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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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  ''978-1-86147-005-8Andrew Kemp · Mirco de CetClassic British Bikes
  ''978-1-86147-006-5Richard Bradbeer · Ian MorrisonThe Golf Handbook
  ''978-1-86147-009-6Robert Katz · Celestine DarsThe Impressionists
2001978-1-86147-022-5unknownThe Complete Crossword Solver
1999978-1-86147-046-1Robert Katz · Celestine DarsThe Impressionists Handbook
  ''978-1-86147-048-5Brenda LittleThe Illustrated Herbal Encyclopedia
2000978-1-86147-057-7Peter HerringClassic British Steam Locomotives (Classic British transport)
2000978-1-86147-062-1Richard Bradbeer · Ian MorrisonThe Pocket Encyclopedia of Golf (Pocket Encyclopaedia)
  ''978-1-86147-065-2Angela GairThe Pocket Encyclopedia of Antiques (Pocket Encyclopaedia)
2007978-1-86147-069-0Margaret BriggsPorridge: Oats and Their Many Health Benefits: Oats and Their Many Benefits
2003978-1-86147-089-8Peter MchoyPractical Gardening Encyclopedia,the
1995978-1-86147-112-3Amy WilliamsLandmarks of Britain
2003978-1-86147-115-4Karen FarringtonWorld War II, Ground, Sea and Air Battles
2006978-1-86147-157-4Essential Crossword Solver
  ''978-1-86147-167-3Margaret BriggsVinegar - 1001 Practical Uses
  ''978-1-86147-176-5Quick & Easy Crosswords
  ''978-1-86147-197-0Graham RobsonThe History Of British Motoring.A Chronicle Of Classic Cars And Bikes.
2007978-1-86147-206-9Micro De CetLegendary Racing Motorcycles
2007978-1-86147-215-1Margaret BriggsHoney and Bees - Nature's Magical Golden Treasure
  ''978-1-86147-220-5   ''Bicarbonate of Soda a Very Versatile Natural Substance
  ''978-1-86147-230-4   ''Beetroot: The Vitality Plant & Its Medicinal Benefits
2008978-1-86147-233-5   ''Garlic and Onions: The Many Uses and Benefits
  ''978-1-86147-237-3Lee FaberAloe Vera
2007978-1-86147-239-7Margaret BriggsLemons & Limes: Super Citrus Fruits & Their Health Benefits
2008978-1-86147-258-8Poltergeists and the Paranormal
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2009978-1-86147-265-6Lee FaberBeginners Guide to Chickens
2009978-1-86147-281-6Mirco De CetClassic British Cars
2010978-1-86147-288-5Lee FaberFlowers And Foliage
2009978-1-86147-303-5Peter HerringClassic British Steam Locomotives
2014978-1-86147-422-3Barbara Taylor · Jen Green · John FarndonThe Illustrated Wildlife Encyclopedia: Bugs & Minibeasts
  ''978-1-86147-457-5John HaywoodThe Illustrated History Encyclopedia Everyday Life in the Ancient World
2015978-1-86147-708-8Will Fowler · Brian Ward · Simon Adams · Philip Brooks · John FarndonThe History Encyclopedia: Follow the Development of Human Civilization Around the World
2016978-1-86147-716-3Jan LewisFirst Prayers for Little Ones: Prayers for Every Day, Special Occasions and the Family
  ''978-1-86147-820-7Matt BuglerMy First Encylopedia of Dinosaurs: A First Encyclopedia with Supersize Pictures
  ''978-1-86147-821-4   ''My First Encylopedia of Birds: A First Encyclopedia with Supersize Pictures
2016978-1-86147-822-1Matt BuglerMy First Encylopedia of Animals: A First Encyclopedia with Supersize Pictures
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2017978-1-86147-824-5Richard McGinlayMy First Encyclopedia of Fish: A Great Big Book of Amazing Aquatic Creatures to Discover
  ''978-1-86147-825-2   ''My First Encyclopedia of Trees: A Great Big Book of Amazing Plants to Discover
2019978-1-86147-873-3Philip SteeleChildren's Encyclopedia of Ancient History: Step back in time to discover the wonders of the Stone Age, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, ... the Incas, Ancient China and Ancient Japan