Federation of Family History Societies (Publications)

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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2000978-1-86006-040-3   ''Poor Law Union Records: South West England, the Marches and Wales v. 3 (Gibson Guides)
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1998978-1-86006-073-1Stuart RaymondSouth West Family Histories (British genealogical bibliographies)
  ''978-1-86006-086-1   ''Essex: Lists Genealogical Sources v. 1: The Genealogist's Library Guide (British genealogical library guides)
  ''978-1-86006-088-5Robert PolsLooking at Old Photographs: Their Dating and Interpretation
  ''978-1-86006-089-2Robert PolsPhotography for Family Historians
1999978-1-86006-100-4Stuart RaymondBritish Genealogical Sources on Microfiche (British genealogical library guides)
  ''978-1-86006-105-9Norman H. HoldingThe Location of British Army Records 1914-1918: A National Directory of World War I Sources
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  ''978-1-86006-143-1Stuart A. RaymondSurrey and Sussex: 2: The Genealogists Library Guide
2002978-1-86006-153-0Stuart A. RaymondAdministrative Records for Surrey and Sussex Genealogists: Surrey and Sussex The Genealogists Library Guide No. 4
  ''978-1-86006-155-4Stuart A RaymondSurrey and Sussex Lists of names: Surrey and Sussex The Genealogists Library Guide No. 3
2002978-1-86006-156-1Stuart A RaymondInformation Sources For Surrey And Sussex Genealogists: History, Archives, Journals, etc. (Surrey And Sussex: The Genealogists Library Guide)
2003978-1-86006-163-9Susan T. MooreFamily Feuds: An Introduction to Chancery Proceedings
  ''978-1-86006-175-2Anon.History's Midwives: Including a C17th and C18th Yorkshire Midwives Nominations Index
2004978-1-86006-181-3Stuart RaymondWords from Wills and Other Probate Records, 1500-1800: A Glossary
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978-1-86006-189-9Births,Marriages,Deaths on the Web Part1
2005978-1-86006-190-5Stuart RaymondBirths, Marriages and Deaths on the Web: Midlands, Northern England and East Anglia Pt. 2
2006978-1-86006-201-8Phil TomaselliSECOND WORLD WAR 1939-1945