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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-1-85744-650-0Gary LanePrepare to Attack
2010978-1-85744-652-4Garry KasparovGarry Kasparov on Modern Chess, Part 4: Kasparov v Karpov 1988-2009
2011978-1-85744-660-9Per OstmanYour Best Move: A Structured Approach to Move Selection in Chess (Everyman Chess)
  ''978-1-85744-661-6Cyrus LakdawalaA Ferocious Opening Repertoire (Everyman Chess)
  ''978-1-85744-663-0Gawain JonesHow to Beat the Sicilian Defence: An Anti-Sicilian Repertoire for White
  ''978-1-85744-664-7David VigoritoAttacking Chess: The King's Indian: volume 2 (Everyman Chess)
2014978-1-85744-665-4Tony RotellaThe Killer Sicilian: Fighting 1 e4 with the Kalashnikov
2011978-1-85744-666-1John EmmsThe Nimzo-Indian: Move by Move
  ''978-1-85744-667-8Alexander Cherniaev · Eduard ProkuronovThe New Old Indian: A Repertoire for Black Against 1 d4
2011978-1-85744-668-5Boris Gulko · Joel SneedLessons with a Grandmaster: Enhance Your Chess Strategy and Psychology with Boris Gulko (Everyman Chess)
  ''978-1-85744-669-2Neil McDonaldThe Ruy Lopez: Move by Move
  ''978-1-85744-670-8Colin CrouchAnalyse Your Chess
  ''978-1-85744-671-5Craig PritchettChess Secrets: Giants of Innovation: Learn from Steinitz, Lasker, Botvinnik, Korchnoi and Ivanchuk
  ''978-1-85744-672-2Garry KasparovGarry Kasparov on Garry Kasparov, Part 1: 1973-1985
2012978-1-85744-673-9Neil McDonaldBreak the Rules!: A Modern Look at Chess Strategy (Everyman Chess)
2011978-1-85744-675-3David VigoritoChess Developments: The Sicilian Dragon
2012978-1-85744-676-0Sam CollinsThe Greatest Ever Chess Strategies
2011978-1-85744-678-4Cyrus LakdawalaThe Slav: Move by Move
2012978-1-85744-680-7John WatsonPlay the French (Cadogan Chess Books)
2011978-1-85744-681-4Richard PalliserChess Developments: the Modern Benoni
2012978-1-85744-682-1John EmmsThe Sicilian Taimanov: Move by Move
2011978-1-85744-683-8Cyrus Lakdawala1...d6: Move by Move
2012978-1-85744-684-5Timothy TaylorSlay the Sicilian!
2012978-1-85744-686-9Richard PalliserThe Torre Attack: Move by Move
  ''978-1-85744-687-6Cyrus LakdawalaThe Caro-Kann: Move by Move
2019978-1-85744-688-3Bryan PaulsenPlay 1 Nf3: A Complete Opening Repertoire for White
2012978-1-85744-689-0David VigoritoChess Developments: The Grunfeld
  ''978-1-85744-690-6Lorin D'CostaThe Sicilian Scheveningen: Move by Move
  ''978-1-85744-692-0Johan HellstenMastering Opening Strategy
  ''978-1-85744-693-7Cyrus LakdawalaThe Four Knights: Move by Move
2012978-1-85744-694-4Steve GiddinsThe Greatest Ever Chess Endgames
  ''978-1-85744-695-1James VigusChess Developments: The Pirc
  ''978-1-85744-697-5Boris Gulko · Joel SneedLessons with a Grandmaster 2: Improve Your Tactical Vision and Dynamic Play with Boris Gulko
  ''978-1-85744-698-2Cyrus LakdawalaCapablanca: Move by Move
  ''978-1-85744-699-9Steve GiddinsThe English: Move by Move
2012978-1-85744-985-3Richard PalliserThe Complete Chess Workout: 2
  ''978-1-85744-986-0Cyrus LakdawalaThe Modern Defence: Move by Move (Everyman Chess)
2013978-1-85744-987-7Bryan PaulsenChess Developments: Semi-slav 5 Bg5
  ''978-1-85744-988-4Neil McDonaldThe King's Indian Attack: Move by Move
2012978-1-85744-990-7Matthew SadlerStudy Chess with Matthew Sadler (Everyman Chess)
  ''978-1-85744-991-4Cyrus LakdawalaKramnik: Move by Move
2013978-1-85744-993-8Colin CrouchFighting Chess: Move by Move
  ''978-1-85744-995-2James SchuylerThe Dark Knight System: A Repertoire with 1...Nc6
2013978-1-85744-996-9Cyrus LakdawalaThe Colle: Move by Move