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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-85984-790-9Roman De La CampaCuba on My Mind: Journeys to a Severed Nation
2001978-1-85984-792-3Slavoj ZizekDid Somebody Say Totalitarianism?: Four Interventions in the (mis)use of a Notion (Wo es War S.)
2000978-1-85984-794-7Rebecca SolnitHollow City: Gentrification and the Eviction of Urban Culture (Haymarket)
2002978-1-85984-795-4Robin BlackburnBanking on Death or, Investing in Life: the History and Future of Pensions
  ''978-1-85984-802-9Giuliana BrunoAtlas of Emotion: Journeys in Art, Architecture and Film
2000978-1-85984-803-6Alexander Cockburn · Jeffrey St. ClairAl Gore: A User's Manual
1998978-1-85984-809-8Fredric JamesonBrecht and Method
  ''978-1-85984-813-5Benedict AndersonThe Spectre of Comparison: Politics, Culture and the Nation
1997978-1-85984-815-9Michael DenningThe Cultural Front: Laboring of American Culture in the Twentieth Century (Haymarket)
2002978-1-85984-822-7Michel SuryaGeorges Bataille: An Intellectual Biography
1999978-1-85984-829-6Jack GoodyFood and Love: A Cultural History of East and West
1998978-1-85984-834-0Tariq AliThe Book of Saladin: A Novel
  ''978-1-85984-839-5Renata Salecl(Per)versions of Love and Hate (Wo Es War)
  ''978-1-85984-843-2Larry Elliott · Dan AtkinsonThe Age of Insecurity
1998978-1-85984-844-9Jean BaudrillardParoxysm: Interviews with Philippe Petit
  ''978-1-85984-848-7Eduardo H. GaleanoSoccer in Sun and Shadow
1996978-1-85984-855-5Marcus RobertsAnalytical Marxism: A Critique
1997978-1-85984-856-2Roxanne Dunbar OrtizRed Dirt: Growing Up Okie (Haymarket)
1996978-1-85984-860-9London Review of Books"London Review of Books": An Anthology: No. 3
1997978-1-85984-866-1Andrew RossNo Sweat: Fashion, Free Trade and the Rights of Garment Workers
1998978-1-85984-868-5Norman GerasThe Contract of Mutual Indifference: Political Philosophy After the Holocaust
  ''978-1-85984-873-9Stephen HoweAfrocentrism: Mythical Pasts and Imagined Homes
2009978-1-85984-877-7Fredric JamesonValences of the Dialectic
1998978-1-85984-881-4Siegfried KracauerThe Salaried Masses: Duty and Distraction in Weimar Germany: Disorientation and Distraction in Weimar Germany
1997978-1-85984-882-1Lewis H. LaphamWaiting for the Barbarians
  ''978-1-85984-885-2Rebecca SolnitA Book of Migrations: Some Passages in Ireland
  ''978-1-85984-886-9Raja AnwarThe Terrorist Prince: Life and Death of Murtaza Bhutto
2000978-1-85984-887-6Barry SandersJohnny Got His Book
1999978-1-85984-892-0Joan Copjec · Michael SorkinGiving Ground: The Politics of Propinquity (Urban Studies)
1998978-1-85984-893-7Rigoberta MenchuCrossing Borders
1999978-1-85984-894-4Slavoj ZizekThe Ticklish Subject: The Absent Centre of Political Ontology (Wo Es War)
1998978-1-85984-897-5Alexander Cockburn · Jeffrey St. ClairWhite-out: CIA, Drugs and the Press
1998978-1-85984-898-2Karl Marx · Friedrich EngelsThe Communist Manifesto: a Modern Edition
  ''978-1-85984-899-9Walter BenjaminThe Origin of German Tragic Drama
1994978-1-85984-901-9Christopher HitchensInternational Territory
1997978-1-85984-904-0James LedbetterMade Possible By...: Death of Public Broadcasting in the United States
1996978-1-85984-908-8George McKaySenseless Acts of Beauty: Cultures of Resistance
1994978-1-85984-910-1Annette KuhnWomen's Pictures: Feminism and Cinema
1995978-1-85984-912-5Lennard J. DavisEnforcing Normalcy: Disability, Deafness and the Body
  ''978-1-85984-924-8Manning MarableBeyond Black and White: Rethinking Race in American Politics and Society (Radical Thinkers)
  ''978-1-85984-929-3Christopher HitchensThe Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice
1996978-1-85984-933-0John E. RoemerReal Utopias Project: Equal Shares - Making Market Socialism Work v. 2 (Practical Utopias) (Practical Utopias S.)
  ''978-1-85984-936-1Rodolfo F. AcunaAnything But Mexican: Chicanos in Contemporary Los Angeles (Haymarket)
1995978-1-85984-940-8Norman G. FinkelsteinImage and Reality: Israel-Palestine Conflict
1995978-1-85984-942-2Ernesto GuevaraThe motorcycle diaries: A journey around South America (Critical studies in Latin American and Iberian culture)
1994978-1-85984-945-3Francis WheenLord Gnome's Literary Companion
1998978-1-85984-949-1Pierre MachereyIn a Materialist Way: Selected Essays by Pierre Macherey
1995978-1-85984-952-1Lewis H. LaphamHotel America: Scenes in the Lobby of the Fin De Siecle (Theory, Culture and Society)
1996978-1-85984-959-0Slavoj ZizekThe Indivisible Remainder: Essays on Schelling and Related Matters
  ''978-1-85984-960-6Benedict Anderson · Gopal BalakrishnanMapping the Nation (Mappings S.)
1995978-1-85984-961-3Henri LefebvreIntroduction to Modernity
1998978-1-85984-965-1Raphael SamuelIsland Stories: Unravelling Britain (Theatres of Memory)
1996978-1-85984-967-5Momme Brodersen · Momme BrodersonWalter Benjamin: A Biography
1995978-1-85984-971-2Che GuevaraThe Motorcycle Diaries
1997978-1-85984-981-1Theodore W. AllenThe Invention of the White Race: The Origins of Racial Oppression in Anglo-America v. 2 (Haymarket)
1996978-1-85984-986-6Jeremy SeabrookIn the Cities of the South: Scenes from a Developing World
2001978-1-85984-987-3Susan WeissmanVictor Serge: The Course is Set on Hope
1996978-1-85984-989-7Aletta J. NorvalDeconstructing Apartheid Discourse (Phronesis S.)