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1992978-1-85858-002-9Alton Douglas · Jo DouglasBirmingham Shops
1993978-1-85858-014-2Alton Douglas · Jo DouglasBirmingham at Work
  ''978-1-85858-018-0Charles WelhamHenley-in-Arden: Life from the Past
  ''978-1-85858-031-9G.W. HopkinsonDeveloping Your Business 1993: Register of Chartered Secretaries in Public Practice
1994978-1-85858-050-0Trevor LordMonte Carlo: The Mini Legend (Archive Albums)
  ''978-1-85858-054-8Eric W. RussellErks Eye View: Memories of R.A.F. National Service
1996978-1-85858-064-7Roy HartnellPre-Raphaelite Birmingham
  ''978-1-85858-082-1C.R. HawkerDruid Tokens: Eighteenth Century Token Notes from Matthew Boulton's Letters (Anglesey Series)
1996978-1-85858-083-8John Gerrard · Terry SlaterManaging a Conurbation: Birmingham and Its Region
  ''978-1-85858-085-2Alton DouglasBirmingham: A Look Back (Alton Douglas Presents)
  ''978-1-85858-091-3Victor SkippThe Making of Victorian Birmingham
1998978-1-85858-105-7Carl ChinnThe Cadbury Story: A Short History (Midlands Interest)
  ''978-1-85858-118-7Alton Douglas · Jo DouglasBirmingham in the Sixties: v. 1 (Alton Douglas Presents)
  ''978-1-85858-124-8Carl ChinnHistory of West Bromwich Building Society
1999978-1-85858-138-5   ''Homes for People: Council Housing and Urban Renewal in Birmingham, 1849-1999
1999978-1-85858-146-0Alton DouglasBirmingham in the Fifties: v. 2 (Alton Douglas Presents)
  ''978-1-85858-147-7Alton Douglas · Jo DouglasBirmingham in the Sixties: v. 2 (Alton Douglas Presents)
2000978-1-85858-157-6Kathleen DayusApril Showers (Antiquarian Reprint Series)
  ''978-1-85858-171-2Alton DouglasBirmingham in the Forties (Alton Douglas Presents)
  ''978-1-85858-174-3Carl Chinn · Stephen DysonWe Ain't Going Away!: The Battle For Longbridge
  ''978-1-85858-181-1Carl ChinnBrum and Brummies: v. 1
2001978-1-85858-186-6Kathleen DayusThe People of Lavender Court (Brewin Fiction)
2001978-1-85858-192-7Don NealGuns and Bugles: The Story of the 6th Bn K.S.L.I. - 181st Field Regiment R.A. 1940 - 1946
  ''978-1-85858-202-3Carl ChinnBrum and Brummies: v. 2
2002978-1-85858-209-2Pat Roach · Shirley ThompsonIf: The Pat Roach Story
  ''978-1-85858-213-9Carl ChinnBrum and Brummies: v. 3
  ''978-1-85858-214-6Alton DouglasBirmingham in the Thirties
  ''978-1-85858-223-8Hugh PodgerAlbright and Wilson: The Last Fifty Years
2003978-1-85858-227-6Carl Chinn · Steve ThorneProper Brummie: A Dictionary of Birmingham Words and Phrases
2003978-1-85858-235-1David J. A. HallamEliza Asbury: Her Cottage and Her Son
  ''978-1-85858-239-9Sally SouthallHold the Line Please: The Story of the Hello Girls
2004978-1-85858-240-5Peter SheldonThe Life and Times of William Withering: His Work, His Legacy
2003978-1-85858-245-0Carl ChinnThe Streets of Brum: Pt. 1
2004978-1-85858-246-7Phillada BallardAn Oasis of Delight: The History of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens
  ''978-1-85858-252-8Pat Roach · Shirley ThompsonPat Roach's Birmingham
  ''978-1-85858-254-2Alan TyersByways of Warwickshire
  ''978-1-85858-256-6Roy HowardBeaten Paths are Safest: From D-Day to the Ardennes - Memories of the 61st Reconnaissance Regiment - 50th (TT) Northumbrian Division
2005978-1-85858-261-0Alan WhiteThe Worcester and Birmingham Canal: Chronicles of the Cut
2004978-1-85858-262-7Carl ChinnStreets of Brum: Pt. 2
2004978-1-85858-266-5Carl ChinnBlack Country Memories
2005978-1-85858-274-0Alton Douglas · Jo DouglasThe Birmingham Scrapbook: v. 1 (Alton Douglas Presents)
  ''978-1-85858-276-4Peter WardPacific Voyage: A Year on the Escort Carrier HMS "Arbiter" During World War II
  ''978-1-85858-279-5Carl ChinnBlack Country Memories: v. 2
2006978-1-85858-286-3Robin Watkin · Mike BryantHampton-in-Arden: A Village History
  ''978-1-85858-292-4Pat Roach · Shirley ThompsonAuf Wiedersehen Pat
  ''978-1-85858-293-1Brenda BullockA Pocket with a Hole: A Birmingham Childhood of the 1940s and 1950s
2006978-1-85858-298-6Carl ChinnBlack Country Memories: v. 3
  ''978-1-85858-299-3   ''Streets of Brum: Pt. 3
2010978-1-85858-338-9Ken HoweEdwardian Teddington
2007978-1-85858-411-9Carl ChinnBlack Country Memories: v. 4
  ''978-1-85858-418-8John W. PettingerFrom Dawn Till Dusk: A History of Independent TV in the Midlands
  ''978-1-85858-419-5Carl ChinnThe Streets of Brum: Pt. 4
2008978-1-85858-423-2Andrew H. Morton · John HayesTolkien's Gedling 1914
  ''978-1-85858-429-4Alton Douglas · Jo DouglasBirmingham: Back to the 40's (Alton Douglas Presents)
2008978-1-85858-431-7Carl ChinnThe Streets of Brum: Pt. 5
2009978-1-85858-450-8Richard ClayMatthew Boulton and the Art of Making Money
  ''978-1-85858-451-5Alton Douglas · Jo DouglasBirmingham More of the Fifties
  ''978-1-85858-458-4Tom Willis · Lillian WillisEdward Walter Locke: Master Potter 1829-1909
2011978-1-85858-481-2Miles MacnairOlive: Princess of Cumberland (1772-1834) - A Royal Scandal
2012978-1-85858-483-6John UllahThis is More Than I Can Stand: A Biography of Charlie Hall
2013978-1-85858-501-7Rear Admiral Peter DingemansMy Incredible Journey: From Cadet to Command