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978-1-85686-018-5Children's Bible Old Testament 2
978-1-85686-022-2Children's Bible Old Testament 4
1991978-1-85686-066-6Dick FrancisComeback
1997978-1-85686-081-9John GrishamThe Partner
1992978-1-85686-106-9Maeve BinchyCircle of Friends
  ''978-1-85686-128-1William ShakespeareHamlet: Performed by the Renaissance Theatre Company in Association with BBC Radio Drama
1993978-1-85686-134-2Dick FrancisDick Francis Collection: "Odds Against", "Knock Down" & "Comeback" (Random House Audiobox)
1995978-1-85686-166-3Nick HornbyHigh Fidelity
1997978-1-85686-169-4Ruth Rendell · Christopher RavenscroftRoad Rage: (A Wexford Case)
1995978-1-85686-175-5Dick FrancisSmokescreen (Bestseller Collection)
1993978-1-85686-181-6John GrishamThe Pelican Brief
1995978-1-85686-189-2Leonard NimoyI am Spock
  ''978-1-85686-195-3Ruth RendellBlood Lines: Long and Short Stories
1994978-1-85686-217-2Carol O'ConnellMallory's Oracle
1993978-1-85686-221-9Michael CrichtonJurassic Park
2019978-1-85686-249-3Anne RiceThe Vampire Lestat
1994978-1-85686-257-8Tony BennYears of Hope
1999978-1-85686-258-5Richard North PattersonThe Eyes of a Child
1993978-1-85686-260-8William ShakespeareRomeo and Juliet: Performed by Kenneth Branagh & the Renaissance Theatre Company
1997978-1-85686-268-4Stephen FryMoab Is My Washpot: Unabridged [8 tapes]
1998978-1-85686-296-7Stephen FryPaperweight: Volume 1
1996978-1-85686-309-4John GrishamThe Runaway Jury
2017978-1-85686-328-5P. G. WodehouseLord Emsworth and Others (Bestseller Collection)
1994978-1-85686-331-5John GrishamThe Client
  ''978-1-85686-337-7Joan CollinsLove and Desire and Hate (The Bestseller Collection)
2017978-1-85686-358-2Wilbur SmithElephant Song
1996978-1-85686-376-6Sue GraftonL is for Lawless
1995978-1-85686-404-6John GrishamThe Rainmaker
  ''978-1-85686-406-0Ruth RendellThe Strawberry Tree
1995978-1-85686-462-6Mother TeresaA Simple Path
1994978-1-85686-464-0Michael. CrichtonDISCLOSURE.
1999978-1-85686-501-2Stephen FryPaperweight: Volume 2: Vol 2
2002978-1-85686-504-3Donna LeonWilful Behaviour: (Brunetti 11)
1998978-1-85686-510-4Chris RyanRC 443 Zero Option
1999978-1-85686-512-8Tony HawksRound Ireland with a Fridge
2000978-1-85686-524-1Roger DeakinWaterlog: A Swimmer's Journey Through Britain
2001978-1-85686-535-7Lionel DavidsonKolymsky Heights
2000978-1-85686-542-5Douglas ReemanFor Valour
1998978-1-85686-561-6Steve CollinsThe Glory Boys: True-life Adventures of Scotland Yard's SWAT, the Last Line of Defence in the War Against International Crime
2002978-1-85686-565-4R A SalvatoreStar Wars: Attack Of The Clones
1998978-1-85686-571-5Rosie ThomasMoon Island
1996978-1-85686-579-1Bob Greene · Oprah WinfreyMake the Connection: 10 Steps to a Better Body - And a Better Life
2000978-1-85686-582-1John GrishamThe Brethren
2005978-1-85686-585-2Matthew StoverStar Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith: Abridged Edition
2003978-1-85686-586-9Chris RyanGreed
2005978-1-85686-595-1Matthew StoverStar Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith: Unabridged Edition
2003978-1-85686-596-8John GrishamThe King Of Torts
2001978-1-85686-605-7Troy DenningStar Wars: The New Jedi Order - Star By Star
2002978-1-85686-607-1Roddy DoyleRory & Ita
1999978-1-85686-611-8Patricia CornwellSouthern Cross
2000978-1-85686-614-9Martine McCutcheonWho Does She Think She Is?: Martine: My Autobiography
  ''978-1-85686-624-8Ruth RendellPiranha To Scurfy And Other Stories
2002978-1-85686-637-8   ''The Babes In The Wood: (A Wexford Case)
2000978-1-85686-643-9Tony HawksPlaying The Moldovans At Tennis
2002978-1-85686-646-0Thich Nhat HanhAnger: Buddhist Wisdom for Cooling the Flames
2000978-1-85686-654-5Peter AckroydLondon: Street Life And The People
2001978-1-85686-655-2Kathy ReichsFatal Voyage: (Temperance Brennan 4)
1999978-1-85686-661-3Chris RyanTenth Man Down
1998978-1-85686-670-5Ruth RendellA Sight For Sore Eyes
2001978-1-85686-675-0Rolf HarrisCan You Tell What It Is Yet?: The Autobiography of Rolf Harris
1996978-1-85686-679-8Patricia CornwellCause Of Death
1999978-1-85686-681-1Ruth RendellHarm Done: (A Wexford Case): A Chief Inspector Wexford Mystery
  ''978-1-85686-682-8Michael CrawfordParcel Arrived Safely: The Autobiography of Michael Crawford
2000978-1-85686-684-2Peter AckroydLondon: Trade And Enterprise
1999978-1-85686-692-7Terry BrooksStar Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace
2001978-1-85686-695-8Betty BoothroydBetty Boothroyd Autobiography: The Autobiography
2002978-1-85686-696-5Ruth RendellThe Babes In The Wood: (A Wexford Case)
  ''978-1-85686-699-6R A SalvatoreStar Wars: Attack Of The Clones
2003978-1-85686-703-0Robert HarrisPompeii
2005978-1-85686-708-5Dustin Thomason · Ian CaldwellThe Rule Of Four
2003978-1-85686-709-2John GrishamThe King Of Torts
2001978-1-85686-713-9   ''A Painted House
1996978-1-85686-714-6Peter UstinovDear Me
2004978-1-85686-717-7Kathy ReichsMonday Mourning
2005978-1-85686-718-4   ''Cross Bones
2006978-1-85686-719-1   ''Break No Bones: (Temperance Brennan 9)
2001978-1-85686-725-2Tim MooreFrench Revolutions: Cycling the Tour de France
1999978-1-85686-731-3Douglas ReemanDust On The Sea
  ''978-1-85686-732-0Thomas HarrisHannibal
2001978-1-85686-744-3John GrishamA Painted House
2005978-1-85686-745-0Frank SkinnerFrank Skinner Autobiography
2002978-1-85686-749-8Tony HawksOne Hit Wonderland
1999978-1-85686-753-5Howard MarksMr Nice
2002978-1-85686-756-6David Bellamy OBEJolly Green Giant
2001978-1-85686-763-4Donna LeonA Sea Of Troubles: (Brunetti 10)
2002978-1-85686-778-8Ben EltonHigh Society
2002978-1-85686-780-1Allison PearsonI Don't Know How She Does It
  ''978-1-85686-782-5Peter AckroydLondon - Fire and Pestilence
  ''978-1-85686-784-9Roddy DoyleRory & Ita
2003978-1-85686-786-3Joanne HarrisHoly Fools
  ''978-1-85686-788-7Mark HaddonThe Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time
  ''978-1-85686-791-7Cilla BlackWhat's It All About?
2003978-1-85686-793-1Peter AckroydLondon - The Biography: Collected Edition
2003978-1-85686-794-8Peter AckroydLondon - Foundations
  ''978-1-85686-795-5   ''London - Street Life and the People
  ''978-1-85686-796-2   ''London - Districts and Suburbs
  ''978-1-85686-797-9   ''London - Trade and Enterprise
  ''978-1-85686-800-6Max ArthurForgotten Voices Of The Great War - The Opening Shots: August 1914 - April 1915
2003978-1-85686-805-1Kathy ReichsBare Bones
2007978-1-85686-807-5Jonathan StroudThe Amulet Of Samarkand (The Bartimaeus Sequence)
2009978-1-85686-808-2Paul Stewart · Chris RiddellThe Edge Chronicles 7: The Last of the Sky Pirates: First Book of Rook
2003978-1-85686-810-5Robert HarrisPompeii
2005978-1-85686-816-7Craig RussellBlood Eagle
  ''978-1-85686-817-4Katie FfordeFlora's Lot
  ''978-1-85686-820-4Katie FfordeRestoring Grace
  ''978-1-85686-821-1   ''Restoring Grace
  ''978-1-85686-822-8Stephen ClarkeA Year In The Merde
2006978-1-85686-823-5Craig RussellBrother Grimm
2004978-1-85686-825-9Mario PuzoThe Godfather
2005978-1-85686-826-6Jane FondaMy Life So Far (8 Discs)
2005978-1-85686-834-1Philip PullmanThe Scarecrow and his Servant
  ''978-1-85686-836-5Ben EltonThe First Casualty
2006978-1-85686-837-2Thomas HarrisHannibal Rising: (Hannibal Lecter)
2005978-1-85686-841-9Susan JeffersThe Feel The Fear Guide To... Lasting Love: How to create a superb relationship for life
  ''978-1-85686-842-6Stephen FryThe Ode Less Travelled: Unlocking the Poet Within
  ''978-1-85686-843-3Jung Chang · Jon HallidayMao: The Unknown Story
2003978-1-85686-847-1John GrishamBleachers
  ''978-1-85686-850-1Philip PullmanLyra's Oxford (His Dark Materials)
2003978-1-85686-851-8Philip PullmanCount Karlstein: or The Ride of the Demon Huntsman: Complete & Unabridged
2004978-1-85686-852-5John GrishamThe Last Juror
  ''978-1-85686-853-2Donna LeonDoctored Evidence: (Brunetti 13)
  ''978-1-85686-855-6Karin SlaughterIndelible: (Grant County series 4)
  ''978-1-85686-858-7John GrishamThe Last Juror
  ''978-1-85686-861-7Malorie BlackmanNoughts & Crosses: Book 1 (Noughts And Crosses)
2005978-1-85686-863-1Jim CollinsGood To Great
2004978-1-85686-864-8Mark HaddonThe Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time: Adapted for Audio, Partly Dramatised, Complete Story
2004978-1-85686-866-2Kathy ReichsMonday Mourning: (Temperance Brennan 7)
  ''978-1-85686-867-9Ruth RendellThirteen Steps Down
  ''978-1-85686-868-6Dave GormonDave Gormon's Googlewhack Adventure
  ''978-1-85686-870-9Dave GormanDave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure
2009978-1-85686-877-8Paul Stewart · Chris RiddellThe Edge Chronicles 8: Vox: Second Book of Rook
2005978-1-85686-878-5James Collins · Jerry Porras · Jim CollinsBuilt To Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies
2004978-1-85686-880-8Debi GlioriPure Dead Magic
2005978-1-85686-881-5Rodney BewesA Likely Story: The Autobiography of Rodney Bewes
  ''978-1-85686-882-2Christopher PaoliniEragon: Book One (The Inheritance cycle)
2005978-1-85686-883-9Lyn SmithForgotten Voices of The Holocaust: A New History in the Words of the Men and Women Who Survived (Forgotten Voices/Holocaust)
  ''978-1-85686-884-6Lyn SmithForgotten Voices of The Holocaust: A New History in the Words of the Men and Women Who Survived (Forgotten Voices/Holocaust)
  ''978-1-85686-887-7Roger McGoughSaid And Done
2008978-1-85686-890-7John GrishamThe Appeal
2006978-1-85686-891-4Donna LeonThrough a Glass Darkly: (Brunetti 15)
  ''978-1-85686-892-1Chris RyanUltimate Weapon
  ''978-1-85686-893-8Karin SlaughterTriptych: (Will Trent / Atlanta series 1)
2005978-1-85686-895-2Madhur JaffreyClimbing the Mango Trees: A Memoir of a Childhood in India
2006978-1-85686-896-9Lee ChildThe Hard Way: (Jack Reacher 10)
2005978-1-85686-897-6Leonard Mlodinow · Stephen HawkingA Briefer History of Time
2006978-1-85686-901-0John GrishamThe Innocent Man
1997978-1-85686-909-6Chris RyanStand by, Stand by
2004978-1-85686-914-0Andy McNabDeep Black (Nick Stone 07)
2004978-1-85686-915-7John GrishamThe Summons
2004978-1-85686-916-4John GrishamThe Testament
  ''978-1-85686-917-1   ''The Brethren
  ''978-1-85686-920-1Sebastian FaulksBirdsong
  ''978-1-85686-922-5Robert HarrisEnigma
  ''978-1-85686-923-2   ''Archangel CD
2004978-1-85686-924-9Ruth RendellAdam and Eve and Pinch MeCD
  ''978-1-85686-925-6   ''A Sight For Sore Eyes
  ''978-1-85686-926-3   ''Harm Done: (A Wexford Case)
  ''978-1-85686-927-0Kathy ReichsFatal Voyage: (Temperance Brennan 4)
2004978-1-85686-928-7Kathy ReichsGrave Secrets: (Temperance Brennan 5)
  ''978-1-85686-930-0Stephen HawkingUniverse In A Nutshell
  ''978-1-85686-936-2Joanne HarrisSleep, Pale Sister
  ''978-1-85686-937-9Ben EltonPast Mortem
  ''978-1-85686-940-9Tony BennDare To Be A Daniel: Then and Now
2004978-1-85686-944-7Michael BuerkThe Road Taken
  ''978-1-85686-950-8Max ArthurForgotten Voices of World War Two: War in the Mediterranean
  ''978-1-85686-952-2   ''Forgotten Voices Of The Second World War: War at Sea and in the Air
  ''978-1-85686-954-6   ''Forgotten Voices Of The Second World War: D-Day and Beyond
  ''978-1-85686-956-0   ''Forgotten Voices of the Second World War
2004978-1-85686-957-7Mo HayderTokyo
  ''978-1-85686-958-4Tim MooreSpanish StepsTape
  ''978-1-85686-960-7Louis de BernieresBirds Without Wings
  ''978-1-85686-962-1Joseph O'ConnorThe Star Of The Sea
  ''978-1-85686-964-5Joe SimpsonTouching The Void
2004978-1-85686-966-9Karin SlaughterIndelible: (Grant County series 4)
2005978-1-85686-968-3Chris RyanRC 827 Blackout CD
  ''978-1-85686-970-6John GrishamThe Broker
  ''978-1-85686-971-3   ''The Broker
  ''978-1-85686-972-0Donna LeonBlood From A Stone: (Brunetti 14)
  ''978-1-85686-974-4Sebastian FaulksHuman Traces
2005978-1-85686-975-1Karin SlaughterFaithless: (Grant County series 5)
  ''978-1-85686-977-5Ruth RendellEnd In Tears: (A Wexford Case)
2005978-1-85686-978-2Ruth RendellEnd In Tears: (A Wexford Case)
2004978-1-85686-981-2Bill ClintonMy Life
2005978-1-85686-985-0Kathy ReichsCross Bones: (Temperance Brennan 8)
  ''978-1-85686-986-7Andy McNabAggressor: (Nick Stone Thriller 8)
2004978-1-85686-987-4Mireille GuilianoFrench Women Don't Get Fat: v.3: Eating for Pleasure and Other Customs You Make Your Own: Vol 3
2005978-1-85686-988-1Lee ChildOne Shot: (Jack Reacher 9)
2006978-1-85686-990-4Stella RimingtonSecret Asset: (Liz Carlyle 2)
2005978-1-85686-991-1John GrishamThe Partner
  ''978-1-85686-992-8   ''A Time To Kill
  ''978-1-85686-993-5   ''The Street Lawyer
  ''978-1-85686-994-2Sebastian FaulksGirl at the Lion d'Or
2005978-1-85686-995-9Mireille GuilianoFrench Women Dont Get Fat X6 Incl 1fr Cp
  ''978-1-85686-996-6Allan MallinsonAn Act of Courage
  ''978-1-85686-998-0Marcus BerkmannFatherhood