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1987978-1-85635-001-3John B KeaneDurango
1995978-1-85635-016-7Edmund LenihanThe Devil is an Irishman
1993978-1-85635-036-5James McCallenStand and Deliver: Stories of Irish Highwaymen
1992978-1-85635-037-2Linda Schubert · Robert De GrandisThe Gift of Miracles: Experiencing God's Extraordinary Power in Your Life
1993978-1-85635-038-9Jack O'BrienThe Unionjacking of Ireland
  ''978-1-85635-039-6Joseph McVeighRenewing the Irish Church: Towards an Irish Liberation Theology
1988978-1-85635-058-7John B KeaneContractors
1993978-1-85635-071-6Edmund LenihanFionn MacCumhail and the Baking Hags
1989978-1-85635-079-2Anthony BluettThings Irish
  ''978-1-85635-090-7John B KeaneHigh Meadow (Unknown)
  ''978-1-85635-091-4Patrick ConroyRobert Whyte's Famine Ship Diary 1847: The Journey of an Irish Coffin Ship
1994978-1-85635-093-8Kevin DanaherThe Year in Ireland: Irish Calendar Customs
  ''978-1-85635-108-9T. W. Moody · F. X. MartinThe Course of Irish History
1995978-1-85635-111-9Cathal PoirteirThe Great Irish Famine (Thomas Davis Lecture Series)
1990978-1-85635-115-7Pat MurphyToss The Feathers - Irish Set Dancing
1991978-1-85635-133-1Leslie MatsonMéiní - The Blasket Nurse
1997978-1-85635-137-9Sean McMahonA Short History of Ireland
1996978-1-85635-138-6Des MacHaleBest Irish Humorous Quotations
1991978-1-85635-144-7Niamh SharkeyIrish Legends For The Very Young
1996978-1-85635-148-5Michael CollinsMichael Collins' Path to Freedom: Articles and Speeches by Michael Collins
1996978-1-85635-150-8Edmund LenihanA Spooky Irish Tale for Children
1991978-1-85635-156-0John B KeaneCelebrated Letters JBK P/B
1997978-1-85635-163-8Charles Chenevix TrenchGrace's Card: Irish Catholic Landlords 1690-1800
  ''978-1-85635-171-3John A. MurphyThe French Are in the Bay: The Expedition to Bantry Bay, 1796: Expedition to Botany Bay, 1796
1992978-1-85635-186-7Bairbre McCarthyFavourite Irish Legends in Irish and English
1997978-1-85635-188-1Eddie LenihanDefiant Irish Women
  ''978-1-85635-194-2Dan Harvey · Gerry WhiteThe Barracks, The: History of Victoria/Collins Barracks
  ''978-1-85635-195-9Colm Keane · Marie MurrayThe Teenage Years
  ''978-1-85635-197-3Eddie LenihanGruesome Irish Tales for Children
1997978-1-85635-202-4T. Ryle DwyerFallen Idol: Haughey's Controversial Career
  ''978-1-85635-203-1JimmyJimmy's Joke Book
1999978-1-85635-213-0Peg CoghlanThe Blarney Stone
1993978-1-85635-214-7Peg CoughlanIrish Names For Children
  ''978-1-85635-220-8Bobby SandsWritings From Prison
1998978-1-85635-222-2Eoin NeesonCeltic Myths and Legends
  ''978-1-85635-223-9Raymond MurrayHard Time: Armagh Gaol, 1971-86
1993978-1-85635-230-7Padraig TyersBlasket Memories: The Life of an Irish Island Community
2000978-1-85635-231-4Ray Mac Sharry · Padraic WhiteThe Making of the Celtic Tiger: The inside Story of Ireland's Boom Economy
1998978-1-85635-235-2Ray MurrayState Violence: Northern Ireland 1969-1997
1993978-1-85635-238-3Edmund LenihanHumorous Irish Tales For Children
1994978-1-85635-245-1Eithne LoughreyAnnie Moore:First In Line For America
1999978-1-85635-248-2Edward PurdonThe Story of the Irish Language (Compact Irish history)
  ''978-1-85635-255-0Ellen ReganThe Mystery of the Lusitania
1994978-1-85635-265-9John B KeaneBest Of John B Keane: Collected Humorous Writings
1994978-1-85635-266-6Liam DeasyBrother Against Brother
1999978-1-85635-267-3Maurice SheehyWhen the Normans Came to Ireland
1994978-1-85635-276-5Mick O'FarrellWalk Through Rebel Dublin 1916
  ''978-1-85635-281-9Nollaig Ó GadhraCivil War In Connacht 1922-1923
  ''978-1-85635-284-0Myles Na gCopaleenAn Béal Bocht
1999978-1-85635-291-8Brendain DelapMad Dog Coll: An Irish Gangster
1996978-1-85635-294-9Jack RobertsSheela-Na-Gigs Of Ireland & Britain: An Illustrated Guide to the Sheela-na-Gigs of Britain and Ireland
1995978-1-85635-296-3Eithne LoughreyAnnie Moore:Golden Dollar Girl
  ''978-1-85635-297-0John B KeaneCelebrated Letters of John B Keane Vol 2: v. 2
  ''978-1-85635-298-7Pat BoranShort History Of Dublin
2000978-1-85635-300-7Edward PurdonThe Irish Civil War, 1922-1923 (Compact Irish history)
2000978-1-85635-306-9Maria BuckleyIrish Marriage Customs (Celtic Ireland)
  ''978-1-85635-308-3Pat MurphyThe Flowing Tide: More Irish Set Dancing
  ''978-1-85635-311-3Sean McMahonA Short History of Ulster
  ''978-1-85635-314-4Richard AbbottPolice Casualties in Ireland, 1919-1922
  ''978-1-85635-316-8Meda RyanBiddy Early: the Wise Woman of Clare
2000978-1-85635-317-5Werner AntpohlerNewgrange, Dowth and Knowth: A Visit
  ''978-1-85635-323-6Eddie LenihanSavage Pigs of Tulla
  ''978-1-85635-328-1Ruth FleischmannAloys Fleischmann
  ''978-1-85635-330-4Vincent PowerSend 'Em Home Sweatin': Irish Showband Story
2001978-1-85635-335-9Paddy Doherty · Peter HegartyPaddy Bogside
  ''978-1-85635-336-6Ray MacSharry · Padraic WhiteThe Making of the Celtic Tiger
2001978-1-85635-341-0Edward PurdonThe War of Independence (Compact Irish History S.)
2012978-1-85635-344-1John B. KeaneThe Short Stories of John B.Keane
1996978-1-85635-348-9Eithne LoughreyAnnie Moore:New York City Girl
  ''978-1-85635-349-6Bobby SandsOne Day In My Life
  ''978-1-85635-353-3Ryle T DwyerTans, Terror & Troubles: Kerry's Real Fighting Story
2001978-1-85635-357-1Barbara FitzgibbonGoing West: Two Years Sailing Around the World
  ''978-1-85635-366-3Eddie RenihanRowdy Irish Tales for Children
  ''978-1-85635-368-7T. Ryle DwyerNice Fellow: A Biography of Jack Lynch
2001978-1-85635-370-0T.W. Moody · F.X. MartinThe Course of Irish History
1997978-1-85635-387-8Jean-Noël CogheRory Gallagher: A Biography
2002978-1-85635-388-5Patrick HickeyFamine in West Cork: the Mizen Peninsula Land and People 1800-1852
1998978-1-85635-391-5Anne AlcockWoman in Search of Wholeness, A Journey with the Samaritan Woman: Reflection, Relaxation and Response
2001978-1-85635-392-2Edmund LenihanLong Ago By Shannonside
2002978-1-85635-401-1T. Ryle DwyerNice Fellow: A Biography of Jack Lynch
2001978-1-85635-408-0Kevin Haddick-FlynnSarsfield & the Jacobites
2003978-1-85635-409-7Valerie PierceQuick Thinking on Your Feet
  ''978-1-85635-413-4Seamus O'GriannaThe Sea's Revenge and Other Stories (Scribhinni Mhaire)
  ''978-1-85635-421-9John B. KeaneDan Paddy Andy, the Matchmaker
  ''978-1-85635-425-7Meda RyanTom Barry: Column Commander & IRA Freedom Fighter
2005978-1-85635-426-4T. Ryle DwyerForty Years of Controversy
2004978-1-85635-437-0Raymond MurrayThe SAS in Ireland
2000978-1-85635-442-4Kevin DanaherIrish Customs And Beliefs
2004978-1-85635-443-1Judith CookPirate Queen the Life of Grace O'Malley
2000978-1-85635-445-5Dermot KeoghIreland in World War Two: Neutrality and the Art of Survival
  ''978-1-85635-452-3Senan MolonyLusitania - Irish Tragedy: An Irish Tragedy
2001978-1-85635-453-0Dermot KeoghLimerick Boycott 1904 - Anti Semitism In Ireland
2005978-1-85635-458-5Anthony BarryNo Lovelier City
2005978-1-85635-459-2Ray KavanaghMamie Cadden: Backstreet Abortionist
2001978-1-85635-460-8Meda RyanReal Chief - Liam Lynch: The Story of Liam Lynch
  ''978-1-85635-465-3Gerry WhiteBaptised In Blood: An Illustrated History of the Cork Brigade of the Irish Volunteers, 1913-16
2005978-1-85635-466-0William HenrySupreme Sacrifice: The Story of Eamonn Ceannt, 1881-1916
  ''978-1-85635-469-1T.Ryle DwyerThe Squad: And the Intelligence Operations of Michael Collins
  ''978-1-85635-471-4Terry LynchBeyond Prozac: Healing Mental Suffering Without Drugs
2001978-1-85635-472-1Anne Marie O'DonnellIslanders
2005978-1-85635-478-3Audrey Healy · Don MullanContacted: Testimonies of People Who Have Been Contacted by Their Deceased Loved Ones
2001978-1-85635-479-0Aine TubridyDepression An Emotion Not A Disease
2005978-1-85635-480-6Meda RyanTom Barry: IRA Freedom Fighter
  ''978-1-85635-485-1Sandra CounahanTraditional Irish Embroidery: Mountmellick Work
2005978-1-85635-487-5Mark Pollock · Ross WhitakerMaking it Happen
2002978-1-85635-492-9Desmond MacHaleDecapitated Coffee Please: And Other Great Malapropisms
2006978-1-85635-493-6Patrick Nordstrom · Barth BuckleyMotorcycle Tours in the South of Ireland
  ''978-1-85635-497-4Niall KeoghCon Cremin: Ireland's Wartime Diplomat
  ''978-1-85635-498-1Sean McMahonRebel Ireland: Easter Rising to Civil War
  ''978-1-85635-505-6Nicholas Furlong · Diarmait FurlongDiarmait King of Leinster
2002978-1-85635-506-3Joe AmbroseDan Breen and the IRA
2006978-1-85635-509-4Dermot Butler · Carl NallyConspiracy of Silence: UFOs in Ireland
  ''978-1-85635-510-0Michael O'TooleCleared for Disaster: Ireland's Most Horrific Air Crashes
2002978-1-85635-511-7Senan MolonyPhoenix Park Murders: Murder, Betrayal and Retribution
2002978-1-85635-512-4Gabriel DohertyMichael Collins - And The Making Of The Irish State
2006978-1-85635-519-3Eddie LenihanEddie Lenihan's Irish Tales of Mystery and Magic
  ''978-1-85635-521-6Claire CashinWill You Be Here When I Get Home?
  ''978-1-85635-526-1T.Ryle DwyerI Signed My Death Warrant: Michael Collins and the Treaty
2007978-1-85635-536-0Andrew GallimoreA Bloody Canvas: The Mike McTigue Story
  ''978-1-85635-538-4Paul CampbellI'll Stop Tomorrow
  ''978-1-85635-539-1Trish KuffnerThe Toddler's Busy Book: 365 Fun, Creative Games and Activities to Keep Your 1-1/2 - 3 Year Old Busy
2007978-1-85635-545-2Gabriel Doherty · Dermot Keogh · Garret Fitzgerald1916: The Long Revolution
2003978-1-85635-552-0Jim LaceyCandle In The Window: A History of the Barony of Castleknock
  ''978-1-85635-554-4Joe AmbroseSean Treacy and the Tan War
  ''978-1-85635-555-1Mark EvansInquizition
  ''978-1-85635-561-2Dermot KeoghMaking Of The Irish Constitution 1937
978-1-85635-566-7The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Gaelic Football and Hurling
2008978-1-85635-569-8Mike Gaffney · Colin O'BrienThat'll Never Work: Success Stories from Private Irish Business
  ''978-1-85635-576-6Paul O'BrienBlood on the Streets: 1916 and the Battle for Mount Street Bridge
2008978-1-85635-578-0Brian J. ShowersThe Bleeding Horse and Other Ghost Stories
2004978-1-85635-580-3Aengus J NolanJoseph Walshe: Irish Foreign Policy 1922-1946
  ''978-1-85635-582-7Annie WestMoxie The Underdog
2008978-1-85635-589-6Terence O'ReillyHitler's Irishmen
2004978-1-85635-590-2Tom DoyleCivil War in Kerry: Defending the Republic
2008978-1-85635-591-9Frank HopkinsHidden Dublin: Deadbeats, Dossers and Decent Skins
  ''978-1-85635-594-0Noel RedicanShadows of Doubt: The Story of a Republican 'gone Wrong'
2004978-1-85635-602-2David CourtneyNine Lives
2008978-1-85635-607-7Joe AmbroseThe Fenian Anthology
2004978-1-85635-609-1Edmund LenihanDevil Is An Irishman: Four Stories of Encounters with the Devil
2005978-1-85635-612-1Pearse LawlorBurnings 1920
2009978-1-85635-613-8Padraig Og O RuaircBlood on the Banner: The Republican Struggle in Clare
  ''978-1-85635-619-0Mick O'Farrell50 Things You Didn't Know About 1916
2005978-1-85635-621-3Liam NolanSecret Victory: Ireland and the War at Sea 1914-1918: Cobh and the War at Sea 1914-1918
2009978-1-85635-624-4Padraig Ua CnaimhsiRoise Rua: An Island Memoir
  ''978-1-85635-625-1T.Ryle DwyerMichael Collins: The Man Who Won the War
2009978-1-85635-629-9Donal SkehanGood Mood Food: Simple, Healthy, Home Cooking
2005978-1-85635-632-9Liam J Ó DuibhirDonegal Awakening
2009978-1-85635-639-8Tadhg Kennelly · Scott GullanTadhg Kennelly: Unfinished Business
  ''978-1-85635-641-1JJ LeeKerry's Fighting Story 1916-21: Told by the Men Who Made it (Fighting Stories)
  ''978-1-85635-642-8Ruan O'DonnellLimerick's Fighting Story 1916-21: Told by the Men Who Made it (Fighting Stories)
  ''978-1-85635-643-5Diarmaid FerriterDublin's Fighting Story: Told by the Men Who Made it (Fighting Stories) (The Fighting Stories)
  ''978-1-85635-644-2Peter HartRebel Cork's Fighting Story: Told by the Men Who Made it (The Fighting Stories)
2005978-1-85635-649-7Terence O'ReillyRebel Heart
2009978-1-85635-651-0John B. Keane · Joanna Keane O'FlynnSive
2005978-1-85635-652-7Brendan FoleyYin Yang Complex
2006978-1-85635-654-1Paul O'BrienUncommon Valour
2005978-1-85635-656-5Michael HarringtonMunster Republic
2010978-1-85635-659-6Kevin McCarthyPeeler
2010978-1-85635-666-4Trevor KeaneGaffers: 50 Years of Irish Football Managers
2011978-1-85635-670-1Clive HollickThe Battle of Benburb
2010978-1-85635-672-5Darach MacDonaldBlood and Thunder: Inside an Ulster Protestant Band
2006978-1-85635-675-6Pádraig Óg Ó RuaircBattle for Limerick City (Mercier's History of the Irish Civil War)
  ''978-1-85635-676-3Tom DoyleSummer Campaign In Kerry (Mercier's History of the Irish Civil War)
2010978-1-85635-677-0Barry KennerkShadow of the Brotherhood: The Temple Bar Shootings
2006978-1-85635-679-4Hugh OramBygone Limerick
2011978-1-85635-680-0Liz GillisThe Fall of Dublin (Military History of the Irish Civil War)
2010978-1-85635-683-1Raymond O'ReganHidden Belfast: Benevolence, Blackguards and Balloon Heads (Hidden City Series)
  ''978-1-85635-684-8Ann MatthewsRenegades: Irish Republican Women 1900-1922
  ''978-1-85635-686-2Michael LenihanHidden Cork: Charmers, Chancers and Cute Hoors (Hidden City Series)
  ''978-1-85635-687-9The KerrymanWith the IRA in the Fight for Freedom: 1919 to the Truce (Fighting Stories)
2006978-1-85635-689-3Florence O'DonoghueIRA Jailbreaks 1918-1921
2011978-1-85635-691-6Mick McCarthy · Patricia AhernIn Search of the Missing: Working with Search and Rescue Dogs in Ireland
2011978-1-85635-692-3John O'CallaghanThe Battle for Kilmallock (Military History of the Irish Civil War Series)
  ''978-1-85635-693-0Fachtna O DrisceoilThe Missing Postman: What Really Happened to Larry Griffin?
  ''978-1-85635-696-1John BorgonovoThe Battle for Cork: July-August 1922 (Military History of the Irish Civil War Series)
  ''978-1-85635-712-8Ann ClareUnlikely Rebels: The Gifford Girls
2020978-1-85635-714-2Raymond O'ReganHidden Belfast (Hidden City Series)
2011978-1-85635-715-9Ernie O'MalleyRaids and Rallies (Ernie O'Malley Series) (The Ernie O'Malley Series)
  ''978-1-85635-719-7Roger Chatterton NewmanBrian Boru: King of Ireland
2011978-1-85635-720-3Liam O'DuibhirDonegal and the Civil War: The Untold Story
  ''978-1-85635-751-7Colm O'GaoraOn the Run: The Story of an Irish Freedom Fighter
  ''978-1-85635-752-4Padraig Og O RuaircRevolution: A Photographic History of Revolutionary Ireland 1913-1923
  ''978-1-85635-753-1William HenryFamine: Galways's Darkest Years
  ''978-1-85635-754-8   ''Hidden Galway: Gallows, Garrisons and Guttersnipes (Hidden Cities)
2011978-1-85635-757-9James DurneyThe Civil War in Kildare
2012978-1-85635-805-7Shane MacThomaisDead Interesting: Stories from the Graveyards of Dublin (Glasnevin Trust)
2011978-1-85635-806-4Pearse LawlorThe Outrages 1920-1922: The IRA and the Ulster Special Constabulary in the Border Campaign
  ''978-1-85635-882-8Michael LenihanPure Cork
2012978-1-85635-883-5Senan MolonyThe Irish Aboard Titanic
1969978-1-85635-954-2John B. KeaneBig Maggie
2013978-1-85635-981-8Cal McCarthy · Kevin ToddThe Wreck of the Neva: The Horrifying Fate of a Convict Ship and the Women Aboard
2012978-1-85635-992-4Meda RyanLiam Lynch: The Real Chief (Irish Revolutionaries) (2012 Titles (PC))