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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-1-85946-031-3Marshall CrawfordUNICLASS: Unified Classification for the Construction Industry
2003978-1-85946-072-6Nicholas J. CarnellGetting Paid: An Architect's Guide to Fee Recovery Claims
2002978-1-85946-091-7Mike HoxleyConstruction Companion to Building Surveys (Construction Companion Series)
  ''978-1-85946-101-3Tim HavardContemporary Property Development
  ''978-1-85946-104-4Robert J. ChapmanRetaining Design Team Members: An Architect's Guide to Managing Changes
2003978-1-85946-118-1Susan RoafClosing the Loop: Benchmarks for Sustainable Buildings
  ''978-1-85946-130-3Stanley Cox · Hugh ClampWhich Contract?: Choosing the Appropriate Building Contract
2004978-1-85946-132-7Sally Stone · Graeme BrookerRe-readings: Interior Architecture and the Design Principles of Remodelling Existing Buildings
  ''978-1-85946-139-6Julian OwenSelf Build: Design and Build Your Own Home
2004978-1-85946-157-0Institute Of British Architects · Manchester City CouncilManchester: Shaping the City
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2008978-1-85946-167-9Sunand PrasadChanging Hospital Architecture
2005978-1-85946-168-6British Council For OfficesTall Buildings: A Strategic Design Guide
  ''978-1-85946-169-3D. Bryan MorganInternational Construction Contract Management
  ''978-1-85946-174-7Brian EdwardsRough Guide to Sustainability
2008978-1-85946-180-8Roland PhillipsFee Management (Good Practice Guide)
2006978-1-85946-181-5Owen LuderKeeping Out of Trouble (Good Practice Guide)
2009978-1-85946-193-8Nicholas JamiesonInspecting Works (Good Practice Guide)
2006978-1-85946-217-1Approved Document L1A 2006: Conservation of Fuel and Power (New Dwellings)
  ''978-1-85946-223-2Approved Document P 2006: Electrical Safety - Dwellings
2006978-1-85946-228-7AnonSBC05 Project Pack
2007978-1-85946-237-9Sarah Lupton · Stanley Cox · Hugh ClampWhich Contract?
2009978-1-85946-244-7Martin WainwrightLeeds: Shaping the City
2006978-1-85946-249-2Simon FoxellGood Practice Guide: Starting a Practice
2008978-1-85946-252-2Bob Dalziel · Nigel OstimeArchitect's Job Book
2006978-1-85946-256-0Barbara SimmsEric Lyons and Span
2007978-1-85946-261-4Communities and Local GovernmentApproved Document B: Dwelling Houses v. 1: Fire Safety
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2008978-1-85946-277-5Royal Institute of British ArchitectsA Client's Guide to Health and Safety for a Construction Project: under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007
  ''978-1-85946-285-0Timothy HavardContemporary Property Development
  ''978-1-85946-289-8Brian Pinder-AyresPainless Financial Management (Good Practice Guide)
2007978-1-85946-290-4Great Britain: Department for Communities and Local GovernmentBuilding Regulations and Fire Safety Procedural Guidance
2008978-1-85946-300-0Howard LiddellEcominimalism: The Antidote to Eco-bling
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  ''978-1-85946-303-1Kenneth PowellPowell and Moya (Twentieth Century Architects)
2010978-1-85946-307-9Helen EliasMarketing Your Practice (Good Practice Guide) (Riba Good Practice Guides)
2012978-1-85946-309-3Louise Campbell · Jane Thomas · Miles GlendinningBasil Spence: Buildings and Projects
2011978-1-85946-311-6British Institute of Interior DesignThe BIID Concise Agreement for Interior Design Services (CID/11)
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2008978-1-85946-321-5Austin WilliamsShortcuts: Structure and Fabric: 1
2009978-1-85946-322-2Austin WilliamsShortcuts: Bk. 2: Sustainability and Practice
2010978-1-85946-331-4Dept for Communities and Local GovernmentCode for Sustainable Homes
2009978-1-85946-332-1Brian EdwardsRough Guide to Sustainability
2010978-1-85946-334-5Michael StaceyConcrete: A Studio Design Guide
  ''978-1-85946-349-9Stephen Yakeley · Diana YakeleyThe BIID Interior Design Job Book
2010978-1-85946-350-5Nigel Ostime|David StanfordArchitect's Handbook of Practice Management
  ''978-1-85946-353-6Carol WilliamsBiodiversity for Low and Zero Carbon Buildings: A Technical Guide for New Build
  ''978-1-85946-354-3Huw EvansGuide to the Building Regulations
  ''978-1-85946-357-4Construction Products AssociationLoft Conversion Project Guide
2011978-1-85946-367-3Alan ClawleyJohn Madin (20th Century Architects) (Twentieth Century Architects)
2012978-1-85946-374-1Sofie PelsmakersThe Environmental Design Pocketbook
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2012978-1-85946-442-7Roland PhillipsGood Practice Guide: Fee Management (Riba Good Practice Guides)
2013978-1-85946-485-4Department of Communities and Local GovernmentApproved Document P: Electrical Safety - Dwellings (2013 Edition - for Use in England)
  ''978-1-85946-500-4John WevillLaw in Practice: The RIBA Legal Handbook
2015978-1-85946-545-5Sarah LuptonGuide to the RIBA Domestic and Concise Building Contracts 2014
2014978-1-85946-569-1Stephen BrookhousePart 3 Handbook
2015978-1-85946-578-3Flora Samuel · Anne DyeDemystifying Architectural Research: Adding Value to Your Practice
2001978-1-85946-594-3John EppBuilding on The Decade of Disclosure In Criminal Procedure
2016978-1-85946-604-9Association for Project SafetyPrincipal Designer's Handbook: Guide to the CDM Regulations 2015
2015978-1-85946-605-6David ShepherdBIM Management Handbook
2016978-1-85946-619-3Mike HoxleyBuilding Condition Surveys
2017978-1-85946-638-4Sarah LuptonGuide to JCT Minor Works Building Contract 2016
  ''978-1-85946-640-7   ''Guide to JCT Standard Building Contract 2016
2017978-1-85946-641-4Sarah LuptonGuide to JCT Design and Build Contract 2016
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2021978-1-85946-705-3Michael StaceyConcrete: A Studio Design Guide
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2020978-1-85946-891-3Caroline DoveRadical Housing: Designing multi-generational and co-living housing for all