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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-1-85909-003-9Not AvailableFlanders and Swan Songbook
1993978-1-85909-031-2Neil SedakaNeil Sedaka: [10 songs for piano vocal with chord symbols] (Hot songs)
  ''978-1-85909-042-8Smiths (Group)The "Smiths": Louder Than Bombs - Off the Record
1994978-1-85909-077-0A-ha (Group)A-ha: Memorial Beach - Piano/Vocal/Guitar
1993978-1-85909-079-4Van MorrisonVan Morrison: Astral Weeks
1994978-1-85909-083-1Aerosmith (Group)"Aerosmith": Get a Grip
  ''978-1-85909-146-3VariousLove Songs for Keyboard (Easy Keyboard Library)
  ''978-1-85909-148-7Alfred MusicPurple Rainbows: A Definitive Rock History Featuring the Best of Deep Purple, Rainbow, Whitesnake, Graham Bonnett, Dio - Off the Record
  ''978-1-85909-164-7Not AvailableElton John: Duets - Piano/Vocal/Guitar
1994978-1-85909-169-2Kate BushThe Kate Bush Collection: Off the Record
1995978-1-85909-170-8Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin: Complete Score With Tablature, Complete Score (Popular Matching Folios)
1994978-1-85909-180-7Michael Bolton: 9 Songs for Piano Vocal with Guitar Boxes (Hot Songs)
  ''978-1-85909-191-3Phil CollinsPhil Collins: 9 Songs for Piano Vocal with Guitar Boxes (Hot Songs)
  ''978-1-85909-196-8Sin˜ead O'ConnorSinead O'Connor: Universal Mother - Piano/Vocal/Guitar
2005978-1-85909-207-1Various100 Years of Pop Music 90s: Pt. 1: (Piano, Vocal, Guitar): The Nineties Part 1
1995978-1-85909-208-8Blues Brothers"Blues Brothers": (Vocal Selections) (Popular Shows)
  ''978-1-85909-213-2Pretenders: Last of the Independents - Vocal-Guitar-Bass with Chord Boxes
  ''978-1-85909-234-7Gary Moore: Ballads and Blues, 1982-1994 - Vocal/guitar/bass with Chord Boxes and Tablature
1995978-1-85909-242-2Divers AuteursGuitar Library: Classical v. 2
2000978-1-85909-255-2Status Quo"Status Quo": Thirsty Work - Melody Line/Chords/Lyrics
1995978-1-85909-279-8Take That"Take That": Nobody Else - Piano/Vocal/Guitar
  ''978-1-85909-288-0Alfred MusicSongs of Scotland: (Piano/Vocal/Guitar)
  ''978-1-85909-291-0Francis Rossi · Rick ParfittQuotographs: Celebrating 30 Years of "Status Quo"
  ''978-1-85909-326-9Radiohead (Artist)"Radiohead": The Bends - Vocal-Guitar-Tablature and Chord Boxes (Popular Matching Folios)
1996978-1-85909-339-9Elton JohnLove Songs: (Piano/vocal/guitar) (Popular Matching Folios)
  ''978-1-85909-341-2Led Led Zeppelin"Led Zeppelin": In Through the Out Door - Off the Record - Guitar Tablature
1996978-1-85909-365-8Carry on Up the Charts: Best of "The Beautiful South" - Piano/Vocal/ Guitar (Music)
  ''978-1-85909-372-6Big Band Favourites: Easy Arrangements for Piano (Take it Easy)
  ''978-1-85909-388-7Take That"Take That" Greatest Hits: (Piano, Vocal, Guitar)
  ''978-1-85909-397-9Gerard Debord HerzhaftGeorge Michael: Older - Piano/Vocal/Guitar
  ''978-1-85909-406-8Divers AuteursAlto Saxophone Grade 1 (What Else Can I Play?)
1996978-1-85909-407-5VariousAlto Saxophone Grade 2 (What Else Can I Play?)
  ''978-1-85909-411-2Crowded Crowded HouseThe Very Best of "Crowded House": Recurring Dream - Piano-Vocal-Guitar (Popular Matching Folios)
2005978-1-85909-426-6Alto Saxophone: Grades 1-3 (What Jazz 'n' Blues Can I Play?)
1996978-1-85909-431-0Burt F. BacharachBurt Bacharach: Easy Arrangements for Piano (Take it Easy)
  ''978-1-85909-439-6Michael Flanders · Donald SwannThe Songs of Michael Flanders and Donald Swann
  ''978-1-85909-440-2Not AvailableJam with Gary Moore: Guitar Tablature (Total Accuracy Professional Guitar Workshops)
2005978-1-85909-442-6Eagles EaglesJam with the Eagles: (Guitar Tab): Guitar Tablature
1997978-1-85909-452-5Whitney Houston: Easy Arrangement for Piano (Take it Easy S.)
  ''978-1-85909-463-1Ray DaviesThe "Kinks": Guitar Tablature (Guitar legends)
978-1-85909-465-5Unplugged. Songbuch
1997978-1-85909-466-2Sadie Cook · Ned Bennett · Jon HaltonSing All The Best Classic Hits choral collection for SATB with piano accompaniment
2002978-1-85909-468-6Michael Gore"Fame" the Musical: (Piano/Vocal/Guitar)
1998978-1-85909-475-4"Radiohead"Pablo Honey: (Guitar Tab) (Popular Matching Folios)
1997978-1-85909-486-0Music Publications InternationalJam with Van Halen
2000978-1-85909-487-7Carlos SantanaJam with Carlos Santana
1997978-1-85909-488-4Ritchie BlackmoreJam with Ritchie Blackmore: Guitar Tablature
1997978-1-85909-511-9RadioheadOk Computer, Radiohead: Guitar, Tablature, Vocal
2005978-1-85909-518-8J.J. CaleThe Very Best of J.J. Cale: (Guitar Tab)
  ''978-1-85909-534-8Supergrass"In it for the Money": (Guitar Tab)
  ''978-1-85909-540-9Robbie Williams · Guy Chambers"Life Thru a Lens": (Piano/vocal/guitar) (Popular Matching Folios)
  ''978-1-85909-553-9Rolling Stones"Bridges to Babylon": (Guitar Tab) (Guitar tablature)
1998978-1-85909-569-0Chris De BurghChris De Burgh: The Love Songs
  ''978-1-85909-572-0Peter EvansJohn Williams: Movie Themes - Piano-Vocal-Guitar (Film & TV)
1998978-1-85909-581-2Best of "The Hollies": Piano-Vocal-Guitar (Popular Matching Folios)
2005978-1-85909-588-1The KinksJam with the Kinks: (Guitar Tab with Free Audio CD): Guitar Tablature
1998978-1-85909-605-5The "Shadows": Guitar Legends - Guitar Tablature
2005978-1-85909-609-3WhitesnakeJam with "Whitesnake": Guitar Tab
  ''978-1-85909-611-6The MonkeysThe "Monkees": (Guitar Tab) (Guitar Legends)
1998978-1-85909-612-3Brian May: Another World - Guitar Tablature
  ''978-1-85909-619-2George Gershwin · Ira GershwinGershwin, George and Ira: Music and Lyric
1999978-1-85909-622-2Carlos SantanaCarlos Santana (In Session with)
  ''978-1-85909-628-4Robbie WilliamsRobbie Williams, I've Been Expecting You: Piano-Vocal-Guitar
2005978-1-85909-629-1The SearchersThe "Searchers": (Guitar Tab) (Guitar Legends S.)
1999978-1-85909-634-5Depeche Mode"Depeche Mode": The Singles 86-98 - Piano/Vocal/Guitar (Popular Matching Folios)
1998978-1-85909-635-2Clash (Group)The Best of "Clash": (Guitar Tab) (Essential Groups & Artists)
1999978-1-85909-636-9George MichaelLadies and Gentlemen (Piano, Vocal, Guitar)
  ''978-1-85909-641-3Daniel O'DonnellDaniel O'Donnell: Love Songs - Piano/Vocal/Guitar
2005978-1-85909-643-7Big Collection: v. 2 (Easy Keyboard Library)
2005978-1-85909-645-1Peter GreenIn Session with Peter Green (Guitar Tab with Free Audio CD)
  ''978-1-85909-646-8P. George BensonIn Session with George Benson: Guitar Tab
  ''978-1-85909-655-0Jeff BeckIn Session with Jeff Beck: (Guitar Tab)
  ''978-1-85909-658-1Tom JonesTom Jones: Greatest Hits So Far (Popular Matching Folios) (Piano Vocal Guitar)
  ''978-1-85909-700-7In Session with Steve Vai: (Guitar Tab)
978-1-85909-701-4You Needed Me & 9 More Chart Hits (Definitive Top Ten Collections)
2005978-1-85909-702-1In Session with Chuck Berry: (Guitar Tab)
2005978-1-85909-706-9Movie Hits: (Tenor Saxophone) (Take the Lead)
1999978-1-85909-708-3The Greatest Reggae Collection (Piano Vocal Guitar) (Absolutely Essential)
2005978-1-85909-714-4MadonnaMadonna: Greatest Hits So Far: (Piano, Vocal, Guitar)
  ''978-1-85909-721-2CherCher: Greatest Hits So Far... (Popular Matching Folios) Piano Vocal Guitar
1999978-1-85909-732-8The Very Best of Dusty Springfield (sheet music)
  ''978-1-85909-749-6James HornerThe Definitive James Horner Collection: (Piano, Vocal, Guitar)
  ''978-1-85909-752-6Essential Auditions Songs for Female Vocalists - Jazz Standards: (Piano, Vocal, Guitar)
1900978-1-85909-759-5Lene MarlinPlaying My Game (Popular Matching Folios) (Piano Vocal Guitar)
2000978-1-85909-766-3Ed: Steel VariousWhat Else Can I Play? Clarinet Grade 4
1999978-1-85909-776-2Initial Level: (Clarinet) (Jazztastic!)
  ''978-1-85909-779-3Jazztastic!: Trumpet: Initial Level
2000978-1-85909-801-1Divers AuteursEssential Audition Songs for Female Vocalists - Broadway (Piano, Vocal, Guitar)
2005978-1-85909-822-6Ed: Mumford VariousPiano: Prep Grade (What Else Can I Play)
2005978-1-85909-825-7Bert Weedon [VHS]
2007978-1-85909-832-5Status QuoStatus Quo Guitar Legends
2005978-1-85909-833-2George MichaelGeorge Michael - Songs from the Last Century (Piano Vocal Guitar)
  ''978-1-85909-836-3Divers AuteursLatin: (Flute) (Take the Lead)
  ''978-1-85909-870-7George MichaelGeorge Michael: Complete Chord Book (Melody Line, Lyrics , Chords (with Chord Boxes))
2000978-1-85909-881-3Led Zeppelin"Led Zeppelin": Early Days: (Guitar Tab): 1 (Popular Matching Folios)
2005978-1-85909-882-0   ''"Led Zeppelin": Latter Days: (Guitar Tab): 2 (Popular Matching Folios)
  ''978-1-85909-899-8Richard Duckett · Christopher Bull · Olive GoodbornTeam Strings: Double Bass
2000978-1-85909-903-2EmbraceEmbrace: Drawn from Memory
2005978-1-85909-915-5John BarryThe Definitive John Barry Collection: (piano, Vocal, Guitar) (Film & TV)
2000978-1-85909-933-9Anna (Editor) JoyceClassical: (Trumpet) (Take the Lead)
2001978-1-85909-947-6Divers AuteursDecades of TV: The Seventies: (Piano/vocal/guitar)
2005978-1-85909-953-7   ''The Eighties: (Piano, Vocal, Guitar) (Decades of TV)
  ''978-1-85909-961-2Whitney HoustonWhitney Houston (Easy Keyboard Library)
2000978-1-85909-963-6"Witches of Eastwick": (Vocal Selections)
2005978-1-85909-970-4Rock 'n' Roll: (Alto Saxophone) (Take the Lead)
2005978-1-85909-981-0NirvanaNirvana: Drum Collection: (Recorded Drum) (Drum Recorded Versions)
1900978-1-85909-989-6Alfred Music"Billy Elliot": Piano Vocal Guitar-Selections from the film-Music Book
2005978-1-85909-995-7Lenny KravitzThe Best of Lenny Kravitz (Guitar Tab)