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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-1-86051-003-8Patrick O'BrianMaster and Commander
  ''978-1-86051-016-8Alex FergusonA Year in the Life: The Manager's Diary
2005978-1-86051-075-5Tommy CooperThe Very Best Of Tommy Cooper (Volume One)
  ''978-1-86051-105-9Ken DoddThe Very Best of Ken Dodd: v.1: Vol 1
  ''978-1-86051-108-0Joyce GrenfellAn Evening with Joyce Grenfell (Laughter Label)
  ''978-1-86051-109-7Joyce GrenfellAn Evening with Joyce Grenfell
2007978-1-86051-117-2Mike ReidAlive & Kidding
2005978-1-86051-119-6Jasper CarrottBack to the Front: v. 1
2005978-1-86051-122-6Jasper CarrottBack to the Front: Vol 2
  ''978-1-86051-143-1   ''Classic Carrott: Canned Carrott for the Record
  ''978-1-86051-183-7Peter KayPeter Kay: Live at the Top of the Tower
  ''978-1-86051-187-5Bill BaileyBill Bailey: The Ultimate Collection Ever
  ''978-1-86051-197-4Jack DeeJack Dee: Live
2005978-1-86051-198-1Jack DeeJack Dee: Live
  ''978-1-86051-204-9Victoria WoodVictoria Wood: Live
  ''978-1-86051-207-0Green JeffJeff Green: Debauched Cherub
  ''978-1-86051-208-7Jen GreenJeff Green: Debauched Cherub
2006978-1-86051-211-7Jasper CarrottClassic Carrott Vol 2 CD
2005978-1-86051-221-6Otis Lee Crenshaw: How Do We Do it?
  ''978-1-86051-222-3Billy ConnollyBilly Connolly Live: The Greatest Hits
2005978-1-86051-223-0Connolly BillyBilly Connolly Live: The Greatest Hits
  ''978-1-86051-226-1Peter KayPeter Kay: Live at Bolton Albert Hall
  ''978-1-86051-227-8   ''Peter Kay - Live at Bolton Albert Halls [AUDIOBOOK]
  ''978-1-86051-231-5Green JeffJeff Green 2003: Live
  ''978-1-86051-237-7Sean LockSean Lock Live 2003
2005978-1-86051-243-8Lee EvansLee Evans: Wired and Wonderful Live at Wembley
  ''978-1-86051-248-3Jasper CarrottClassic Carrott Vol 3 CD: One Jasper Carrott
  ''978-1-86051-255-1Al MurrayMy Gaff, My Rules
  ''978-1-86051-256-8Bill BaileyPart Troll
  ''978-1-86051-257-5   ''Part Troll
2005978-1-86051-258-2Dylan MoranMonster
  ''978-1-86051-259-9   ''Monster Live
2004978-1-86051-268-1Jasper CarrottThe Best of Jasper Carrott: 24 Carrott Gold
2005978-1-86051-292-6Peter CookPeter Cook-Presents The Misty Mr Wisty
  ''978-1-86051-294-0Peter Cook · Dudley MoorePeter Cook and Dudley Moore-The Best Of Volume 1
  ''978-1-86051-297-1Joan RiversLive: What Becomes a Semi Legend
2007978-1-86051-307-7Dudley Moore · Peter CookThe Best of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore: v. 2
2009978-1-86051-319-0Ed ByrneEd Byrne Different Class-2CD
978-1-86051-323-7Scandalous - Live At The O2
2005978-1-86051-325-1Billy ConnollyAn Audience with Billy Connolly
2009978-1-86051-328-2Roy HuddA Fart In A Colander-2CD
  ''978-1-86051-329-9Mock The WeekMock The Week: Too Hot For TV 2
2006978-1-86051-331-2Harry HillHooves: Live
2006978-1-86051-332-9Al MurrayA Glass of White Wine
  ''978-1-86051-335-0Johnny DeeThat Peter Kay Book
2009978-1-86051-339-8Frankie BoyleFrankie Boyle Live (2CD)
2006978-1-86051-340-4Gwen RussellJeremy Clarkson: The Biography
  ''978-1-86051-341-1Michael HeatleyRicky Gervais: The Story So Far
2010978-1-86051-343-5Ricky GervaisThe Ricky Gervais Podcast Guide To Medicine
  ''978-1-86051-344-2Ricky GervaisThe Podcasts Complete First Series Volumes 1-5.
2007978-1-86051-345-9Al MurrayGiving it Both Barrels
  ''978-1-86051-347-3Peter UstinovAn Audience with Peter Ustinov
2012978-1-86051-348-0Ricky GervaisThe Ricky Gervais Podcast Guide To Natural History
2010978-1-86051-349-7Rhod GilbertThe Cat That Looked Like Nicholas Lyndhurst
2007978-1-86051-350-3Victoria WoodAn Audience with Victoria Wood
2007978-1-86051-351-0Kenneth WilliamsAn Audience with Kenneth Williams
  ''978-1-86051-357-2Gervase PhinnIn a Class of His Own: Live Recording
2010978-1-86051-358-9Mock The WeekMock the Week: Too Hot For TV 3
2007978-1-86051-366-4Mock The WeekMock the Week: Too Hot For TV
2008978-1-86051-376-3Peter Cook & DudleyThe Essential Peter Cook and Dudley Moore
  ''978-1-86051-377-0Les DawsonLes Dawson: Masters of Comedy
  ''978-1-86051-380-0Gervase PhinnA School Inspector Calls
  ''978-1-86051-381-7Edna EverageDame Edna Everage: An Audience with
2007978-1-86051-451-7Russell BrandRussell Brand-Doing Life
2006978-1-86051-475-3Russell BrandRussell Brand Live
  ''978-1-86051-477-7Dara O'BriainDara O'Briain-Live
2006978-1-86051-480-7Ricky GervaisThe Ricky Gervais Show: The Podcasts (Best of and Brand New)