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1997978-1-86072-015-4Ian Bailey-Scudamore · Joseph Van Vlijmen · Joseph van VlijmenIn Business: The Essential Factfile
1998978-1-86072-038-3Ian BruceSuccessful Charity Marketing: Meeting Need (Charity Management)
  ''978-1-86072-053-6Malcolm LeatherdaleHow to Run a Charity
2001978-1-86072-135-9Moi AliThe DIY Guide to Marketing: For Charities and Voluntary Organisations
  ''978-1-86072-136-6Keith WalmsleyThe ICSA Guide to Limited Liability Partnerships (ICSA Guides)
2002978-1-86072-178-6David M. MartinOne Stop Company Secretary
2009978-1-86072-184-7Andrew C. HamerICSA Company Precedents and Forms
2002978-1-86072-188-5Douglas ArmourThe ICSA Company Secretary's Checklists
2003978-1-86072-193-9Jane ArnottThe ICSA Charity Trustee's Guide
2005978-1-86072-211-0Deborah Upton · Stephen TaylorKnowles on Local Authority Meetings: A Manual of Law and Practice
2003978-1-86072-223-3Douglas ArmourThe ICSA Company Secretary's Handbook
2004978-1-86072-226-4Andrew HamerThe ICSA Guide to Document Retention
2005978-1-86072-248-6Brian CoyleThe ICSA Corporate Governance Handbook
2004978-1-86072-260-8Douglas ArmourICSA Company Secretary's Handbook
  ''978-1-86072-261-5   ''ICSA Company Secretary's Checklists
  ''978-1-86072-267-7Brian CoyleCorporate Governance (ICSA Professional Development)
2005978-1-86072-273-8Patrick Forsyth · David MaddenBusiness Communications (ICSA Certificate in Business Practice)
2005978-1-86072-275-2Mike EdwardsAccounting for Business (ICSA Certificate in Business Practice)
  ''978-1-86072-276-9Paul RabyBusiness Law in Practice (ICSA Diploma in Business Practice)
  ''978-1-86072-277-6John TaylorBusiness Finance (ICSA Diploma in Business Practice)
2006978-1-86072-278-3Keith MattacksBusiness Strategy and Planning (ICSA Diploma in Business Practice)
2005978-1-86072-279-0Jill VerstageMarketing (ICSA Diploma in Business Practice)
  ''978-1-86072-287-5David M. MartinOne Stop Company Secretary
  ''978-1-86072-288-2Tony HoskinsThe ICSA Corporate Social Responsibility Handbook: Making CSR Work for Business
2005978-1-86072-296-7Ian BruceCharity Marketing: Meeting Need Through Customer Focus
  ''978-1-86072-297-4Michael BatemanManaging Health and Safety
2006978-1-86072-309-4Cassley VivienneThe ICSA Corporate Governance Planner
  ''978-1-86072-319-3Douglas ArmourThe ICSA Company Secretary's Handbook
  ''978-1-86072-343-8Barbara CooperThe ICSA Handbook of Good Boardroom Practice
  ''978-1-86072-350-6Coyle BrianCorporate Governance (ICSA Professional Development)
2006978-1-86072-353-7Thomas LukeCorporate Secretaryship (ICSA Professional Development)
2007978-1-86072-362-9Linklaters & PainesThe ICSA Companies Act 2006 Handbook
  ''978-1-86072-370-4David M. MartinOne Stop Company Secretary
2008978-1-86072-377-3Douglas ArmourThe ICSA Company Secretary's Handbook (#)
  ''978-1-86072-378-0   ''The ICSA Company Secretary's Checklists
  ''978-1-86072-386-5Susan WallaceThe ICSA Company Secretary's Troubleshooter
  ''978-1-86072-399-5Coyle BrianCorporate Governance Essentials
2008978-1-86072-406-0Andrew C. HamerThe ICSA Guide to Document Retention
2010978-1-86072-419-0ArmourThe ICSA Company Secretarys Handbook
2009978-1-86072-426-8Martin DavidOne Stop Company Secretary
  ''978-1-86072-433-6Andrew C. HamerThe ICSA Meetings and Minutes Handbook
2010978-1-86072-434-3WallaceThe ICSA Company Secretarys Troubleshooter
2009978-1-86072-438-1Linklaters & PainesThe ICSA Companies Act 2006 Handbook
2010978-1-86072-453-4Brian CoyleICSA Study Text in Corporate Governance
  ''978-1-86072-457-2Luke ThomasICSA Study Text in Corporate Secretarial Practice
2011978-1-86072-459-6Ian BruceCharity Marketing: Delivering Income, Services and Campaigns
  ''978-1-86072-463-3Martin DavidOne Stop Company Secretary
  ''978-1-86072-464-0Douglas ArmourThe ICSA's Company Secretary Checklists
2017978-1-86072-693-4William FryThe ICSA Company Secretary's Checklists: Ireland
2017978-1-86072-696-5Cecile GillardHow to Run a Charity
  ''978-1-86072-712-2Bernadette BarberICSA's Corporate Governance Handbook
  ''978-1-86072-714-6Herbert Smith Freehills LLPA Practical Guide to the UK Listing Regime
  ''978-1-86072-716-0Cecile GillardHow to Run a Charity
2018978-1-86072-725-2Paul MoxeyCertificate in Corporate Governance