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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1991978-1-85736-003-5Arch RuportThe Art of Cockfighting (Poultry Fanciers Library)
  ''978-1-85736-014-1J. BattyLories in Aviculture (Parrot Library)
1993978-1-85736-027-1W.T. GreeneAfrican Grey Parrots
1997978-1-85736-034-9Gloria CuthbertThe German Pinscher Dog (Breed Books Canine Library)
  ''978-1-85736-080-6J BarnesKeeping Turkeys
1996978-1-85736-091-2J. BattyDomesticated Ducks and Geese (International Poultry Library)
2002978-1-85736-121-6Marjorie Barnard20th Century Bulldog (Breed Books Canine Library)
1996978-1-85736-131-5Joseph BattyPoultry Houses and Appliances: A DIY Guide
2000978-1-85736-180-3Claude St.JohnBreeding Canaries
2003978-1-85736-223-7Thomas GrayAn Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard
2008978-1-85736-235-0James BlakeKeeping Peafowl (Poultry Fanciers Library)
2000978-1-85736-242-8Shaun BarkerStaffordshire Bull Terriers (English and Irish) (Canine Library) (Breed Books Canine Library)
  ''978-1-85736-243-5   ''Staffordshire Bull Terriers (Irish and English) (Canine Library) (Breed Books Canine Library)
2002978-1-85736-278-7Jacob BarrettKeeping Fantail Pigeons (International Pigeon Library)
2003978-1-85736-281-7Richard JefferiesThe Gamekeeper at Home
1997978-1-85736-332-6John ButlerKeeping Guinea Fowl (International Poultry Library)
2002978-1-85736-350-0Jack BarnardThe Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Canine Library) (Canine Library) (Breed Books Canine Library)
1999978-1-85736-353-1J. BattyBarnevelder Fowl (International Poultry Library)
2007978-1-85736-355-5Joseph DunnThe Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Breed Books Canine Library)
2008978-1-85736-382-1Charles RobertsDutch Bantams
2002978-1-85736-401-9Margaret GregsonPekin Bantams (National Poultry Library)
2003978-1-85736-441-5James Blake · Terry KellyThe Fife Canary and Canary Management (Cage & Aviary)
2004978-1-85736-449-1J. BarnesGarden Poultry Keeping
2006978-1-85736-451-4Joseph BattyAviaries: A Practical Handbook (Cage & Aviary)
2005978-1-85736-490-3Frederick G. StephensSir Edwin Landseer RA (Rural Artists Library)
2006978-1-85736-560-3Maurice Thompson · Will H. ThompsonHow to Train in Archery (Sports & Pastimes Library)
2008978-1-85736-580-1Margaret GregsonPekin Bantams (International Poultry Library)