year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1993978-1-85799-008-9Terence StampThe Night
1995978-1-85799-012-6Nick MiddletonLast Disco In Outer Mongolia
1992978-1-85799-015-7Paul JohnsonThe Birth Of The Modern: World Society 1815-1830: World Society, 1815-30
1993978-1-85799-018-8J.G. FarrellTroubles
  ''978-1-85799-021-8J. G. BallardThe Terminal Beach
  ''978-1-85799-031-7Isaiah BerlinConversations with Isaiah Berlin: Recollections of an Historian of Ideas
2001978-1-85799-035-5James KelmanBusconductor Hines (Everyman Fiction)
1994978-1-85799-043-0Michael MoorcockByzantium Endures
  ''978-1-85799-048-5Michael MoorcockThe Laughter of Carthage
1992978-1-85799-050-8Thomas PakenhamThe Year of Liberty The Great Irish Rebellion of 1798
1993978-1-85799-052-2Michael MoorcockThe Brothel in Rosenstrasse
1994978-1-85799-054-6Penelope MortimerAbout Time Too: 1940-78 (A Phoenix paperback)
1993978-1-85799-056-0Ted WalkerThe Last Of England
2001978-1-85799-060-7Nigel Nicolson · Vita Sackville-WestPortrait Of A Marriage: Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicolson
2007978-1-85799-061-4Vita Sackville-West · Harold NicolsonVita and Harold: The Letters of Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicolson 1919-1962: The Letters of Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicolson, 1910-62
2004978-1-85799-062-1Lesley BlanchThe Wilder Shores Of Love
1997978-1-85799-063-8Caro FraserThe Pupil
1995978-1-85799-066-9A.L. KennedyNight Geometry and the Garscadden Trains
1992978-1-85799-070-6Barry UnsworthThe Partnership
1993978-1-85799-072-0Victoria GlendinningElizabeth Bowen: Edith Sitwell: Portrait of a Writer (Phoenix paperbacks)
  ''978-1-85799-076-8Matthew ParrisInca Kola: A Traveller's Tale of Peru
1999978-1-85799-077-5Victoria GlendinningEdith Sitwell: A Unicorn Among the Lions
2001978-1-85799-082-9Vikram SethFrom Heaven Lake: Travels Through Sinkiang and Tibet
2007978-1-85799-086-7J.G. FarrellThe Hill Station
2004978-1-85799-088-1Vikram SethA Suitable Boy
1997978-1-85799-111-6Nick FaldoA Swing for Life: How to Play the Faldo Way
1994978-1-85799-116-1Bernard LewisThe Muslim Discovery Of Europe
1994978-1-85799-122-2C.M. BowraGreek Experience
  ''978-1-85799-126-0George RudeThe French Revolution (Phoenix Giants S.)
1998978-1-85799-130-7Cyril MangoByzantium: Byzantium (TRADE): The Empire of New Rome
1994978-1-85799-141-3Larry McMurtryAll My Friends Are Strangers
2003978-1-85799-142-0Alan ClarkDiaries: In Power 1983-1992
1994978-1-85799-185-7A.B. YehoshuaMr Mani
1996978-1-85799-187-1Michael MoorcockJerusalem Commands (Colonel Pyat)
1994978-1-85799-200-7Vikram SethSuitable Boy 10 Copy Pack
  ''978-1-85799-204-5Gillian WhiteThe Crow Biddy
  ''978-1-85799-208-3Gillian WhiteMothertime
2002978-1-85799-209-0Edna O'BrienThe House Of Splendid Isolation
1995978-1-85799-213-7Andrew RobertsEminent Churchillians
  ''978-1-85799-215-1Colum McCannFishing the Sloe-black River
1995978-1-85799-218-2Albert SpeerInside The Third Reich
  ''978-1-85799-219-9Robert Rhodes JamesRosebery
  ''978-1-85799-223-6Henry RothA Star Shines Over Mt. Morris Park: Mercy Of A Rude Stream Volume 1: A Star Shines Over Mt.Morris Park v. 1
2002978-1-85799-227-4Olaf OlafssonAbsolution
1994978-1-85799-233-5Jenny DiskiMonkey's Uncle 10 Copy Pack
  ''978-1-85799-237-3Alan ClarkDiaries: Alan Clark 10 Cpy S/Wrap
1993978-1-85799-239-7J G Farrell 12 Copy Pack
1994978-1-85799-240-3Denis Mack SmithMussolini
1993978-1-85799-241-0Vikram SethFrom Heaven Lake 10cpy S/Wrap
1995978-1-85799-244-1Evelyn WaughThe Diaries Of Evelyn Waugh
  ''978-1-85799-245-8Evelyn WaughLetters Of Evelyn Waugh
1998978-1-85799-248-9Joanna BriscoeMothers And Other Lovers
1998978-1-85799-284-7Patrick KinrossAtaturk: The Rebirth of a Nation (Phoenix Giants S.)
2000978-1-85799-291-5Jostein GaarderSophie's World: A Novel About the History of Philosophy
1995978-1-85799-296-0Michael E DavieDiaries of Evelyn Waugh 10 X Pack
  ''978-1-85799-299-1Bruce SterlingHeavy Weather
1994978-1-85799-305-9Vikram SethBeastly Tales from Here and There
1998978-1-85799-312-7Lawrence BlockA Ticket to the Boneyard (Matt Scudder Mystery)
1994978-1-85799-324-0Nigel NicolsonPortrait of a Marriage 10 X Pack
2001978-1-85799-334-9Richard LeakeyThe Origin Of Humankind: Unearthing Our Family Tree (SCIENCE MASTERS)
  ''978-1-85799-336-3Paul DaviesThe Last Three Minutes: Speculating About the Fate of the Cosmos (SCIENCE MASTERS)
1995978-1-85799-337-0Gillian WhiteGrandfather's Footsteps
  ''978-1-85799-338-7   ''Nasty Habits
  ''978-1-85799-346-2Martin GilbertSecond World War
1995978-1-85799-350-9Andrew RobertsEminent Churchillians 10 Copy Pack
1996978-1-85799-355-4David ParkThe Rye Man
  ''978-1-85799-356-1Henry RothA Diving Rock on The Hudson: Mercy Of A Rude Stream Volume 2 - 'A masterpiece, not remotely like anything else in American literature': A Diving Rock on the Hudson Vol 2
1995978-1-85799-357-8Vikram SethA Suitable Boy: v. 1
  ''978-1-85799-358-5   ''A Suitable Boy: v. 2
  ''978-1-85799-359-2   ''A Suitable Boy: v. 3
1993978-1-85799-361-5Andy MartinComing Down the Mountain 10-Copy Pa
2006978-1-85799-363-9Julia FreyToulouse-Lautrec: A Life (Phoenix Giants)
1995978-1-85799-367-7Friedrich Heer · Janet SondheimerThe Holy Roman Empire (Phoenix Giants S.)
  ''978-1-85799-370-7David Pryce-JonesUnity Mitford: A Quest (Phoenix Giants)
1995978-1-85799-381-3Paul JohnsonThe Offshore Islanders: A History of the English People (Phoenix Giants S.)
  ''978-1-85799-387-5Simon KuperFootball Against the Enemy 10x Pack
2003978-1-85799-402-5John GribbinSchrodinger's Kittens and the Search for Reality
2000978-1-85799-403-2Diane AckermanA Natural History of the Senses
2001978-1-85799-405-6Richard DawkinsRiver Out Of Eden: A Darwinian View of Life (SCIENCE MASTERS)
1997978-1-85799-408-7Yuri Chernyak · Robert RoseThe Chicken from Minsk: And 99 Other Infuriating Brainteasers
1996978-1-85799-421-6Susie BoytThe Normal Man
2000978-1-85799-424-7Dorothy CarringtonThe Dream Hunters Of Corsica
1996978-1-85799-433-9Fred Hoyle · Chandra WickramasingheOur Place In The Cosmos: The Unfinished Revolution
1997978-1-85799-437-7Poppy Z. BriteExquisite Corpse
1996978-1-85799-440-7Barbara LeamingKatharine Hepburn
1995978-1-85799-442-1Gillian WhiteGillian White Mixed 10-Copy Pack
1996978-1-85799-443-8Ronald HaymanK: A Biography of Kafka (Phoenix Giants)
  ''978-1-85799-447-6Irwin ShawEvening In Byzantium
2001978-1-85799-449-0Peter AtkinsThe Periodic Kingdom: A Journey Into the Land of the Chemical Elements (SCIENCE MASTERS)
1997978-1-85799-453-7Alan SpenceStone Garden
1996978-1-85799-454-4Stephen BudianskyNature's Keepers: The New Science of Nature Management (Phoenix Giants)
  ''978-1-85799-466-7Sunetra GuptaMoonlight Into Marzipan 10 X Pack
  ''978-1-85799-469-8Simon. KuperFOOTBALL AGAINST THE ENEMY.
2004978-1-85799-472-8Andrew RobertsHoly Fox: Biography of Lord Halifax (Phoenix Giants)
1996978-1-85799-473-5Richard Leakey · Roger LewinThe Sixth Extinction: Biodiversity and Its Survival
1998978-1-85799-474-2Victoria GlendinningRebecca West: Edith Sitwell: A Life
1996978-1-85799-475-9David Pryce-JonesThe War That Never Was: Fall of the Soviet Empire, 1985-91 (Phoenix Giants)
1996978-1-85799-484-1Greg EganDistress
  ''978-1-85799-491-9J.G. FarrellThe Siege Of Krishnapur
  ''978-1-85799-492-6   ''The Singapore Grip
  ''978-1-85799-493-3Chips Channon"Chips": The Diaries of Sir Henry Channon
  ''978-1-85799-499-5Andrzej SzczypiorskiThe Beautiful Mrs. Seidenman
1996978-1-85799-502-2Roy PorterA Social History Of Madness: Stories Of The Insane (Phoenix Giants)
  ''978-1-85799-503-9Charles DickensSketches By Boz: Dickens Journalism Volume 1: Sketches by Boz and Other Early Papers, 1833-39 Vol 1 (Phoenix Giants)
  ''978-1-85799-507-7Alina ReyesBehind Closed Doors
  ''978-1-85799-508-4Niles EldredgeReinventing Darwin: Great Evolutionary Debate
  ''978-1-85799-510-7Larry McMurtryDead Man's Walk
1995978-1-85799-511-4VariousArmchair Traveller Mixed Pack
1995978-1-85799-512-1Caro FraserCaro Fraser Mixed Pack 10-Copy
  ''978-1-85799-522-0Samuel PepysThe Great Fire of London 20-Copy P
  ''978-1-85799-524-4Isiah BerlinTolstoy & History 20-Copy Pack
  ''978-1-85799-530-5Alan ClarkAlan Clark: Thatcher's Fall 20-Cop
  ''978-1-85799-534-3Andrew RobertsChurchill: Embattled Hero 20-Copy
1995978-1-85799-535-0Niccolo MachiavelliPhx: Prince (Phoenix 60p paperbacks)
  ''978-1-85799-538-1Edward GibbonThe Empire of Rome 20-Copy Pack
  ''978-1-85799-542-8William BlakeSongs of Innocence & Exp. 20-Copy
  ''978-1-85799-546-6C/Bronte,E/Br, Bronte,C/Bronte,E/Br B BronteHigh Waving Heather 20-Copy Pack
  ''978-1-85799-550-3Walt WhitmanI Sing the Body Electric 20-Copy P
1995978-1-85799-552-7Samuel T ColeridgeThe Ancient Mariner 20 X Pack
  ''978-1-85799-556-5Francis ( PalgravePalgrave's Golden Love Poems 20-Co
  ''978-1-85799-558-9Christina RossettiGoblin Market 20-Copy Pack
  ''978-1-85799-560-2Dylan ThomasFern Hill 20-Copy Pack
  ''978-1-85799-564-0CatullusFrom Bed to Bed 20-Copy Pack
1995978-1-85799-568-8Nigel NicolsonPortrait of a Marriage 20-Copy Pac
  ''978-1-85799-576-3William ShakespeareLove Sonnets - Shakespeare 20-Copy
  ''978-1-85799-580-0Alina ReyesClose Encounters 20-Copy Pack
1995978-1-85799-582-4Alina ReyesThe Sexual Labyrinth 20-Copy Pack
  ''978-1-85799-584-8Freidrich NietzscheZarathustra 20-Copy Pack
  ''978-1-85799-585-5John BrockmanScience, Mind and Cosmos (Phoenix 60p paperbacks)
  ''978-1-85799-586-2John ( BrockmanScience, Mind & Cosmos 20-Copy Pac
  ''978-1-85799-587-9Jostein GaarderSophie's World: The Greek Philosophers (Penguin 60)
1995978-1-85799-591-6Karl Marx · Friedrich EngelsThe Communist Manifesto (Phoenix 60p paperbacks)
  ''978-1-85799-592-3K/ E MarxThe Communist Manifesto 20-Copy Pa
  ''978-1-85799-593-0Ben OkriBirds of Heaven (Phoenix 60p paperbacks)
  ''978-1-85799-594-7Ben OkriBirds of Heaven 20-Copy Pack
  ''978-1-85799-596-1Richard DawkinsGod's Utility Function 20-Copy Pac
1995978-1-85799-598-5EpicurusA Guide to Happiness 20-Copy Pack
  ''978-1-85799-599-2Vikram SethRiot At Misri Mandi (Phoenix 60p paperbacks)
  ''978-1-85799-601-2H. G. WellsThe Time Machine (Phoenix 60p paperbacks)
  ''978-1-85799-604-3F. S FitzgeraldLove in the Night 20-Copy Pack
  ''978-1-85799-606-7Charles DarwinNatural Selection 20-Copy Pack
1995978-1-85799-608-1Edgar a PoeMurders in the Rue Morgue 20-Copy
  ''978-1-85799-610-4Maupassant, G DeThe Necklace 20-Copy Pack
  ''978-1-85799-614-2Rudyard KiplingMowgli's Brothers 20-Copy Pack
  ''978-1-85799-615-9Maeve BinchyShancarrig (Phoenix 60p paperbacks)
  ''978-1-85799-624-1Phoenix 60p Mixed 100 X 50 Titles P
1995978-1-85799-625-8Phoenix 60p Mixed 150 X 50 Titles P
  ''978-1-85799-626-5Phoenix 60p Mixed 200 X 50 Title Pa
1996978-1-85799-633-3Piers Paul ReadThe Upstart
1997978-1-85799-635-7Piers Paul ReadThe Junkers
1996978-1-85799-636-4   ''A Married Man
1995978-1-85799-637-1Joshua SlocumVoyage Around the Horn (Phoenix 60p paperbacks)
  ''978-1-85799-638-8Joshua SlocumVoyage Round the Horn 20-Copy Pack
  ''978-1-85799-642-5George ByronDon Juan 20-Copy Pack
1996978-1-85799-670-8John MiltonParadise Lost (Phoenix 60p paperbacks)
  ''978-1-85799-685-2Elizabeth BrowningHow Do I Love Thee 20-copy Multiple
1996978-1-85799-686-9Robert BrowningChild Roland 20-copy Multiple
  ''978-1-85799-689-0John ClareShepherd's Calendar 20-copy Multip
  ''978-1-85799-693-7Gerard HopkinsWreck Of The Deutschland 20-copy M
  ''978-1-85799-696-8MacaulayHoratius Keeps The Bridge 20-copy
  ''978-1-85799-700-2Edgar A PoeRaven 20-copy Multiple
1996978-1-85799-711-8Phoenix 60p Mixed Poetry 10x25 Bin
  ''978-1-85799-712-5Phoenix Poetry 60p 50x 25 Titles
  ''978-1-85799-713-2Phoenix 60p Poetry 100x 25 Titles
  ''978-1-85799-714-9Phoenix 60p Poetry 150x 25 Titles
  ''978-1-85799-715-6Phoenix 60p Poetry 200x 25 Titles
978-1-85799-722-4Sophie's World
1997978-1-85799-724-8Lawrence BlockWhen The Sacred Ginmill Closes (Matt Scudder Mystery)
1997978-1-85799-726-2Lawrence BlockA Stab in The Dark (Matt Scudder Mystery)
  ''978-1-85799-737-8J Matson, K BrockmanHow Things Are
1996978-1-85799-739-2Simon KuperFootball Against Enemy 10 X Pack
  ''978-1-85799-743-9Maeve BinchyCross Lines (Phoenix 60p paperbacks)
  ''978-1-85799-753-8Alan SpenceIts Colours They Are Fine
  ''978-1-85799-757-6A. L. KennedyPhx: Tea and Biscuits (Phoenix 60p paperbacks)
1996978-1-85799-761-3Michele RobertsGod's House (Phoenix 60p paperbacks)
  ''978-1-85799-766-8Clare BoylanPhx: the Stolen Child (Phoenix 60p paperbacks)
2001978-1-85799-780-4Vikram SethThree Chinese Poets
1997978-1-85799-781-1Alan SpenceThe Magic Flute
1996978-1-85799-783-5Andrew LycettIan Fleming
  ''978-1-85799-785-9Susie BoytThe Normal Man 10 X Pack
  ''978-1-85799-816-0Hannah PakulaThe Last Romantic: Biography of Queen Marie of Roumania (Phoenix Giants S.)
1997978-1-85799-844-3Gillian WhiteThe Beggar Bride
1996978-1-85799-850-4Sarah MilesSarah Miles Mixed 10 X Pack
1997978-1-85799-852-8Kate PullingerWhere Does Kissing End?
  ''978-1-85799-862-7Hella PickSimon Wiesenthal: A Life In Search Of Justice
1997978-1-85799-865-8Jostein GaarderThe Solitaire Mystery
2002978-1-85799-873-3Edna O'BrienDown By The River
1997978-1-85799-878-8Sebastian HaffnerThe Meaning Of Hitler
  ''978-1-85799-884-9Bruce SterlingHoly Fire
  ''978-1-85799-886-3Ben OkriDangerous Love
  ''978-1-85799-891-7John GribbinCompanion To The Cosmos (Phoenix Giants)
1996978-1-85799-893-1Gillian WhiteDogboy 10 X Pack
  ''978-1-85799-894-8Frances PartridgeA Pacifist's War 10 X Pack
1996978-1-85799-896-2Gillian WhitePlague Stone 10 X Pack
  ''978-1-85799-913-6Francisco RabolledoRasero 10 X Pack
1997978-1-85799-917-4Joachim FestPlotting Hitler's Death
1996978-1-85799-920-4Christine OdoneThe Shrine 10 X Pack
1997978-1-85799-938-9Philip WatsonMore Than A Game: GQ On Sport: "GQ" Book of Sportswriting
  ''978-1-85799-944-0Royston LambertBeloved & God: The Story of Hadrian and Antinous
  ''978-1-85799-961-7Lara HarteFirst Time 10 X Pack
  ''978-1-85799-962-4Michael GrantRoman Emperors: A Biographical Guide to the Rulers of Imperial Rome, 31BC-AD476 (Phoenix Giants)
1997978-1-85799-964-8Caro FraserAn Inheritance
  ''978-1-85799-967-9Juliet BarkerThe Brontes (Phoenix Giants)
  ''978-1-85799-975-4Michael GrantFall Of The Roman Empire (Phoenix Giants)
2002978-1-85799-978-5Michael CollinsThe Feminists Go Swimming
1997978-1-85799-980-8Tahir ShahBeyond the Devil's Teeth: Journeys in Gondwanaland
  ''978-1-85799-983-9Ethne Clarke · Clay PerryEnglish Country Gardens (Country Series)
1998978-1-85799-984-6Richard BuckleNijinsky (Phoenix Giants)
1997978-1-85799-988-4Ben OkriDangerous Love 10 X Pack

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