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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-1-85761-000-0George ThomasModel Engineers Workshop Manual (Past Masters Series)
  ''978-1-85761-002-4Roy Charles RogersPainting and Lining Models (Past Masters Series)
  ''978-1-85761-003-1C.E. BowdenModel Glow Plug Engines (Past Masters Series)
  ''978-1-85761-009-3F.J. GarrardClock Repairing and Making (Past Masters Series)
  ''978-1-85761-014-7Edward K. HammondLapping and Polishing (Past Masters Series)
1992978-1-85761-017-8R.E. TustinGarden Railways (Past Masters Series)
1993978-1-85761-031-4Charles HoltzapffelTurning and Mechanical Manipulation: Materials v. 1
  ''978-1-85761-032-1Charles HoltzapffelT'Turning and Mechanical Manipulation: The Principles of Cutting Tools (Volume 2): The Principles of Cutting Tools v. 2
1994978-1-85761-036-9Tim ColesBeginner's Guide to Model Steam Locomotives
1993978-1-85761-037-6Bent Ironwork (Past Masters Series)
1994978-1-85761-045-1H. BentonClock and Watch Repairing for Amateurs (Past Masters Series)
  ''978-1-85761-049-9Paul N. HasluckThe Clock Jobbers Handybook (Past Masters Series)
  ''978-1-85761-057-4C.E. BowdenModel Jet Reaction Engines: With Notes for Suitable Models for Jet Engines (Past Masters Series)
  ''978-1-85761-065-9Donald de CarleWatch and Clock Repairing: A Short Course (Past Masters Series)
1994978-1-85761-067-3W.D. WansbroughThe Portable Steam Engine: Its Construction and Management (Past Masters Series)
  ''978-1-85761-072-7The Locomotive Handbook of Useful Memoranda and Data (Past Masters Series)
  ''978-1-85761-077-2Frank WilliamsLocomotive Valve Setting (Past Masters Series)
  ''978-1-85761-083-3J.W. Harding · The InspectorLocomotive Injectors (Past Masters Series)
1995978-1-85761-096-3Andrew Smith · Pengwern Smith · PengwernBuilding a Vertical Steam Engine from Castings
  ''978-1-85761-098-7Edgar T. WestburyModel Engineer's Lathe Manual
1995978-1-85761-102-1Jack BucklerBuild Your Own Steam Locomotive: Constructing 'SweetPea' a Narrow Gauge Bagnall Style Locomotive in 5" Gauge
1998978-1-85761-105-2J.A. RadfordImprovements and Accessories For Your Lathe
  ''978-1-85761-106-9G.H. ThomasWorkshop Techniques
1999978-1-85761-107-6David K. HulseThe Early Development of the Steam Engine
2000978-1-85761-114-4K.N. HarrisModel Boilers and Boilermaking
2001978-1-85761-119-9David K. HulseThe Development of Rotary Motion by Steam Power
2004978-1-85761-121-2LBSC's Shop, Shed and Road
  ''978-1-85761-123-6Building Speedy AGWR 0-6-OT in 5" Gauge
2009978-1-85761-124-3Anthony MountHistoric Engines Worth Modelling: v. 1
2010978-1-85761-132-8Martin EvansThe Model Steam Locomotive: A Complete Treatise on Design and Construction