Libertarian Alliance

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1991978-1-85637-039-4Paul StainesHouse Parties Against the Lifestyle Police and the Safety Nazis (Political Notes)
  ''978-1-85637-066-0Jack SchwartzmanThe Devil and the Reformers (Political Notes)
1992978-1-85637-120-9Douglas RasmussenAyn Rand on Obligation and Value (Philosophical Notes)
1995978-1-85637-281-7Wendy McElroyIntellectual Property: The Late Nineteenth Century Libertarian Debate (Libertarian Heritage)
1997978-1-85637-363-0Bryan CaplanLocke, Consent and the Rights of Children (Philosophical Notes)
2001978-1-85637-504-7Daniel C. BurtonLibertarian Anarchism: Why it is Best for Freedom, Law, the Economy, and the Environment, and Why Direct Action is the Way to Get it (Political Notes)
2002978-1-85637-549-8Nigel MeekAn Individualist Anarchist Critique of 'Intellectual Property': The Views of Benjamin Tucker (1854-1939) (Libertarian Heritage)
2003978-1-85637-564-1Joe PeacottAn Overview of Individualist Anarchist Thought (Economic Notes)
  ''978-1-85637-591-7Mark RobertsRelated to Bigotry: The Repression of Swingers in Early 21st Britain (Sociological Notes)
2009978-1-85637-638-9Carlos GebauerPublic Health and Private Sickness: The Law of Governing Bodies, Administrative Corpses and Ailing Citizens: Illustrations from Germany (Political Notes)