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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-85642-040-2Ruth ParadicePsychology for Midwives (Current Issues in Midwifery)
1998978-1-85642-062-4N.Okon IronbarA Pathway to NVQs in Care: An Underpinning Knowledge
1999978-1-85642-103-4Robert M. CohenPresentations of Clinical Psychiatry
2000978-1-85642-111-9Tony Ghaye · Sue Lillyman · Tony GhayleReflection: Principles and Practice for Healthcare Professionals (Reflective Practice)
1996978-1-85642-124-9Brian W. McGuinnessMCQs in Primary Health Care
2000978-1-85642-125-6Tony Ghaye · Sue LillymanEffective Clinical Supervision: The Role of Reflection (Reflective Practice)
1999978-1-85642-130-0Sylvia BaddeleyHealth-related Fitness During Pregnancy (Management in Midwifery S.)
1995978-1-85642-133-1Robert I. CohenPatient Management Problems for the MCRPsych
1999978-1-85642-138-6Rose AllenThe Three Cs: Choice, Continuity and Control for Midwives (Key Management Skills in Midwifery)
1997978-1-85642-153-9Sue Lillyman · Tony GhayeLearning Journals and Critical Incidents: Reflective Practice for Health Care Professionals
1999978-1-85642-176-8Jan WilliamsonA Guide to Precision Reflexology
2007978-1-85642-182-9Julia HeadMental Health, Religion & Spirituality: Pathways for Practioners
2001978-1-85642-187-4Jan WilliamsonA Guide to Natural Healthcare
  ''978-1-85642-189-8David MarteauAddiction
2006978-1-85642-194-2John Cutliffe · Martin WardCritiquing Nursing Research
2002978-1-85642-202-4Bridgit C. DimondLegal Aspects of Patient Confidentiality (British Journal of Nursing (BJN) Monograph)
  ''978-1-85642-208-6Kristine WalkerHand Reflexology: A Textbook for Students
  ''978-1-85642-209-3Maggie Reeves · Jacquie OrfordFundamental Aspects of Legal, Ethical and Professional Issues in Nursing (Fundamental Aspects of Nursing)
2004978-1-85642-211-6Robert Becker · Richard GamlinPalliative Care Nursing (Fundamental Aspects of Nursing)
2003978-1-85642-217-8Bridgit C. DimondLegal Aspects of Consent (Legal Aspects of Health Care)
2006978-1-85642-221-5Chris BarclayWomen's Health for the Primary Care Team (Issues for the Primary Care Team)
2005978-1-85642-229-1John Howarth · Eileen PalmerPalliative Care for the Primary Care Team
2006978-1-85642-231-4Adrian AshurstManaging a Care Home
2008978-1-85642-234-5Jean BaylissCounselling Skills in Palliative Care
  ''978-1-85642-248-2Fares Haddad · Sam Oussedik · Rahul PatelOrthopaedic Trauma: A Systematic Approach
2004978-1-85642-257-4George Castledine · Suzanne ReedHandbook of Evidence-based Clinical Interventions and Risk Assessment: Interventions and Risk Assessment Practice
2004978-1-85642-259-8Tina Lavender · Grace Edwards · Zarko AlfireviccDemystifying Qualitative Research in Pregnancy and Childbirth: A Resource Book for Midwives and Obstetricians
2003978-1-85642-260-4Cheryl Dunford · Bridget GunnewichtFundamental Aspects of Tissue Viability
2005978-1-85642-268-0Shameen Mir · Elizabeth McDonaldPrescribing in Pregnancy and Lactation
2003978-1-85642-271-0J. Van Der Boom · Joseph Tony · S. ThirumalaiObjective Structured Clinical Examination for Psychiatric Trainees
2005978-1-85642-273-4Catherine Gamble · Neil BrimblecombeKey Skills in Community Mental Health Nursing: Assessment
  ''978-1-85642-282-6Bridgit C. DimondLegal Aspects of Health and Safety: British Journal of Nursing Monograph
  ''978-1-85642-297-0   ''Legal Aspects of Medicine (Legal Aspects of Health Care)
2007978-1-85642-311-3Jane ScullionFundamental Aspects of Respiratory Nursing (Fundamental Aspects of Nursing)
2006978-1-85642-313-7Jorg Pont · Rosemary WoolPrison Health Care: A Guide for Health Care Practitioners in Prisons
2007978-1-85642-316-8John Cutcliffe · Martin F. WardCritiquing Nursing Research
2006978-1-85642-321-2Roger HurnBe a Better Literacy Coordinator (Be a Better Series)
  ''978-1-85642-325-0Peter LeylandBe a Better Gifted and Talented Coordinator (Be a Better Series)
2007978-1-85642-326-7Rose BroughamBe a Better Form Tutor
2008978-1-85642-331-1Tony Ghaye · Sue LillymanLearning Journals and Critical Incidents: Reflective Practice for Health Care Professionals
  ''978-1-85642-339-7Carol KingdonSociology for Midwives
2006978-1-85642-343-4Emily Webb · Matthew FarnThe NQT Survival Guide
2007978-1-85642-347-2Osbourne A · Wallace V · Moorhead C · Jones D · Thomas N · Esson P · Demilew J · McElligott MStatutory Supervision of Midwives: A Resource for Midwives and mothers
2006978-1-85642-353-3Liz RhodesBe a Better Primary Supply Teacher
2008978-1-85642-356-4Val Thurtle · Jane WrightPromoting the Health of School Age Children
2007978-1-85642-359-5Bob MortimerThe new MRCGP Handbook for General Practice
2008978-1-85642-360-1Kathryn PorterThe Dental Nurses' Guide to Infection Control and Decontamination
2009978-1-85642-361-8Angela GaingerEssential Practice for Healthcare Assistants
2008978-1-85642-363-2Austyn SnowdenPrescribing and Mental Health Nursing (Nurse Prescribing)
2008978-1-85642-373-1Sue Lillyman · Anne SaxonCommunity Matrons: Caring for people with long-term conditions
2009978-1-85642-376-2Rhidian HughesReducing Restraints in Health and Social Care: practice and policy perspectives
  ''978-1-85642-382-3Doris DunnTwelve Babies on a Bike: Midwife Compton's Case Notes
  ''978-1-85642-384-7Bridgit DimondLegal Aspects of Consent: 2nd edition (Legal Aspects of Healthcare)
  ''978-1-85642-385-4Mark JukesLearning Disability Nursing Practice
  ''978-1-85642-388-5Yana RichensCare for Pregnant Women Who are Obese
2010978-1-85642-391-5Tony Ghaye · Sue LillymanReflection: Principles and Practice for Healthcare Professionals 2nd edition
2009978-1-85642-392-2Helen McVeighFundamental Aspects of Long-term Conditions (Fundamental Aspects of Nursing)
2009978-1-85642-398-4VariousClinical Leadership: Bridging the divide
2010978-1-85642-404-2variousInflammatory Bowel Disease Nursing
  ''978-1-85642-408-0McKimm Judy · Tim SwanwickClinical Teaching Made Easy: A Practical Guide to Teaching and Learning in a Clinical Setting
2011978-1-85642-409-7Kathryn PorterDental Nurse Survival Guide
  ''978-1-85642-416-5Bridgit DimondLegal Aspects of Medicines (Legal Aspects of Health Care) (Legal Aspects of Health Care S.)
2010978-1-85642-420-2Hannah CordlePsychosis: Stories of Recovery and Hope
2015978-1-85642-505-6Tony Ghaye · Sue LillymanPromoting Ethical Action Through Reflective Practice