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1995978-1-86074-040-4Neville Marten · Jeffrey HudsonFreddie Mercury and "Queen" (Rock Lives: The Ultimate Story S.)
  ''978-1-86074-130-2George R. WhiteLiving legend: Bo Diddley: Living Legend - The Man with the Most Famous Beat in the World
1996978-1-86074-134-0Dan GoldsteinHistory of House
  ''978-1-86074-135-7Neville Marten · Jeffrey HudsonThe "Kinks": Well Respected Men
  ''978-1-86074-136-4Alan ClaysonJacques Brel: The Biography
1997978-1-86074-138-8Lee HodgsonHot Country: A Comprehensive Guide To Lead And Rhythm Country Guitar Playing
1996978-1-86074-144-9Mark CunninghamGood Vibrations: History of Record Production
  ''978-1-86074-147-0Brian HintonMessage to Love: Isle of Wight Festival, 1968, 1969, 1970
1996978-1-86074-149-4Steven RosenWheels of Confusion: Story of "Black Sabbath"
  ''978-1-86074-159-3Ken VailMiles' Diary: Life of Miles Davis 1947-1961
  ''978-1-86074-162-3Denis O'ReganImages of Punk
1997978-1-86074-169-2Brian HintonCeltic Crossroads: Art of Van Morrison (Sanctuary Music Library)
1996978-1-86074-174-6Ean WoodGeorge Gershwin: His Life and Music
1997978-1-86074-177-7S.S. Prokof'evPeter and the Wolf (Sanctuary Children's Classics)
  ''978-1-86074-184-5Alan ClaysonThe Quiet One: A Life of George Harrison (Sanctuary Music Library)
1996978-1-86074-188-3Paul WhiteRecording and Production Techniques (Sound on Sound)
1999978-1-86074-196-8Brian HintonLet Them All Talk: The Music of Elvis Costello (Sanctuary Music Library)
1997978-1-86074-197-5Uli Twelker · Roland SchmittHappy Boys Happy!: Rock History of the "Small Faces" and "Humble Pie"
  ''978-1-86074-198-2David MeadRhythm
1997978-1-86074-209-5Paul WhiteSound On Sound Book Of Music Technology: A Survivors Guide
1998978-1-86074-210-1   ''Sound Check For The Performing Musician (Performing Musicians)
1999978-1-86074-211-8Neville MartenGiants Of Blues: Learn to Play Blues Guitar Like the All-time Greats, from Robert Johnson to Eric Clapton (Sanctuary Techniques)
  ''978-1-86074-217-0Mark Cunningham · Andy WoodLive and Kicking: The Rock Concert Industry in the Nineties
1998978-1-86074-222-4Alan ClaysonSerge Gainsbourg: View from the Exterior
1999978-1-86074-229-3Paul WhiteCreative Recording: Effects and Processors v. 1
  ''978-1-86074-231-6   ''Creative Recording: Microphones, Acoustics, Soundproofing and Monitoring v. 2
1998978-1-86074-233-0Martin CelminsPeter Green: Founder of "Fleetwood Mac" - The Authorised Biography (Sanctuary Music Library)
1999978-1-86074-235-4Jerrold Northrop MooreSound Revolutions: A Biography of Fred Gaisberg, Founding Father of Commercial Sound Recording
  ''978-1-86074-239-2David Mead10 Minute Guitar Workout
1998978-1-86074-241-5Alan ClaysonOnly the Lonely: Roy Orbison
1999978-1-86074-242-2Mark CunninghamGood Vibrations: History of Record Production (Sanctuary Music Library)
  ''978-1-86074-243-9Will AshurstThe Band's Guide To Getting A Record Deal
1996978-1-86074-244-6Ivor MairantsThe Great Jazz Guitarists: Part 1: Birth of Behop Pt.1
1996978-1-86074-248-4Ivor MairantsThe Great Jazz Guitarists: Part 2: On from the 1950s Pt. 2
1999978-1-86074-255-2David RedfernThe Unclosed Eye: The Music Photography of David Redfern (Sanctuary Music Library)
  ''978-1-86074-256-9Ted Owen · Denise DicksonHigh Art: A History of the Psychedelic Poster
  ''978-1-86074-257-6Andy Allen · Andrew Forbes · Jef Hanlon · et alI.M.F.(International Managers Forum) Handbook: A Guide to Professional Music Management
  ''978-1-86074-258-3Storm ThorgersonEye of the Storm: The Album Graphics of Storm Thorgerson
  ''978-1-86074-259-0Storm Thorgerson · Peter Curzon · John CrosslandThe Eye of the Storm: The Album Graphics of Storm Thorgerson with Peter Curzon and Jon Crossland
2000978-1-86074-262-0Paul WhiteBasic Midi
2000978-1-86074-264-4Paul WhiteBasic Multitracking
  ''978-1-86074-265-1   ''Basic Microphones
  ''978-1-86074-266-8   ''Basic Mixers
  ''978-1-86074-268-2Storm ThorgersonMind Over Matter: Images of "Pink Floyd"
  ''978-1-86074-269-9Paul WhiteBasic Digital Recording
2000978-1-86074-270-5Paul WhiteBasic Effects and Processors
2000978-1-86074-271-2Paul WhiteBasic Live Sound
  ''978-1-86074-272-9   ''Basic Home Studio Design
  ''978-1-86074-275-0Mark PerrySniffin' Glue: The Essential Punk Accessory
  ''978-1-86074-281-1Brian SouthallThe A-Z of Record Labels
  ''978-1-86074-283-5Paul WhiteBasic Mixing Techniques
2000978-1-86074-286-6Ean WoodThe Josephine Baker Story
2001978-1-86074-287-3Mick WallRun to the Hills: The Official Biography of "Iron Maiden"
2000978-1-86074-289-7Paul WhiteBasic Mastering
  ''978-1-86074-293-4Brian HintonCountry Roads: How Country Came to Nashville
  ''978-1-86074-295-8David Mead100 Guitar Tips You Should Have Been Told
2001978-1-86074-302-3Paul GormanThe Look: Adventures in Pop and Rock Fashion
2000978-1-86074-310-8Thomas Gabriel FischerAre You Morbid?: Into the Pandemonium of "Celtic Frost"
  ''978-1-86074-311-5Brian HintonJoni Mitchell: Both Sides Now
  ''978-1-86074-312-2   ''Celtic Crossroads: Art of Van Morrison
2000978-1-86074-320-7Wolfgang FlurKraftwerk: I Was a Robot (Sanctuary Encores S.)
  ''978-1-86074-324-5Paul WhiteSound On Sound Book Of Desktop Digital Studio
2001978-1-86074-325-2Conrad MewtonAll You Need To Know About Music & The Internet Revolution
  ''978-1-86074-326-9Brian GlasserIn a Silent Way: A Portrait of Joe Zawinul
  ''978-1-86074-337-5Tim ProchakHow To Remix (Ons Helde-reeks)
  ''978-1-86074-341-2Paul GormanIn Their Own Write
2001978-1-86074-346-7Stephen FoehrWaking Up in Cuba
2002978-1-86074-347-4Robert MaycockGlass: A Biography of Philip Glass
2001978-1-86074-349-8Alan ClaysonGeorge Harrison: 1943 - 2001. Alan Clayson
  ''978-1-86074-350-4Paul WhiteHome Recording Made Easy (Second Edition): Professional Recordings on a Demo Budget (Sound on Sound)
  ''978-1-86074-355-9Alfred MusicThe MMF Guide To Professional Music Management
2002978-1-86074-356-6Martin JamesThe "Prodigy"
2001978-1-86074-359-7Paul WhiteBasic VST Effects
  ''978-1-86074-360-3   ''Basics VST Instruments
  ''978-1-86074-362-7Hugh Cornwell · Jim DruryThe Stranglers, The: Song by Song
2002978-1-86074-363-4David MeadBasic Chords
2002978-1-86074-364-1David MeadBasic Scales
  ''978-1-86074-369-6   ''Basic Guitar Workout
  ''978-1-86074-374-0Dave ThompsonTo Major Tom: The David Bowie Letters
2003978-1-86074-375-7Mark Paytress"Siouxsie and the Banshees": The Authorised Biography
2002978-1-86074-383-2David Evans · Scott MichaelsRocky Horror: From Concept To Cult
  ''978-1-86074-385-6Joel McIverErykah Badu. The First Lady of Neo Soul
  ''978-1-86074-387-0Neville Marten · Jeff HudsonThe "Kinks"
2002978-1-86074-388-7Tommy UdoCharles Manson: Music Mayhem Murder
  ''978-1-86074-392-4Uli Twelker · Roland SchmittThe "Small Faces"
  ''978-1-86074-394-8Ean WoodThe Josephine Baker Story
  ''978-1-86074-398-6Alan ClaysonEdgard Varese
  ''978-1-86074-399-3Nick BrownleeThis is Cannabis (Addiction) (Addiction S.)
2002978-1-86074-400-6David Mead100 Tips for Acoustic Guitar You Should Have Been Told (Book & CD)
  ''978-1-86074-409-9Ean WoodDietrich
2003978-1-86074-410-5Rob CowanDj Techniques
2002978-1-86074-412-9Mark RobertsRoberts: Rhythm Programming (With CD-ROM)
  ''978-1-86074-414-3Tommy Udo"Nine Inch Nails"
2002978-1-86074-415-0Tommy UdoBrave Nu World: The American Rock Counter Revolution
2003978-1-86074-417-4Wolfgang Flur"Kraftwerk": I Was a Robot
2002978-1-86074-419-8Karen FarringtonThis is Nicotine (Addiction S.)
  ''978-1-86074-422-8Nick BrownleeThis is Alcohol (Addiction S.)
  ''978-1-86074-423-5Nick ConstableThis is Cocaine (Addiction S.)
  ''978-1-86074-424-2Robert AshtonThis is Heroin (Addiction S.)
  ''978-1-86074-426-6Gareth ThomasThis is Ecstasy (Addiction S.)
2002978-1-86074-428-0Joel McIverIce Cube: Attitude
  ''978-1-86074-432-7David MeadChords And Scales For Guitarists
  ''978-1-86074-433-4Kwame DawesBob Marley: Lyrical Genius
2003978-1-86074-435-8Pete Riley100 TIPS FOR DRUMS YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN TOLD (BOOK AND CD)
1996978-1-86074-437-2Bill MartinPro Secrets Of Heavy Rock Singing
2002978-1-86074-442-6Mark TowseThe Complete Guide to Digital Video
  ''978-1-86074-443-3Paul WhiteRecording And Production Techniques
  ''978-1-86074-444-0   ''MIDI for the Technophobe
2003978-1-86074-446-4Mike EvansNYC Rock
2003978-1-86074-447-1Andria Lisle · Mike EvansWaking Up in Memphis
  ''978-1-86074-449-5Martin JamesFrench Connections: From Discotheque to Discovery
  ''978-1-86074-451-8Alan ClaysonJohn Lennon (Beatles)
  ''978-1-86074-453-2Paul BalmerStephane Grappelli: With and without Django
  ''978-1-86074-456-3Paul WhiteCreative Recording Part One: Effects And Processors
2003978-1-86074-457-0Peter BurnsCurtis Mayfield (1942-1999): People Never Give Up
2002978-1-86074-458-7Steven Rosen"Black Sabbath"
2003978-1-86074-460-0Paul SullivanWaking Up in Iceland (Waking up in)
  ''978-1-86074-461-7Brian HintonSouth By Southwest: A Roadmap To Alternative Country
1999978-1-86074-462-4Guthrie GovanCreative Guitar 1: Cutting-Edge Techniques: Cutting Edge Techniques v. 1
2003978-1-86074-464-8Michael De Koningh · Laurence Cane-HoneysettYoung, Gifted and Black: The Story of Trojan Records
  ''978-1-86074-465-5Mark JosephFaith, God and Rock 'n' Roll
2002978-1-86074-467-9Guthrie GovanCreative Guitar: Advanced Technqiues Vol 2
2003978-1-86074-468-6Don Black · James InverneWrestling with Elephants: The Biography of Don Black
2002978-1-86074-470-9Michael ProchakCubase SX: The Official Guide
2003978-1-86074-471-6Anna FieldingThe Clubber's Survival Guide ("Mixmag" presents)
2002978-1-86074-473-0Paul White · David Mead · Robbie GladwellStudio Recording Basics A (Basic Mixing Techniques, Effects & Processors, Multitracking & Mixers)
  ''978-1-86074-474-7Paul White · David Mead · Robbie GladwellComputer Recording Basics (Basic Digital Recording, Sampling, VST Effects & VST Instruments)
  ''978-1-86074-477-8Paul WhiteBasic Sampling
2003978-1-86074-478-5Paul White · David Mead · Robbie GladwellStudio Recording Basics B (Basic Home Studio Design, Microphones, Midi & Mastering)
2003978-1-86074-482-2Alan ClaysonPaul McCartney
  ''978-1-86074-485-3Mark BaldwinThe History of the Cricket World Cup
  ''978-1-86074-490-7Karen FarringtonThis is Sex (Addiction S.)
  ''978-1-86074-498-3Mark TowseThe Complete Guide To Digital Photography
  ''978-1-86074-499-0Stuart Clayton100 Tips for Bass Guitar You Should
2003978-1-86074-505-8Brian HintonCeltic Crossroads: the Art of Van Morrison
  ''978-1-86074-507-2Martin CelminsPeter Green: the Authorised Biography
  ''978-1-86074-510-2William FotheringhamFotheringham's Sporting Trivia
  ''978-1-86074-511-9Paul SullivanSullivan's Music Trivia - The Greatest Music Trivia Book Ever
  ''978-1-86074-512-6Nick BrownleeBubblegum The History of Plastic Pop
2003978-1-86074-513-3Jake Burns · Alan Parker"Stiff Little Fingers": Song by Song
  ''978-1-86074-514-0Monte A Melnick · Frank MeyerOn the Road with the Ramones
  ''978-1-86074-522-5Alan Parker · Phil StrongmanJohn Lennon & the FBI Files
2004978-1-86074-525-6Robert AshtonThe Little Book of Heroin (Little Book Of... (Sanctuary Publishing))
  ''978-1-86074-529-4Mick RockPicture This: The Many Faces of Blondie
2003978-1-86074-532-4Alan ClaysonJohn Lennon (Beatles)
  ''978-1-86074-534-8   ''Paul Mccartney (Beatles)
2003978-1-86074-536-2Alan ClaysonGeorge Harrison
  ''978-1-86074-538-6   ''Ringo Starr (Beatles)
2004978-1-86074-539-3   ''Ringo Starr
  ''978-1-86074-542-3Mick WallRun to the Hills: Iron Maiden - The Authorised Biography
  ''978-1-86074-543-0Dave ThompsonWall of Pain: The Biography of Phil Spector
  ''978-1-86074-544-7Alan ClaysonBrian Jones
2004978-1-86074-547-8Nick ConstableThis Is Cocaine (Addiction)
  ''978-1-86074-552-2Sylvia. Hampton · David NathanNina Simone: Break down and Let it All out
  ''978-1-86074-556-0Karen FarringtonEverything You Didn't Need to Know About the USA (Everything You Didn't Need to Know Series)
  ''978-1-86074-557-7Jim Drury · Phill JupitusIan Dury and the Blockheads: Song by Song
  ''978-1-86074-559-1Michael de Koningh · Marc GriffithsTighten up!: The History of Reggae in the UK
2004978-1-86074-561-4Adam WardEverything You Didn't Need to Know About Australia (Everything You Didn't Need to Know Series)
  ''978-1-86074-562-1Nick BrownleeEverything You Didn't Need to Know About the UK (Everything You Didn't Need to Know Series) (ESOL & ELT Interest)
2003978-1-86074-565-2Michael ProchakBasic Cubase SX (The Basic Series)
  ''978-1-86074-566-9Mark RobertsBasic Rhythm Programming
  ''978-1-86074-575-1Will FotheringhamThe Greatest Sporting Triva Book Ever...
2004978-1-86074-580-5Mark PaytressVicious: The Art of Dying Young
  ''978-1-86074-581-2Alan ClaysonCharlie Watts (Rolling Stones)
2004978-1-86074-590-4Alan ClaysonKeith Richards
  ''978-1-86074-591-1Neil HegartyWaking Up In Dublin: A Musical Tour Of The Celtic Capital
  ''978-1-86074-592-8James InverneInverne's Stage and Screen Trivia
  ''978-1-86074-593-5John EntwistleBass Culture: The John Entwistle Bass Collection: The John Entwistle Guitar Collection
  ''978-1-86074-598-0Adam WardEverything You Didn't Need to Know About Australia (Everything You Didn't Need to Know Series)
2004978-1-86074-600-0Mick RockPicture This: Debbie Harry and Blondie with DVD
  ''978-1-86074-601-7Adam Ward · John Motson OBEMotson's National Obsession: The Greatest Football Trivia Book Ever
  ''978-1-86074-604-8Chris Difford · Glenn Tilbrook"Squeeze": Song by Song (Song By Song)
  ''978-1-86074-610-9William Fotheringham · Paul Sullivan · James InverneThe Trivia Compendium
2005978-1-86074-613-0Alan ClaysonMick Jagger (Rolling Stones)
2004978-1-86074-617-8Karen FarringtonThe Lore of Averages: Facts, Figures and Stories That Make Everyday Life Extraordinary (Arcane)
  ''978-1-86074-618-5Steve LevineThe Art of Downloading Music
2004978-1-86074-620-8David MeadTalking Guitars
  ''978-1-86074-622-2Neil YoungGreendale
2005978-1-86074-623-9Peter Alliss · Rab MacWilliamAlliss' 19th Hole: Trivial Delights from the World of Golf (Arcane)
  ''978-1-86074-624-6Bill Beaumont · Mark BaldwinBeaumont's Up and Under: Trivial Delights from the World of Rugby Union (Arcane series)
  ''978-1-86074-627-7Dominic PrioreSmile. The Story of Brian Wilson's Lost Masterpiece
  ''978-1-86074-628-4Tom ReynoldsI Hate Myself and Want to Die: The 52 Most Depressing Songs You've Ever Heard
2002978-1-86074-629-1Will AshurstThe Band's Guide To Getting A Record Deal (Second Edition)
2005978-1-86074-630-7Jonathan Agnew · Nick ConstableAggers' Special Delivery: Trivial Delights from the World of Cricket (Arcane series)
2005978-1-86074-640-6Sam ShepardRolling Thunder Logbook
  ''978-1-86074-641-3Chris BradfordHeart and Soul: Revealing the Craft of Songwriting, in association with the British Academy of Composers and Songwriters
  ''978-1-86074-642-0Martin Taylor · David MeadMartin Taylor: The Autobiography of a Travelling Musician (Sanctuary Encores) (Sanctuary Encores S.)
  ''978-1-86074-643-7Wolfgang FlurKraftwerk: I Was a Robot (Sanctuary Encores S.)
  ''978-1-86074-645-1Dave ThompsonWall of Pain: The Life of Phil Spector (Sanctuary Encores) (Sanctuary Encores S.)
2005978-1-86074-646-8Alan ClaysonSerge Gainsbourg: View from the Exterior (Sanctuary Encores) (Sanctuary Encores S.)
2005978-1-86074-647-5Alan ClaysonRingo Starr: A Life (Sanctuary Encores S.)
  ''978-1-86074-648-2Jim DruryIan Dury and the Blockheads: Song by Song (Sanctuary Encores) (Sanctuary Encores S.)
  ''978-1-86074-651-2David Kamp;Steven DalyThe Rock Snob's Dictionary: An Essential Lexicon of Rockological Knowledge
  ''978-1-86074-652-9Steve LevineThe Art Of Downloading Music (2nd Edition)
  ''978-1-86074-654-3Karen Farrington · Lewis ConstableThe Potter Pensieve: Trivial Delights from the World of "Harry Potter"
1998978-1-86074-666-6Mick WallRun to the Hills: Inside Story of "Iron Maiden"
2004978-1-86074-696-3Stephen Tropiano · Michelle Baker · Graham NortonQueer Facts - The Greatest Gay & Lesbian Trivia Book Ever
2003978-1-86074-833-2Storm ThorgersonMind Over Matter: Images of "Pink Floyd"
2005978-1-86074-906-3Trevor DannDarker Than the Deepest Sea: The Search for Nick Drake
2003978-1-86074-959-9Alan ClaysonThe "Beatles" Box