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1999978-1-85978-879-0Mark D. CatoSo you really want to be an Arbitrator? (Dispute Resolution Guides)
  ''978-1-85978-882-0Mark Huleatt-James · Nicholas GouldInternational Commercial Arbitration (Disputes Resolution Guides)
978-1-85978-883-7Introduction to Arbitration (Disputes Resolution Guides)
1998978-1-85978-884-4LLP LimitedLloyd's Electronic Shipping Law Library
1999978-1-85978-886-8Tom SewellGrain Carriage by Sea
978-1-85978-890-5Paul HyndsHigh Speed Car Ferries 1999: Economic and Technical Performance (LSE Management Reports)
1999978-1-85978-891-2A. SparksSteel: Carriage by Sea
  ''978-1-85978-892-9Alan ThorpeShip Repair and Conversion Market 1999 (Lloyd's Shipping Economist Management Reports)
  ''978-1-85978-893-6   ''Ship Repair and Conversion Market 1999: Lloyd's Shipping Economist Management Report (Lloyd's Shipping Economist Management Reports)
2000978-1-85978-931-5Rambert de MelloHuman Rights and the Public Sector
  ''978-1-85978-932-2Andrew ParsonsMental Health Law Compendium (Professional Focus)
978-1-85978-933-9Ralph RayTax Planning with Trusts: a Practical Guide
2001978-1-85978-935-3"Containerisation International" Yearbook 2001
2001978-1-85978-939-1Asia-Pacific Reefer Trades: Trends and Forecasts
  ''978-1-85978-940-7David FanningStrategic Focus on Valuing High Tech Stocks
  ''978-1-85978-942-1Robert SpicerDisability Discrimination (Professional Focus)
  ''978-1-85978-943-8Nigel DentGood Laboratory and Good Clinical Practice: Requirements for Compliance - Management Involvement and Cost Implications
  ''978-1-85978-944-5The International Journal of Insurance Law 2000
2001978-1-85978-946-9"Lloyd's Law Reports" 2000: Banking Bound Version
2000978-1-85978-947-6The International Construction Law Review 2000
2001978-1-85978-948-3Angus Moon"Lloyd's Law Reports" 2000: Medical
  ''978-1-85978-951-3Kewal K. JainDrug Discovery: Current Trends and Future Prospects
  ''978-1-85978-952-0Sharon GiddingsE-Clinical
  ''978-1-85978-953-7Edwin BaileyPharmasource 2001/2002: Global Industry Facts and Figures
  ''978-1-85978-957-5Hereford's International Air Cargo Directory
2001978-1-85978-958-2Informa PressThe Medical Directory 2001
  ''978-1-85978-964-3Rent Review and Lease Renewal
  ''978-1-85978-969-8Commercial Liability Law Review Bound Volume
  ''978-1-85978-973-5Deloitte ConsultingThe Strategic Impact of Enterprise Resource Planning in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  ''978-1-85978-978-0Lloyd'sLloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 2000
2001978-1-85978-980-3Paul LangleyHealth Economics in the Drug Development Process
2000978-1-85978-982-7Lloyd's Law Reports: Insurance and Reinsurance 2000
  ''978-1-85978-983-4Lloyd's Law Reports Bound Volume: Vol 2
2001978-1-85978-984-1UnnamedLloyd's Law Reports: Professional Negligence 2000
  ''978-1-85978-985-8"Containerisation International" Yearbook 2001
2000978-1-85978-987-2Jeff DanielsFuture of Power Unit Manufacture
  ''978-1-85978-989-6Poul Funder LarsenHigh-speed internet delivery platforms (Baskerville strategic research)
2001978-1-85978-992-6Building Law Reports 2000
  ''978-1-85978-993-3K. JainAgeing and the Pharmaceutical Industry
2001978-1-85978-994-0Reinventing the Role of Pharmeceutical Sales
  ''978-1-85978-996-4Global Chemicals Legislation and Controls
2002978-1-85978-997-1David Osborne · Graeme Bowtle · Charles BussThe Law of Ship Mortgages (Lloyd's Shipping Law Library)
2001978-1-85978-998-8Christopher Hill · Susan HodgesPrinciples of Maritime Law
  ''978-1-85978-999-5The Erika Disaster