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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-1-85856-025-0Hilary ClaireReclaiming Our Pasts: Equality and Diversity in the Primary History Curriculum
1998978-1-85856-088-5Norah McWilliamWhat's in a Word?: Vocabulary Development in Multilingual Classrooms
  ''978-1-85856-096-0K. Moti Gokulsing · Wimal DissanayakeIndian Popular Cinema: A Narrative of Cultural Change
1999978-1-85856-098-4Kate PahlTransformations: Children's Meaning Making in a Nursery
1998978-1-85856-099-1Franzeska G. EwartLet the Shadows Speak: Developing Children's Language Through Shadow Puppetry
  ''978-1-85856-100-4Iram Siraj-BlatchfordA Curriculum Development Handbook for Early Childhood Educators
  ''978-1-85856-122-6Babette BrownUnlearning Discrimination in the Early Years
1999978-1-85856-132-5Avril BrockInto the Enchanted Forest: Language, Drama and Science in Primary Schools
  ''978-1-85856-166-0Robin CampbellLiteracy from Home to School: "Reading with Alice"
2000978-1-85856-188-2Stella DadzieToolkit for Tackling Racism in Schools
1999978-1-85856-203-2Robin Richardson · Angela Wood · Race on the AgendaInclusive Schools, Inclusive Society: Race and Identity on the Agenda
2001978-1-85856-220-9Reva KleinCitizens by Right: Citizenship Education in Primary Schools
2006978-1-85856-222-3Audrey OslerCitizenship and Democracy in Schools: Diversity, Identity, Equality
2002978-1-85856-241-4Danny BravermanPlaying a Part: Drama and Citizenship
2001978-1-85856-242-1Hilary ClaireNot Aliens: Primary School Children and Citizenship/PHSE Curriculum
2001978-1-85856-243-8Gwyneth Owen-JacksonDeveloping Subject Knowledge in Design and Technology: Systems and Control
  ''978-1-85856-244-5Gwyneth Owen-JacksonDeveloping Subject Knowledge in Design and Technology: Developing Planning and Communicating Ideas
  ''978-1-85856-245-2   ''Developing Subject Knowledge in Design and Technology: Food Technology
  ''978-1-85856-246-9   ''Developing Subject Knowledge in Design and Technology: Structures
  ''978-1-85856-250-6Tim O'BrienUntold Stories: Learning Support Assistants and Their Work
2002978-1-85856-255-1Penny Jane BurkeAccessing Education: Effectively Widening Participation
2003978-1-85856-263-6Morag StylesArt, Narrative and Childhood
2003978-1-85856-265-0Reva KleinWe Want Our Say: Children as Active Participants in Their Education
2002978-1-85856-270-4Cathy NutbrownResearch Studies in Early Childhood Education
2003978-1-85856-271-1Dympna DevineChildren, Power and Schooling: How Childhood is Structured in the Primary School: 1
  ''978-1-85856-281-0Glen SegellSupply Teachers' Survival Guide
2002978-1-85856-284-1Pat ThomsonSchooling the Rustbelt Kids: Making the Difference in Changing Times
2003978-1-85856-287-2Theresa M. Lillis · Carolyn McKinneyAnalysing Language in Context: A Student Workbook
2002978-1-85856-288-9Sharon GoodmanLanguage, Literacy and Education: A Reader
2003978-1-85856-290-2Chris KearneyThe Monkey's Mask: Identity, Memory, Narrative and Voice
  ''978-1-85856-291-9Steve CohenNo-one is Illegal
  ''978-1-85856-292-6Jill RutterSupporting Refugee Children in 21st Century Britain: A Compendium of Essential Information
  ''978-1-85856-298-8Marion BowlNon-Traditional Entrants to Higher Education: They Talk about People Like Me
2003978-1-85856-300-8John Siraj-Blatchford · Iram Siraj-BlatchfordA Guide to Developing the ICT Curriculum for Early Childhood Education
2005978-1-85856-308-4Chris TylerTraveller Education: Accounts of Good Practice
  ''978-1-85856-309-1Christopher Arnold · Jane YeomansPsychology for Teaching Assistants
2004978-1-85856-310-7Judith AckroydRole Reconsidered: A Re-Evaluation of the Relationship Between Teacher-In-Role and Acting
2005978-1-85856-311-4Dennis AtkinsonSocial and Critical Practices in Art Education (Landscapes: The Arts, Aesthetics, and Education)
  ''978-1-85856-312-1David DavisEdward Bond and the Dramatic Child: Edward Bond's Plays for Young People
2003978-1-85856-315-2Kathy Sylva · Iram Siraj-Blatchford · Brenda TaggartAssessing Quality in the Early Years Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale Extension (ECERS-E): Four Curricular Subscales
2004978-1-85856-317-6Robin RichardsonIslamophobia: Issues, challenges and Action: Issues, Challenges and Action - A Report by the Commission on British Muslims and Islamophobia Research
  ''978-1-85856-319-0Charmian KennerBecoming Biliterate: Young Children Learning Different Writing Systems
2005978-1-85856-322-0Philip TaylorStructure and Spontaneity: The Drama in Education of Cecily O'Neill
  ''978-1-85856-323-7Judith AckroydResearch Methodologies for Drama Education
2004978-1-85856-324-4Tom BillingtonChildren at the Margins: Supporting Children; Supporting Schools
2004978-1-85856-327-5Carrie WinstanleyToo Clever by Half: A Fair Deal for Gifted Children
  ''978-1-85856-329-9K.Moti Gokulsing · Wimal DissanayakeIndian Popular Cinema: A Narrative of Cultural Change
2005978-1-85856-330-5Diane Reay · Miriam E. David · Stephen BallDegrees of Choice: Social Class,Race and Gender in Higher Education
  ''978-1-85856-331-2Leora CruddasLearning Mentors in Schools: Policy and Practice
  ''978-1-85856-333-6Marty FulopGrowing Up in Europe Today: Developing Identities Among Adolescents (CiCe S.)
  ''978-1-85856-339-8Audrey OslerTeachers, Human Rights and Diversity
2004978-1-85856-340-4Barry Van DrielConfronting Islamophobia in Educational Practice
2005978-1-85856-341-1Jean Conteh · Eve Gregory · Chris Kearney · Aura MorOn Writing Educational Ethnographies: The Art of Collusion
2006978-1-85856-344-2Mary Thornton · Patricia BrichenoMissing Men in Education
2005978-1-85856-345-9Chris GaineWe're All White Thanks: The Persisting Myth About 'White' Schools
2006978-1-85856-346-6John FieldLifelong Learning and the New Educational Order
2005978-1-85856-347-3Eleanor Knowles · Wendy RidleyAnother Spanner in the Works: Challenging Prejudice and Racism in Mainly White Schools
2006978-1-85856-348-0Mary Hamilton · Yvonne HillierChanging Faces of Adult Literacy, Language and Numeracy: A Critical History
2008978-1-85856-350-3Jenny Phillimore · Lisa GoodsonNew Migrants in the UK: Education, Training and Employment
2005978-1-85856-353-4Satwant Kaur RaitSikh Women in England: Religious,Social and Cultural Beliefs
2005978-1-85856-354-1Phil RevellThe Professionals: Better Teachers,Better Schools
  ''978-1-85856-355-8Rose DruryYoung Bilingual Learners at Home and School: Researching Multilingual Voices
  ''978-1-85856-360-2David PollakDyslexia, the Self and Higher Education: Learning Life Histories of Students Identified as Dyslexic
2007978-1-85856-361-9Haggai BorkowOur School: Education Beyond Your Dreams
2005978-1-85856-362-6Sarah PearceYou Wouldn't Understand: White Teachers in Multiethnic Classrooms
  ''978-1-85856-364-0Bernard BarkerTransforming Schools: Illusion or Reality
2009978-1-85856-368-8Tony SewellGenerating Genius: Black Boys in Love, Ritual and Schooling
2008978-1-85856-370-1Philip Garner · Peter CloughFathers and Sons: In and About Education
2006978-1-85856-376-3Maggie HulsonSchemes for Classroom Drama
2007978-1-85856-377-0Patrick Alan Danaher · Phyllida Coombes · Cathy KiddleTeaching Traveller Children: Maximising Learning Outcomes
2005978-1-85856-378-7Carrie SuppleFrom Prejudice to Genocide: Learning About the Holocaust
2006978-1-85856-380-0Paddy MasefieldStrength: Broadsides from Disability on the Arts
2010978-1-85856-384-8Audrey Osler · Hugh StarkeyTeachers and Human Rights Education
2006978-1-85856-385-5Paula HixenbaughPersonal Tutoring in Higher Education
2007978-1-85856-390-9John CoxheadThe Last Bastion of Racism? Gypsies, travellers and policing
  ''978-1-85856-392-3Jackie RavetAre We Listening?: Making Sense of Classroom Behaviour with Pupils and Parents
2006978-1-85856-393-0Kathy Sylva · Iram Siraj-Blatchford · Brenda TaggartASSESSING QUALITY IN THE EARLY YEARS: EARLY CHILDHOOD ENVIRONMENT RATING SCALE (ECERS-E)
2007978-1-85856-401-2Kate Myers · Hazel Taylor · with Sue Adler · Diana LeonardGenderwatch:...Still Watching
2008978-1-85856-402-9Alison PhippsWomen in Science, Engineering and Technology: Three Decades of UK Initiatives
2007978-1-85856-403-6Ghazala BhattiSocial Justice and Intercultural Education: An Open Ended Dialogue
2007978-1-85856-407-4Angela Gluck WoodWhat Do We Tell the Children?: Confusion, Conflict and Complexity
2008978-1-85856-410-4Anna CraftCreative Learning 3-11 and How We Document it
2007978-1-85856-411-1Geraldine Price · Janet SkinnerSupport For Learning Differences in Higher Education: The Essential Practitioners' Manual
  ''978-1-85856-413-5Lutz Van Dijk · Barry Van DrielChallenging Homophobia: Teaching About Sexual Diversity
  ''978-1-85856-414-2Stephen Gorard · Nick Adnett · Helen May · Kim Slack · Emma Smith · Liz ThomasOvercoming the Barriers to Higher Education
2008978-1-85856-416-6Jean Clarkson · Phil Bamber · Lorna BourkeIn Safe Hands: Facilitating Service Learning in Schools in the Developing World
2007978-1-85856-418-0Iram Siraj-BlatchfordThe Team Around the Child: Multi-agency Working in the Early Years
2008978-1-85856-424-1Tony PickfordGet Global!: A Practical Guide to Integrating the Global Dimension into the Primary Curriculum
  ''978-1-85856-427-2Brian WoollandPupils as Playwrights: Drama, Literacy and Playwriting
  ''978-1-85856-429-6Majella McSharrySchooled Bodies?: Negotiating Adolescent Validation Through Press, Peers and Parents
2008978-1-85856-430-2Renee DePalmaInvisible Boundaries: Addressing Sexualities Equality in Children's Worlds
  ''978-1-85856-431-9Cheron ByfieldBlack Boys Can Make it: How They Overcome the Obstacles to University in the UK and US
2009978-1-85856-438-8Morag StylesActs of Reading: Teachers, Text and Childhood
2010978-1-85856-440-1No Outsiders Project TeamUndoing Homophobia in Primary Schools
2009978-1-85856-444-9Ross DeucharGangs, Marginalised Youth and Social Capital (0)
2010978-1-85856-446-3Judith Ackroyd · John O'ToolePerforming Research: Tensions, Triumphs and Trade-offs of Ethnodrama (0)
2009978-1-85856-449-4Alan GrahamListening Figures: Listening to Learners of Mathematics at Secondary School and Above
2010978-1-85856-450-0Matthew ReasonThe Young Audience: Exploring and Enhancing Children's Experiences of Theatre
  ''978-1-85856-453-1Robin RichardsonHolding Together: Equalities, Difference and Cohesion: Guidance for School Improvement Planning
  ''978-1-85856-455-5Philip TaylorTheatre Behind Bars: - Can the Arts Rehabilitate?
  ''978-1-85856-456-2David BoothCreating Democratic Citizenship Through Drama Education: The Writings of Jonothan Neelands (0)
2010978-1-85856-457-9Carrie WinstanleyThe Ingredients of Challenge (0)
2009978-1-85856-458-6Renee DePalmaInterrogating Heteronormativity in Primary Schools: The No Outsiders Project
2010978-1-85856-459-3Clare KellyHidden Worlds: Young Children Learning Literacy in Multicultural Contexts
  ''978-1-85856-461-6Barbara Ann ColeChanging Lives: Women, Inclusion and the PhD
  ''978-1-85856-473-9Margaret M. Clark · Stanley TuckerEarly Childhoods in a Changing World (0)
2011978-1-85856-478-4Jim CumminsIdentity Texts: the Collaborative Creation of Power in Multilingual Schools (0)
2010978-1-85856-479-1Kathy Sylva · Iram Siraj-Blatchford · Brenda TaggartECERS-E: The Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale Curricular Extension to ECERS-R
  ''978-1-85856-482-1Simon WebbElective Home Education in the UK
2011978-1-85856-484-5Barbara MartinChildren at Play: Learning Gender in the Early Years
  ''978-1-85856-493-7Robin RichardsonChanging Life Chances: Practical Projects and Endeavours in Schools
2019978-1-85856-506-4Iram Siraj · Brenda Taggart · Pam Sammons · Edward Melhuish · Kathy Sylva · Donna-Lynn ShepherdTeaching in Effective Primary Schools: Research into pedagogy and children's learning
2012978-1-85856-507-1Rowena Arshad · Terry Wrigley · Lynne PrattSocial Justice Re-Examined: Dilemmas and Solutions for the Classroom Teacher
2013978-1-85856-519-4Ross DeucharPolicing Youth Violence: Transatlantic connections (Institute of Education - Non-Series Titles)
2015978-1-85856-603-0Aminul HoqueBritish-Islamic Identity: Third-generation Bangladeshis from East London
2014978-1-85856-644-3Jeremy CunninghamConflict Transformation through School: A curriculum for sustainable peace
2015978-1-85856-681-8Lynne RogersDisengagement from Education
2017978-1-85856-697-9Andrew RyderSites of Resistance: Gypsies, Roma and Travellers in school, community and the academy
2017978-1-85856-840-9Mary-Claire TraversWhite Working Class Boys: Teachers matter
  ''978-1-85856-848-5Deborah Gabriel · Shirley Anne TateInside the Ivory Tower: Narratives of women of colour surviving and thriving in British academia
2018978-1-85856-853-9Amanda ArbouinBlack British Graduates: Untold stories
  ''978-1-85856-859-1Maurice Carder · Patricia Mertin · Sarah PorterSecond Language Learners in International Schools
  ''978-1-85856-880-5Nick Hammond · Nicola PalmerPersonalizing Education: A person-centred approach for children with special educational needs