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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-1-85756-006-0Henry Vies SuggitReluctant Guest of the Reich
1993978-1-85756-034-3Jim JenkinsonFor RAF Eyes Only
  ''978-1-85756-037-4Ben OwenWith Popski's Private Army
  ''978-1-85756-062-6Sheila EllesmereIs That it Now?
  ''978-1-85756-083-1Diana McFarlinWinning and Finishing: Unofficial Scrabble Players' Book of Two and Three Letter Words
1995978-1-85756-103-6Lionel De RosarioNippon Slaves
  ''978-1-85756-138-8Reg JordanTo Burma Skies and Beyond
1994978-1-85756-157-9Nicholas CabasilasLife in Christ
1995978-1-85756-193-7Christopher ChallisAre They Really So Awful?: Cameraman's Chronicles
2006978-1-85756-202-6Jack AgnewAn Expensive Game
1996978-1-85756-212-5Jim BrownRadar: How it All Began
1997978-1-85756-229-3June HaimoffKaptan June and the Turtles
1997978-1-85756-294-1Derek Peter FranklinA Pied Cloak: Memoirs of a Colonial Police (Special Branch) Officer
  ''978-1-85756-341-2Frederick Emmanuel LamondReligion without Beliefs
1999978-1-85756-344-3Morris RileyPhilby: The Hidden Years
1997978-1-85756-346-7Douglas A. RobinsonLife is a Great Adventure
  ''978-1-85756-350-4E.J. SweeneyThe Genesis of Israel and Egypt
  ''978-1-85756-399-3Carol Anne StrangeThe Essential Guide to Learning Martial Arts
1999978-1-85756-400-6Robert AlexanderAnarchists in the Spanish Civil War: v. 1
  ''978-1-85756-403-7Peter ClaytonTwo Alpha Lima
1999978-1-85756-412-9Robert AlexanderAnarchists in the Spanish Civil War: v. 2
2000978-1-85756-428-0Vera SaundersSlave to a Stranger
2001978-1-85756-431-0Clyde BrodberRastafarian Journey
1999978-1-85756-442-6Paul Dyson · Ian ClapshawBlubby and Binny's Highland F'ing
2000978-1-85756-463-1Hezi ShelahNapoleon, 1813
2001978-1-85756-464-8Kevin MuirRun for Freedom: Kick Up the Sectarian Dirt
  ''978-1-85756-489-1Robert WilliamsThe Love Emporium
2004978-1-85756-504-1David HumphreysThe Lost Book of Enoch
2002978-1-85756-506-5Richard T. SharpWhores, Wars and Waste: Antics of the Modern British Army
2001978-1-85756-520-1Roy Digby ThomasDigby: The Gunpowder Plotter's Legacy
2004978-1-85756-523-2Khatami SiamakIran: A View from within - Political Analysis
  ''978-1-85756-528-7Paul AinsworthGenetic Warhead
  ''978-1-85756-534-8G.F. McHughThe Dark Side
2001978-1-85756-535-5Paul Harvey JacksonThe Chameleon Candidate
  ''978-1-85756-545-4Ben OwenWith Popski's Private Army
2002978-1-85756-547-8Michael O'ReillyThe Chinook Must Die
2002978-1-85756-560-7Barry WassSilks and Saddlecloths
2005978-1-85756-564-5Krystal LoveStolen from My Bosom
2003978-1-85756-567-6Susan DuxburyOnce Three Jolly Swagmen
2004978-1-85756-568-3Celia MoxeyAt Home in the Algarve: A Practical A-Z for Visitors and Residents
  ''978-1-85756-569-0Claude GiraudTender Thoughts
  ''978-1-85756-578-2Cameron Alan FulljamesOn a Wing and a Prayer: Surviving a Brain Tumour
2002978-1-85756-585-0Kibreab FreProject Babylon: The Beginning
2001978-1-85756-586-7Peter CaramThe 1993 World Trade Center Bombing: Foresight and Warning
2004978-1-85756-593-5Harry TurnerGrowing Up in Fulham
2005978-1-85756-594-2David BlandFather Martin and the Hermitage Mystery
2007978-1-85756-603-1Huong KeenleysideFor the Love of Vietnam
2009978-1-85756-604-8Marie T. ThomasMatron's Garden
2005978-1-85756-610-9L. S. KeilbartOne: One Does It All
2007978-1-85756-617-8Hama DostanSaddamland
2008978-1-85756-618-5Billy ForshawMore Scouse, Vicar?
  ''978-1-85756-619-2Patrick WebberThe Cobbled Path
2005978-1-85756-626-0Ronald K BrindA Guide to the C. S. Lewis Tour in Oxford
  ''978-1-85756-630-7Maria MannVerity Red's Diary: A Story of Surviving M.E.
2005978-1-85756-635-2Antony LathamThe Naked Emperor: Darwinism Exposed
2008978-1-85756-639-0Oluseyi EyitayoThe Power of Self-belief
2006978-1-85756-645-1Willie HortonTo Succeed...: Just Let Go
2005978-1-85756-651-2Harry TurnerUrban Legends
2007978-1-85756-652-9John Garuka RusimbiThe Hyena's Wedding
  ''978-1-85756-662-8Robin P. FoyIn Pursuit of Physical Mediumship
2008978-1-85756-663-5Geoffrey ObasiA Critique of Atheism
2006978-1-85756-670-3Campbell JefferysThe Bicycle Teacher
2008978-1-85756-683-3Arthur BarkerEvelyn Marches On
2005978-1-85756-690-1Barry TitusThe Dalai Lama Caper
2009978-1-85756-720-5Brendan MartinThe Way to Valhalla
2011978-1-85756-781-6Joseph O. AbulemoiThe Fragility of Sudan