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2004978-1-86108-470-5Chris WestonNikon F5 (The Expanded Guide) (Expanded Guide S.)
2005978-1-86108-471-2Stella KnightExotic Flowers and Fruits in Needlepoint
2006978-1-86108-472-9Nick SullivanPhotoshop Made Easy
2007978-1-86108-473-6Eric GravesBandsaws (Success with ...) (Success with ...S.)
2005978-1-86108-475-0Chris WestonKonica Minolta Dynax/Maxxum 7D (The Expanded Guide) (Expanded Guide S.)
2006978-1-86108-476-7Gail Marsh18th Century Embroidery Techniques
2005978-1-86108-480-4Chris WestonDigital Wildlife Photography
  ''978-1-86108-481-1Peter WatsonCapturing the Light: An Inspirational and Instructional Guide to Landscape Photography
2006978-1-86108-482-8James Beattie · Tracy HallettCanon EOS 350D/Digital Rebel XT (The Expanded Guide) (Expanded Guide S.)
2007978-1-86108-484-2Graham ClarkeSuccess with Water-Saving Gardens (Success with ...S.)
2005978-1-86108-485-9Jean NisbettThe Big Book of the Dolls' House
  ''978-1-86108-486-6Jean NisbettA Beginner's Guide to the Dolls' House Hobby
2006978-1-86108-487-3Outdoor Photography MagazineThe Travel Photography Guide to Scotland (Travel Photography Guide)
2007978-1-86108-488-0Mark CleghornStart Taking Great Family Photographs (Start Taking) (Start Taking S.)
2005978-1-86108-490-3Stuart LawsonSuccess with Routing
  ''978-1-86108-491-0Bob NeillStep-by-step Pyrography (Step-By-Step (Guild of Master Craftsman Publications))
2006978-1-86108-492-7Outdoor Photography MagazineThe Travel Photography Guide to England
2009978-1-86108-495-8David JamesBeginners' Upholstery Techniques
2007978-1-86108-498-9Dennis DixonPlanning and Fitting Kitchens (Do it)
  ''978-1-86108-499-6Pat Ashforth & Steve PlummerToilet Roll Covers (Cozy)
2007978-1-86108-500-9Virginia BrehautTea Cozies
  ''978-1-86108-501-6Jane HarropThirties and Forties Miniatures in 1:12 Scale
  ''978-1-86108-502-3Emma BrennanMaking Vintage Bags: 20 Original Sewing Patterns for Vintage Bags and Purses
  ''978-1-86108-504-7Joan WhiteheadTransparent Art (Step by Step)
  ''978-1-86108-505-4Doll's House Magazine theSewing Dolls' Clothes: 27 Projects to Make in 1:12 Scale (Dolls House Magazine)
2007978-1-86108-507-8Chris PyeWoodcarving: Projects and Techniques
  ''978-1-86108-508-5James Beattie & Tracy HallettCanon EOS 400D / Digital Rebel Xti (The Expanded Guide) (Expanded Guide S.)
  ''978-1-86108-509-2Jean NisbettDolls' House Inspirations
  ''978-1-86108-514-6Mark LucockDigital Nature and Landscape Photography
  ''978-1-86108-515-3Andy RouseUnderstanding RAW Photography
2008978-1-86108-516-0Sue BishopDigital Flower Photography
2007978-1-86108-517-7Ross HoddinottNikon D40 & D40X (The Expanded Guide) (Expanded Guide S.)
2007978-1-86108-518-4Robert InghamCutting-edge Cabinetmaking
2008978-1-86108-519-1Sasha KaganKnitwear
  ''978-1-86108-521-4Fred WilburDecorative Woodcarving: Accessories for the Home
2007978-1-86108-522-1Andrew Jones & Clive GeorgeStickmaking: A Complete Course, Revised Edition
2009978-1-86108-524-5Ian CameronTransient Light: A Photographic Guide to Capturing the Medium
  ''978-1-86108-525-2Angie ScarrMiniature Food Masterclass
2008978-1-86108-526-9Mark CleghornComplete Guide to Light
  ''978-1-86108-527-6Arnold WilsonDigital Compact Cameras: Great Photos Every Time
  ''978-1-86108-528-3Tim DalyPrinting for Digital Photographers: The Complete Guide
2009978-1-86108-529-0Colin HardingClassic Cameras
2007978-1-86108-530-6Ross HoddinottDigital Macro Photography
2008978-1-86108-531-3David SpringettWoodturning Full Circle
2008978-1-86108-532-0John BullarCabinetmaking: A Foundation Course
  ''978-1-86108-533-7Ross HoddinottDigital Exposure Handbook
  ''978-1-86108-534-4Steve MulliganUnderstanding Composition: The Complete Photographers' Guide
  ''978-1-86108-535-1Tom TillSuccess with Landscape Photography (Success with Photography)
2009978-1-86108-536-8Sean McCormackPhotoshop Lightroom 2 Made Easy
  ''978-1-86108-554-2Steve Toon · Ann ToonSuccess with Wildlife Photography (Success With Photography)
2008978-1-86108-557-3Mark CleghornPhotoshop in a Weekend
2010978-1-86108-558-0Ross HoddinottLenses for Digital SLRs
2008978-1-86108-559-7Tina BarrettNatural Knits for Babies & Toddlers
2008978-1-86108-560-3Mark RipleyMaking Furniture: Projects and Plans
  ''978-1-86108-561-0Gail Marsh19th Century Embroidery Techniques
  ''978-1-86108-563-4Chris WestonDigital Wildlife Photography
2009978-1-86108-602-0Chris ReidTurning Vintage Toys
  ''978-1-86108-615-0Elaine StavertBath Bombs (Cozy)
2008978-1-86108-616-7Chrissie DaySocks (Cozy)
2009978-1-86108-617-4Chrissie DayHot-water Bottle Covers (Cozy)
2008978-1-86108-620-4Peter WatsonCapturing the Light: An Inspirational and Instructional Guide to Landscape Photography
2009978-1-86108-623-5Simon Henry · foreword by Andrew FiondaLittle Black Dress, The: How to Make the Perfect One for You
  ''978-1-86108-624-2Tina BarrettNatural Crochet for Babies & Toddlers
2009978-1-86108-627-3Phil ThaneHome Wiring (Do it)
  ''978-1-86108-635-8Sheila SturrockMaking Mechanical Cards
  ''978-1-86108-636-5John Bickerton · Graham ClarkeCoastal Gardening
  ''978-1-86108-637-2Emma BrennanMaking Vintage Accessories
  ''978-1-86108-638-9Andrew Jones · Clive GeorgeStickmaking Handbook: Revised Edition
2010978-1-86108-639-6Graham ClarkeSuccess with Alpine Gardening (Success with ...S.)
2009978-1-86108-641-9Alan HolthamHow to Season & Dry Your Own Wood
2009978-1-86108-643-3Ann PickardCake Characters (Cozy)
  ''978-1-86108-645-7Elaine StavertSoaps (Cozy)
  ''978-1-86108-646-4GMC EditorsCoffee Cozies (Cozy)
  ''978-1-86108-652-5Peter WatsonReading the Landscape: An Inspirational and Instructional Guide to Landscape Photography
  ''978-1-86108-654-9Alice Underwood · Sue ParkerFelted Bags: 30 Original Bag Designs to Knit and Felt
2009978-1-86108-657-0Gina AltonCrocheted Finger Puppets (Cozy)
  ''978-1-86108-659-4GMC EditorsTea Cozies 2 (Cozy)
  ''978-1-86108-660-0Storm DunlopSky
2010978-1-86108-663-1Sue BishopColor, Light & Composition
2009978-1-86108-666-2Simon HenryParty Dress, The
  ''978-1-86108-668-6Susette PalmerGloves (Cozy)
2010978-1-86108-669-3Nancy Atkinson & Sarah Jane TavnerKnitted Nursery
2009978-1-86108-670-9Sarah KeenKnitted Wild Animals
2010978-1-86108-674-7Lan-Anh Bui · Josephine WanAmigurumi (Cozy)
  ''978-1-86108-675-4Elaine StavertCandles (Cozy)
2010978-1-86108-676-1Lyn MortonTatting Jewellery
  ''978-1-86108-679-2Niall BenvieOutdoor Photography Masterclass
  ''978-1-86108-682-2Peter BensonArt of Carving Netsuke, The
  ''978-1-86108-684-6GMC EditorsEgg Cozies (Cozy)
  ''978-1-86108-685-3Duncan BirminghamPop-Up Design and Paper Mechanics
2010978-1-86108-687-7Simon HenryLittle Best Dress, The
  ''978-1-86108-690-7Alison HowardMug Hugs (Cozy)
  ''978-1-86108-691-4Elaine StavertBeauty Oils & Butters (Cozy)
  ''978-1-86108-692-1   ''Beauty Masks & Scrubs (Cozy)
2011978-1-86108-693-8Robert JubbCarving Japanese Netsuke for Beginners
2010978-1-86108-694-5Steve BiscoTwenty Decorative Carving Projects in Period Styles
  ''978-1-86108-696-9Alex WillisStep-by-step Guitar Making
2010978-1-86108-699-0Kath OrsmanWired Jewelry
2015978-1-86108-701-0Susie JohnsHow to Machine Sew: Techniques and Projects for the Complete Beginner ('How To' series)
2014978-1-86108-708-9Elaine StavertBath Bombs
  ''978-1-86108-710-2Stephen PooleThe Complete Pyrography
2017978-1-86108-747-8Vanessa MooncieThe Gentleman's Wardrobe: Vintage-Style Projects to Make for the Modern Man
2015978-1-86108-752-2Susan PinnerGranny Squares and Shapes: 20 Crochet Projects for You and Your Home
  ''978-1-86108-793-5Jemima SchleeTake a Ball of String: 16 Beautiful Projects for Your Home
  ''978-1-86108-795-9Susie JohnsHow to Embroider: Techniques and Projects for the Complete Beginner
  ''978-1-86108-799-7Sarah Keen100 Little Knitted Projects
2010978-1-86108-800-0Peter WatsonSeasons of Landscape: An Inspirational and Instructive Guide in Photography
2012978-1-86108-804-8Andrew ThomasLearn to Carve in the Round
2011978-1-86108-805-5Gina AltonPots to Knit & Crochet (Cozy)
2011978-1-86108-806-2Jane HarropEdwardian Era
  ''978-1-86108-807-9Sian BrownKnitted Home, The
2010978-1-86108-810-9Joan GordonCreative Lampwork
2012978-1-86108-814-7Susie JohnsKnitted Finger Puppets (Cozy)
2010978-1-86108-815-4Nelli ReesGlass Bead Jewelry Projects
2011978-1-86108-817-8Tina BarrettKnitted Dinosaurs
  ''978-1-86108-820-8Gail MarshEarly 20th Century Embroidery Techniques
  ''978-1-86108-822-2GMC EditorsScarves (Cozy)
2012978-1-86108-824-6Vanessa MooncieAnimal Hats
2011978-1-86108-825-3Chris WestTurning Salt & Pepper Shakers and Mills
  ''978-1-86108-826-0Ann PickardCakes for Occasions
2011978-1-86108-827-7Nick Agar · David Springett · Foreword by Jacques VeseryWoodturning Evolution
  ''978-1-86108-830-7Giorgio UccelliniArt of Airbrushing, The
2012978-1-86108-831-4Dennis KeelingSegmented Turning
2011978-1-86108-832-1Melanie BlaikieSilver Clay Workshop
2012978-1-86108-833-8Sian Brown · Alison Howard · Vanessa MooncieTea Cozies 3 (Cozy)
2011978-1-86108-836-9Walter HallPen & Pencil Projects
  ''978-1-86108-842-0Abby HookWire Jewelry Masterclass
2012978-1-86108-844-4Steve BiscoStone Carving for the Home & Garden
2011978-1-86108-845-1Sasha KaganThe Classic Collection
2012978-1-86108-846-8Sarah KeenKnitted Farm Animals
2011978-1-86108-847-5Lan-Anh Bui · Josephine ChuiCrochet Bakemono [Monsters!]
2012978-1-86108-849-9Mark BakerWood Turning
  ''978-1-86108-851-2Susie JohnsKnitted Pets
2011978-1-86108-852-9Alice YuSocktopus
2012978-1-86108-853-6Ann PickardCrafty Cupcakes (Cozy)
2011978-1-86108-854-3Mark CleghornWedding Photography
2012978-1-86108-855-0Terry PorterWood Identification & Use
2011978-1-86108-865-9Derek HayesWoodturning Design
  ''978-1-86108-866-6GMC EditorsHats (Cozy)
2011978-1-86108-871-0Sue CulliganTechno Cozies (Cozy)
2012978-1-86108-873-4Nick ArnullContemporary Woodturning
2013978-1-86108-874-1Sophie RobertsonCharms (Magpie)
  ''978-1-86108-878-9John BullarComplete Guide to Joint-Making, The
2012978-1-86108-882-6Peter E. TaylorCalligraphy for Greetings Cards and Scrapbooking
2013978-1-86108-883-3Derek JonesWoodworking from Offcuts: 20 Projects to Create from the Scrap Pile
2011978-1-86108-891-8Ross Hoddinott · Mark BauerLandscape Photography Workshop, The
2014978-1-86108-893-2Mark SangerTurning Hollow Forms
2011978-1-86108-895-6Jessica Aldred & Emily PeacockAdventures in Needlework
2012978-1-86108-905-2Lindsay RogersTatting Collage
2013978-1-86108-906-9Sarah FordhamX Stitch
  ''978-1-86108-911-3Susie JohnsHow to Sew
2012978-1-86108-915-1Sarah KeenKnitted Noah's Ark
2013978-1-86108-916-8Tina BarrettHow to Knit
2014978-1-86108-917-5Susie JohnsKnitted Woodland Creatures
2013978-1-86108-920-5Cheong-ah HwangCreative Paper Cutting
  ''978-1-86108-921-2Vanessa MoonciePrint Making Book, The
2014978-1-86108-922-9Mark BakerWeekend Woodturning Projects
2012978-1-86108-925-0Derek JonesFrench Polishing, Paperback
2013978-1-86108-926-7Vanessa MooncieCrocheted Wild Animals
2015978-1-86108-936-6Ben LawWoodland Craft
2013978-1-86108-941-0Sarah KeenKnitted Nursery Rhymes
2014978-1-86108-942-7Rachel Clare ReynoldsHow to Quilt
2013978-1-86108-950-2Lindsay RogersMastering Tatting
2015978-1-86108-952-6Andrew HibberdLetter Carving: Techniques and Projects to Sharpen Your Skills
2014978-1-86108-954-0Christine-Léa Frisoni · translated by Stephen HaynesBig Book of a Miniature House, The
  ''978-1-86108-956-4Linzi AlfordJewelry For All Seasons
2016978-1-86108-959-5J. Francois-CampbellSimple Tailoring & Alterations: Hems - Waistbands - Seams - Sleeves - Pockets - Cuffs - Darts - Tucks - Fastenings - Necklines - Linings
2013978-1-86108-960-1Susie JohnsBaby Booties and Slippers
2015978-1-86108-961-8GMC EditorsThe Big Book of Tea Cozies
2012978-1-86108-965-6Sara ScalesMini Amigurumi (Cozy)
2013978-1-86108-966-3Emma VarnamTea Cozies 4 (Cozy)
2014978-1-86108-969-4Sarah KeenKnitted Fairy Tales
2013978-1-86108-970-0Susan PinnerGranny Squares
2014978-1-86108-974-8Vanessa MooncieCrocheted Animal Hats
2013978-1-86108-976-2Sophie RobertsonBirds (Magpie)
2014978-1-86108-977-9Val PierceKnit-a-Bear
2014978-1-86108-982-3Alison HowardKnitted & Crocheted Slippers (Cozy)
  ''978-1-86108-989-2Luise RobertsAnimal Hats to Knit
2013978-1-86108-990-8Emma VarnamCrocheted Keyrings & Charms (Cozy)
2015978-1-86108-997-7George LewisThe Knot Handbook