Timewell Press

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-1-85725-039-8Geoffrey C. Beare · W. Heath RobinsonHeath Robinson Advertising (Cartoon library)
  ''978-1-85725-055-8J. Enoch Powell · Rex CollingsReflections: The Selected Writings and Speeches of Enoch Powell
1998978-1-85725-124-1Peter DaleAn Introduction to Rhyme (Agenda/Bellew Poets on Poetry Handbooks)
  ''978-1-85725-134-0Peter CollingwoodThe Maker's Hand: Close Look at Textile Structures
1999978-1-85725-150-0Lloyd GeorgeA Tale of Two Grandfathers
2004978-1-85725-200-2Anthony BlondJew Made in England
  ''978-1-85725-201-9Jonathan Gathorne-HardyHalf an Arch: A Memoir
  ''978-1-85725-202-6Charles CampionFifty Recipes To Stake Your Life On
2005978-1-85725-205-7Richard ConnaughtonOmai: The Prince Who Never Was
2005978-1-85725-206-4Christine NichollsRed Strangers: The White Tribe of Kenya
2006978-1-85725-208-8Jeremy ThomasTaking Leave
2005978-1-85725-209-5Mark DanielCranks and Gadflies: The Story of UKIP
  ''978-1-85725-210-1Anthony PowellSome Poets, Artists and 'a Reference for Mellors'
  ''978-1-85725-211-8Marie-Jaqueline LancasterBrian Howard: Portrait of a Failure
2006978-1-85725-212-5Bryan CartledgeThe Will to Survive: A History of Hungary
  ''978-1-85725-213-2Bryan CartledgeThe Will to Survive: A History of Hungary
  ''978-1-85725-214-9George Orwell · Peter DavisonThe Lost Orwell
2007978-1-85725-215-6Michael WhitehallShark Infested Waters
2006978-1-85725-216-3Leslie GranthamLife and Other Times: My Autobiography
2007978-1-85725-219-4Michael WinnerThe Fat Pig Diet
2007978-1-85725-220-0Anne LambtonL.A. Mirage
2009978-1-85725-226-2Mark DanielSee You Next Tuesday: The Story of the C-word
2008978-1-85725-227-9Elisabeth LuardMy Life as a Wife: Love, Liquor and What to Do About the Other Women