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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-86046-675-5James HanleyThe Ocean
  ''978-1-86046-676-2Thomas GlavinicCarl Haffner's Love of the Draw
2000978-1-86046-677-9Peter MatthiessenTigers in the Snow
1999978-1-86046-681-6Dermot HealySudden Times
  ''978-1-86046-684-7José SaramagoThe Gospel According to Jesus Christ (Panther)
1997978-1-86046-685-4Jose SaramagoBlindness
1999978-1-86046-690-8José SaramagoThe Tale of the Unknown Island
  ''978-1-86046-695-3Barry LopezAbout This Life: Journeys on the Threshold of Memory (Panther S.)
  ''978-1-86046-696-0William MaxwellThe Folded Leaf (Panther)
2000978-1-86046-698-4Robert SoleBirds Of Passage
1999978-1-86046-703-5Robert HughesJerk On One End: Reflections of a Mediocre Fisherman
2000978-1-86046-707-3Ismail KadareThree Elegies For Kosovo (Panther)
2000978-1-86046-709-7Thomas BergerReturn Of Little Big Man (Panther)
  ''978-1-86046-717-2Haruki MurakamiSouth Of The Border, West Of The Sun (Panther)
  ''978-1-86046-718-9Haruki MurakamiA Wild Sheep Chase (Panther S.)
  ''978-1-86046-720-2José SaramagoAll The Names (Panther S.)
  ''978-1-86046-721-9   ''The Stone Raft
2000978-1-86046-722-6José SaramagoThe History of the Siege of Lisbon (Panther)
2004978-1-86046-723-3Suzanne BroggerThe Jade Cat
2000978-1-86046-726-4Daniel PennacWrite To Kill (Harvill Panther)
  ''978-1-86046-727-1Jean-Christophe GrangeBlood Red River (Panther)
  ''978-1-86046-729-5Amin MaaloufOn Identity
  ''978-1-86046-730-1Dermot HealySudden Times (Panther S.)
  ''978-1-86046-735-6Michael SchmidtThe Harvill Book of 20th Century Poetry in English (Harvill Press Editions)
2000978-1-86046-738-7Georges IfrahThe Universal History of Numbers III: The Computer and the Information Revolution
2002978-1-86046-739-4Pierre MagnanBeyond the Grave (Panther S.)
2000978-1-86046-740-0Pierre MagnanThe Murdered House (Panther)
2006978-1-86046-745-5Reinhard KunkelSerengeti
2000978-1-86046-756-1Henning MankellFaceless Killers (Kurt Wallender Mystery)
  ''978-1-86046-757-8Haruki MurakamiUnderground: The Tokyo Gas Attack and the Japanese Psyche
2001978-1-86046-765-3Jean GionoThe Song of the World
2000978-1-86046-768-4Arturo Perez-ReverteThe Dumas Club, The Ninth Gate
  ''978-1-86046-769-1Claudio MagrisMicrocosms (Panther)
  ''978-1-86046-773-8Sebastien JaprisotOne Deadly Summer (Panther S.)
2001978-1-86046-776-9Halldor LaxnessIndependent People (Panther S.)
2000978-1-86046-777-6Robert HughesJerk On One End: Reflections of a Mediocre Fisherman
  ''978-1-86046-780-6Henning MankellFaceless Killers (Kurt Wallender Mystery)
2000978-1-86046-781-3Jean-Christophe GrangeFlight of the Storks
  ''978-1-86046-785-1Henning MankellSidetracked (Kurt Wallender Mystery S.)
  ''978-1-86046-788-2Peter MatthiessenAn African Trilogy: "Sand Rivers", "Tree Where Man Was Born", "African Silences" (Harvill Press Editions)
2001978-1-86046-789-9Geert MakAmsterdam: A brief life of the city
2000978-1-86046-790-5Georges (trans E. F. Harding et al). IfrahThe World's First Number-Systems
  ''978-1-86046-791-2   ''The Modern Number System
  ''978-1-86046-793-6Derek RobinsonHornet's Sting
2001978-1-86046-801-8Daniel PennacPassionfruit
2000978-1-86046-803-2Geert MakJorwerd: The Death of the Village in Late C20th Europe
2000978-1-86046-807-0Marquis De SadeLetters From Prison
2001978-1-86046-810-0Jean EchenozI'm Off
2000978-1-86046-813-1William MaxwellThey Came Like Swallows
  ''978-1-86046-814-8   ''The Chateau
2001978-1-86046-818-6Haruki MurakamiNorwegian Wood (Panther)
  ''978-1-86046-823-0Claudio MagrisDanube (Panther)
  ''978-1-86046-824-7Robert HughesBarcelona (Panther)
  ''978-1-86046-825-4Haruki MurakamiSputnik Sweetheart (Panther)
2001978-1-86046-826-1Haruki MurakamiThe Elephant Vanishes (Panther S.)
  ''978-1-86046-829-2Alexander BaronThe Lowlife (London Writing)
  ''978-1-86046-830-8Maureen DuffyCapital (London Writing S.)
  ''978-1-86046-831-5Henry GreenCaught (London Writing)
  ''978-1-86046-832-2Gerald KershFowler's End (London Writing)
2001978-1-86046-834-6Bernardo AtxagaTwo Brothers
  ''978-1-86046-839-1Henning MankellThe Dogs of Riga: Kurt Wallander
2002978-1-86046-841-4Eduardo MendozaLight Comedy,A (Panther)
2001978-1-86046-842-1Daniel MeadowsThe Bus: The Free Photographic Omnibus, 1973-2001
  ''978-1-86046-843-8Haruki MurakamiUnderground: The Tokyo Gas Attack and the Japanese Psyche (Panther)
  ''978-1-86046-845-2Jean-Christophe GrangeFlight of the Storks
  ''978-1-86046-846-9Raymond CarverCall If You Need Me
2001978-1-86046-847-6Che GuevaraThe African Dream: the Diaries of the Revolutionary War in the Congo (Harvill Panther)
  ''978-1-86046-854-4Henning MankellThe Fifth Woman: Kurt Wallander
  ''978-1-86046-855-1Joy WilliamsQuick And Dead
2002978-1-86046-857-5Brina SvitCon Brio
2001978-1-86046-859-9Robert HughesNothing If Not Critical: Selected Essays on Art and Artists
  ''978-1-86046-864-3Jean-Christophe GrangeThe Stone Council
2002978-1-86046-871-1Carsten JensenI Have Seen The World Begin (Panther)
  ''978-1-86046-872-8José SaramagoJourney to Portugal: A Pursuit of Portugal's History and Culture (Panther)
2002978-1-86046-873-5Fosco MarainiSecret Tibet (Panther)
2001978-1-86046-876-6Andreas Staikos · Anne-Marie Stanton-Ife · Jeff FisherLes Liaisons Culinaires (Panther)
  ''978-1-86046-879-7Pierre MagnanInnocence
  ''978-1-86046-880-3   ''Innocence
2002978-1-86046-881-0Martin SuterSmall World
2004978-1-86046-883-4Emma GersteinMoscow Memoirs
2001978-1-86046-884-1SempeThe World According to Sempe
  ''978-1-86046-886-5L JorgeThe Migrant Painter Of Birds
  ''978-1-86046-890-2Amin MaaloufPorts Of Call
2004978-1-86046-892-6Javier MariasThe Man Of Feeling
2001978-1-86046-897-1Anna PolitkovskayaA Dirty War: A Russian Reporter in Chechnya
2001978-1-86046-901-5José SaramagoBaltasar & Blimunda (Panther)
  ''978-1-86046-907-7Art WolfeAfrica
  ''978-1-86046-910-7Paul DurcanCries Of An Irish Caveman
  ''978-1-86046-924-4David BellosJacques Tati: His Life and Art (Panther)
2002978-1-86046-927-5Martin SuterSmall World (Panther S.)
2001978-1-86046-928-2William MaxwellThey Came Like Swallows (Panther)
  ''978-1-86046-932-9Sylvia Townsend WarnerThe Music At Long Verney
2001978-1-86046-934-3Halldor LaxnessFish Can Sing (Panther)
  ''978-1-86046-935-0William MaxwellAll the Days and Nights: The Collected Stories (Panther)
  ''978-1-86046-944-2Marta MorazzoniThe Alphonse Courrier Affair (Panther)
2002978-1-86046-945-9Andrey KurkovDeath And The Penguin (Panther)
  ''978-1-86046-950-3Jean EchenozI'm Off And One Year
  ''978-1-86046-952-7Jay RubinHaruki Murakami and the Music of Words
2002978-1-86046-953-4Haruki MurakamiDance Dance Dance (Harvill Panther)
2003978-1-86046-954-1Julio LlamazaresThe Yellow Rain
2002978-1-86046-959-6Henning MankellThe Dogs of Riga
2003978-1-86046-960-2Henning MankellThe White Lioness (Kurt Wallender Mystery)
2001978-1-86046-962-6Jean-Christophe GrangeCrimson Rivers
2002978-1-86046-965-7Richard FordA Multitude of Sins
  ''978-1-86046-972-5Ernesto 'Che' GuevaraBack On The Road: A Journey to Central America (Harvill Panther)
  ''978-1-86046-977-0Karin FossumDon't Look Back (Inspector Sejer Mystery)
  ''978-1-86046-978-7Pierre MagnanBeyond the Grave
  ''978-1-86046-980-0   ''Innocence (Panther)
2002978-1-86046-983-1Henning MankellOne Step Behind (Kurt Wallender Mystery S.)
  ''978-1-86046-986-2Jay RubinHaruki Murakami and the Music of Words
  ''978-1-86046-988-6Leif DavidsenLime's Photograph
  ''978-1-86046-989-3Ismail KadareSpring Flowers, Spring Frost (Panther)
2006978-1-86046-990-9Henning MankellChronicler Of The Winds
2002978-1-86046-994-7Per PettersonIn the Wake
  ''978-1-86046-996-1Jean-Christophe GrangeThe Stone Council (Harvill Crime in Vintage (Paperback))
2002978-1-86046-998-5Jose SaramagoThe Cave