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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-1-85776-010-1Ann CoxAutumn Dawn: Triumph Over Eating Disorders
  ''978-1-85776-023-1Sally Fiber · Clive Powell-WilliamsThe Fitzroy: The Autobiography of a London Tavern
  ''978-1-85776-029-3Jack PringleColditz Last Stop: Four Countries, Eleven Prisons, Six Escapes
1996978-1-85776-093-4Tim CantopherDying for a Drink?: A No-nonsense Guide for Heavy Drinkers
  ''978-1-85776-098-9Richard PhilpsPrisoner Doctor: An Account of the Experiences of a Royal Air Force Medical Officer During the Japanese Occupation of Indonesia, 1942-45
  ''978-1-85776-121-4Sam FalleMy Lucky Life: In War, Revolution, Peace and Diplomacy
1996978-1-85776-126-9Anthea Turner · Wendy TurnerUnderneath the Underground
1997978-1-85776-188-7Anthony HampdenA Glimpse of Glynde: The History of England Through the Eyes of a Sussex Village
1996978-1-85776-216-7Bertha Leverton · Shmuel LowensohnI Came Alone: The Stories of the Kindertransports
1997978-1-85776-238-9Anthea Turner · Wendy TurnerUnderneath the Underground: Further Tales
1998978-1-85776-239-6Edwin L. RobinsonWe Fell on Stony Ground
1997978-1-85776-251-8Michael LangOne Man in His Time: The Diary of a Palestine Policeman, 1946-48
1998978-1-85776-262-4Bernie BruenKeep Your Head Down: A Falklands Farewell
1997978-1-85776-266-2Dan RaschenDiplomatic Dan: A Military Attache in Sweden
1998978-1-85776-298-3D.C. HortonBetween the Thunder and the Sun
  ''978-1-85776-310-2John F. PlimmerIn the Footsteps of the Whitechapel Murders
  ''978-1-85776-316-4Edward JoffeHancock's Last Stand: The Series That Never Was
1999978-1-85776-329-4Keith Panter-BrickYears Not Wasted
  ''978-1-85776-362-1David RuddProsperity from Technology
1997978-1-85776-385-0Humphrey Walters · Peter Mackie · Rosie Mackie · Andrea BaconGlobal Challenge: Leadership Lessons from 'The World's Toughest Yacht Race'
1999978-1-85776-388-1Richard EarnshawMy War: A Personal Recollection
  ''978-1-85776-406-2Charles SwithinbankFoothold on Antarctica: The First International Expedition (1949-52) Through the Eyes of Its Youngest Member
1999978-1-85776-465-9Richard S. NicholsRobert Hooke and the Royal Society
2000978-1-85776-468-0Peter AllenInteresting Times: Uganda Diaries, 1955-86
  ''978-1-85776-478-9David PowerTangye
1999978-1-85776-481-9John BrayThen, Now and Tomorrow: The Autobiography of a Communications Engineer
2001978-1-85776-534-2David StruttPlease Wipe Your Crutch on the Towel Before You Leave
  ''978-1-85776-537-3Hillas SmithThe Unknown Frenchman: The Story of Marchand and Fashoda
2002978-1-85776-603-5Alastair AitkenAthletics Enigmas
2003978-1-85776-624-0Celia JohnsonHow to be a Successful Therapist
2002978-1-85776-625-7Benjamin WalkerCaesar's Church: The Irrational in Science and Philosophy
2003978-1-85776-629-5Simon BywaterForced Out
2002978-1-85776-655-4Warren RoeFront Runners: The First Athletic Track Champions 1857-1875
  ''978-1-85776-667-7Arthur MacTierA Crash Course in Cracking Cryptic Crosswords
  ''978-1-85776-668-4Roy DeanMainly in Fun
2001978-1-85776-686-8David PowerTangye
2002978-1-85776-688-2Jeremy PaulSing Willow
2002978-1-85776-697-4Tim A. SmithThe Reluctant Mercenary
2003978-1-85776-758-2E. P. HorneA Job Well Done: A History of the Palestine Police Force 1920-1948
2004978-1-85776-823-7Robin BryantFading Pictures
  ''978-1-85776-826-8Jeremy M. SimpsonLove Lies Bleeding
2005978-1-85776-834-3Chloe RichardsOops!
2004978-1-85776-841-1Ken CrosslandThe Man Who Would Be Bing - The Life Story of Michael Holliday
  ''978-1-85776-852-7E. BarrettA Foreigner's Guide to Moscow: A Different Perspective
  ''978-1-85776-856-5Eric BarfootAirborne for the Duration: The Odyssey of the Ruptured Crab
2005978-1-85776-858-9John EarleThe Price of Patriotism
2004978-1-85776-870-1David IsherwoodHimmler's Double
2005978-1-85776-874-9Julian FaneGames of Chance: A History of a Family
  ''978-1-85776-884-8Harry F. BaxterPoppycock Tales
2005978-1-85776-888-6John Neville GreavesSir Edward Watkin: The Last of the Railway Kings
2004978-1-85776-893-0Jo EvansAn Invisible Child
2005978-1-85776-901-2Syd AndrewThere Once Was a Bobby
  ''978-1-85776-905-0G. B. Dr. Carruthers · Lesley A. CarruthersA History of Britain's Hospitals
  ''978-1-85776-910-4Gerald GreenFarmhouse Aches: Workhouse Pains
  ''978-1-85776-912-8G.W. SearleAt Sea Level
2006978-1-85776-915-9A. G. MaranThe Voice Doctor: The Story of Singing
2005978-1-85776-925-8Catherine JacobsI Want to Go Home
2004978-1-85776-930-2O.L. GilbertThe Lichen Hunters
2005978-1-85776-935-7Robert Guy Spencer · Becky HallThe Chronicles of Spencer Drew
  ''978-1-85776-952-4Annie MachonSpies, Lies and Whistleblowers: MI5, MI6 and the Shayler Affair
2006978-1-85776-963-0V.P. KanitkarEighth Step for Meena (Chitpaavan Brahmin Trilogy S.)
2006978-1-85776-964-7David FraserA Land Fit for Criminals: An Insider's View of Crime, Punishment and Justice in the UK
2005978-1-85776-972-2Robert FranklinPrivate and Secret: The Clandestine Activities of a Nineteenth Century Diplomat
  ''978-1-85776-976-0John DickinsonMedical Mysteries: The Testament of a Clinical Scientist
2006978-1-85776-978-4Frank Cheney31019 - A Frank Account
2005978-1-85776-980-7John MacDonald · Andrew BowdenDare We Trust Them?
  ''978-1-85776-982-1Anthony ShawThe Upside of Trouble
  ''978-1-85776-989-0Sally Farmiloe-NevilleSensual Pleasures: And the Art of Morphing into a Health Goddess
2006978-1-85776-999-9Steve WeddellDances with Sheep: Memoirs of a Vet Student