mattos FrisvoldInvisible Fire - Inner Dimensions of Western Gnostic & Theurgic Tradition
2012978-1-86163-334-7John · Gillian Spraggs · Shani OatesGenuine Witchcraft is Explained: The Secret History of the Royal Windsor Coven and the Regency