year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1991978-1-85648-010-9Eric TreacyPortrait of Steam
  ''978-1-85648-015-4Alfred PriceSpitfire: A Complete Fighting History
1997978-1-85648-019-2Henry GrayGray's Anatomy - The Classic First Edition
1992978-1-85648-028-4The Icing on the Cake
1998978-1-85648-045-1John MiddletonUnderground Atlas: A Gazetteer of the World's Cave Regions
1995978-1-85648-055-0Mike Garbett · Brian GouldingLancaster
1989978-1-85648-073-4Lindsay John BradshawSugar Art Ideas: Stenciling & Airbrushing
1992978-1-85648-105-2Marie AngelThe Art of Calligraphy. A Practical Guide
1993978-1-85648-127-4John SeymourRural Life: Pictures from the Past
1997978-1-85648-148-9Chaz BowyerHurricane and Messerschmitt
  ''978-1-85648-165-6BACONIllust M/Cycles Kawasaki
1995978-1-85648-173-1Chaz BowyerHalifax and Wellington
  ''978-1-85648-178-6Humphrey HouseholdNarrow Gauge Railways: England and the Fifteen Inch
  ''978-1-85648-179-3J.S. WhiteleyThe Big Four Remembered
1994978-1-85648-180-9Ray MearsThe Survival Handbook: A Practical Guide to Woodcraft and Woodlore
1997978-1-85648-182-3Stanley StewartAir Disasters
1994978-1-85648-203-5Alan PinderQuick and Easy Wooden Toys
1994978-1-85648-214-1Christopher ChippindaleLand of Gods and Giants
  ''978-1-85648-215-8Colin GarrattWorld of Steam Railways
1995978-1-85648-219-6Louis L. SnyderEncyclopedia of the Third Reich
  ''978-1-85648-231-8Roy BaconPorsche Illustrated Motorcar Legends
  ''978-1-85648-243-1Gordon. BainDe Havilland - A Pictorial Tribute
1998978-1-85648-246-2Andrew BrookesFighter and Bomber Squadrons at War
1995978-1-85648-267-7Nigel BlundellAdolf Hitler
1997978-1-85648-310-0Roy H. BaconNorton Commando: All Models
  ''978-1-85648-414-5William L. ShirerBerlin Diary, 1934-1941: The Rise of the Third Reich
1998978-1-85648-482-4Tom McCluskieAnatomy of the Titanic
1998978-1-85648-504-3The World of Art
1999978-1-85648-552-4Michael Sharpe. Jerry Scutts. Dan MarchAircraft of World War II. a Visual Encyclopedia
1998978-1-85648-560-9Forgotten Ireland
2000978-1-85648-561-6Michael Swift · George GrantBritain from the Air
  ''978-1-85648-573-9Michael Swift · Michael SharpeHistorical Maps of WWII Europe
2002978-1-85648-603-3UnnamedFrank Lloyd Wright In Pop-Up
  ''978-1-85648-638-5Philip GutzmanVietnam: A Visual Encyclopedia (History)
2003978-1-85648-651-4Simon Forty · Michael SwiftHistorical Maps of the Napoleonic Wars
  ''978-1-85648-657-6Stephen BullAspects of War: Trench Warfare
  ''978-1-85648-663-7Maureen FlettSwiss Ball: For Strength, Tone and Posture
2003978-1-85648-665-1Frank Lloyd Wright: Year By Year
  ''978-1-85648-667-5Marcia ReissArchitecture in Detail New York
1998978-1-85648-689-7Tom McCluskieTitanic and Her Sisters Olympic and Britannic
2003978-1-85648-696-5Peter ChanCreating a Japanese Garden
  ''978-1-85648-697-2John GallagherGeisha: A Unique World of Tradition, Elegance and Art
  ''978-1-85648-698-9Laura WardFoolish Words: The Most Stupid Words Ever Spoken
2004978-1-85648-703-0Stephen TurnbullSamurai: The Story of Japan's Great Warriors
  ''978-1-85648-707-8Allan ConwayAnalyze This: What Handwriting Reveals
2004978-1-85648-724-5James MilliganResistance Band Workout: A Simple Way to Tone and Strengthen Your Muscles
  ''978-1-85648-727-6Sandie Jones · Jo PinkCar Games: 100 Games to Avoid "Are We There Yet?"

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