Permanent Publications

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1990978-1-85623-000-1Madeleine Harland · Glen FinnHealthy Business: The Natural Practitioner's Guide to Success
1991978-1-85623-001-8   ''The Barefoot Homoeopath: Health Care for the Whole Person
1993978-1-85623-002-5David WatkinsUrban Permaculture: A Practical Handbook for Sustainable Living
2012978-1-85623-003-2Patrick WhitefieldPermaculture in a Nutshell: 1
1992978-1-85623-005-6Madeleine Harland · Glen FinnHealthy Business: The Natural Practitioner's Guide to Success
1993978-1-85623-006-3Barre KentSignal!: History of Signalling in the Royal Navy
1994978-1-85623-007-0Simon Pratt-AdamsPermaculture Plot: The Guide to Permaculture in Britain
2012978-1-85623-008-7Patrick WhitefieldHow to Make a Forest Garden: 1
2001978-1-85623-009-4Ben LawThe Woodland Way: A Permaculture Approach to Sustainable Woodland Management
1996978-1-85623-010-0Simon Pratt-AdamsThe Permaculture Plot: The Guide to Permaculture in Britain
2011978-1-85623-011-7Ken FernPlants for a Future: Edible and Useful Plants for a Healthier World: 1
1999978-1-85623-012-4Emilia HazelipSynergistic Garden [VHS]
  ''978-1-85623-013-1Madeleine Harland · Glen FinnHealthy Business: The Natural Practitioner's Guide to Success
  ''978-1-85623-014-8Edited by Hildur JacksonCreating Harmony: Conflict Resolution in Community: 1
  ''978-1-85623-015-5John YeomanSelf Reliance: A Recipe for the New Millennium
1987978-1-85623-016-2Patrick WhitefieldTipi Living (Simple Living)
1990978-1-85623-019-3Tony WrenchBuilding a Low Impact Roundhouse (Simple Living)
2010978-1-85623-020-9Fionnuala O'Hare, Kath Simmons, Sue Weaver Elisabeth EdwardsSanctuary: A Guide to Finding a Different Relationship with the Land (Simple Living)
2011978-1-85623-021-6Patrick WhitefieldThe Earth Care Manual: A Permaculture Handbook for Britain and Other Temperate Climates: A Permaculture Handbook for Britain and Other Temperate Countries
2003978-1-85623-022-3Julian EvansA Wood of Our Own: 1
  ''978-1-85623-023-0Ross MarsThe Basics of Permaculture Design
2006978-1-85623-024-7Steve CharterEat More Raw: A Guide to Health and Sustainability: 1
2004978-1-85623-025-4Captain Barrie KentSignal!: A History of Signalling in the Royal Navy: 1
2004978-1-85623-026-1Robert Kourik · Foreword by Rosalind CreasyDesigning and Maintaining Your Edible Landscape Naturally
  ''978-1-85623-027-8Graham BellThe Permaculture Garden
  ''978-1-85623-028-5Graham Bell · Foreword by David Bellamy · Bill MollisonThe Permaculture Way: Practical Steps to Create a Self-Sustaining World
  ''978-1-85623-029-2Jeff Nugent · Julia BonifacePermaculture Plants
2005978-1-85623-031-5Ben LawThe Woodland House
  ''978-1-85623-032-2Laurence HutchinsonEcological Aquaculture: A Sustainable Solution
2008978-1-85623-033-9Ben Law · Foreword by Hugh Fearnley-WhittingstallThe Woodland Year: 1
2006978-1-85623-034-6Diana WhiteVegan Rustic Cooking: Through the Seasons: 1
2010978-1-85623-035-3Ross Mars · Jenny MarsGetting Started in Permaculture: 54 Projects for Home and Garden (Simple Living)
2007978-1-85623-037-7Ian LillingtonThe Holistic Life: Sustainability Through Permaculture: 1
2007978-1-85623-038-4Kosha Anja Joubert · Robin AlfredBeyond You and Me: Inspiration and Wisdom for Community Building (Four Keys to Sustainable Communities): 1
  ''978-1-85623-039-1Michel DaniekDo It Yourself 12 Volt Solar Power: A Do It Yourself Guide (Simple Living)
  ''978-1-85623-040-7Robert KourikRoots Demystified: change your gardening habits to help roots thrive.: 1
2010978-1-85623-041-4Ben LawRoundwood Timber Framing
2008978-1-85623-042-1Tony WrenchBuilding a Low Impact Roundhouse
2009978-1-85623-043-8Patrick WhitefieldThe Living Landscape: How to Read and Understand It: 1
2010978-1-85623-044-5Ben LawThe Woodland House
2009978-1-85623-045-2John-Paul FlintoffThrough the Eye of a Needle: The true story of a man who went searching for meaning and ended up making his Y-fronts
  ''978-1-85623-046-9Emma CooperThe Alternative Kitchen Garden: An A-Z: 1
  ''978-1-85623-047-6Ross JacksonShaker of the Speare: 1
2009978-1-85623-048-3Ross JacksonThe Companion to Shaker of the Speare: 1
  ''978-1-85623-049-0Jackie SingerBirthrites
2010978-1-85623-050-6Chris Johnstone · Foreword by Rob HopkinsFind Your Power: A Toolkit for Resilience and Positive Change
  ''978-1-85623-051-3Rosemary MorrowEarth User's Guide to Permaculture: 1
2011978-1-85623-052-0David HolmgrenPermaculture Principles & Pathways Beyond Sustainability
2010978-1-85623-053-7Chris Johnstone · Miriam AkhtarThe Happiness Training Plan: practical strategies for a happier life from the new science of positive psychology
  ''978-1-85623-054-4AGROFORESTERIE PRODUIRE AUTREMENT - Agroforestry - Alternative Production [DVD]
  ''978-1-85623-055-1Simon FairlieMeat: A Benign Extravagance
2010978-1-85623-056-8Jonathan Dawson · Ross Jackson · Helena Norberg-HodgeGaian Economics: (Four Keys to Sustainable Communities): 1
978-1-85623-057-5Roundwood Timber Framing [DVD]
978-1-85623-058-2Natural Swimming Pools [DVD]
2010978-1-85623-059-9Sepp HolzerSepp Holzer's Permaculture: 1
2005978-1-85623-060-5Laurence HutchinsonEcological Aquaculture
2011978-1-85623-061-2E. Christopher Mare & Max LindeggerDesigning Ecological Habitats: (Four Keys to Sustainable Communities): 1
  ''978-1-85623-072-8Michel DaniekDo It Yourself 12 Volt Solar Power (Simple Living)
2019978-1-85623-087-2Looby MacnamaraPeople & Permaculture
2012978-1-85623-091-9AranyaPermaculture Design: A step by step guide
  ''978-1-85623-095-7Maddy Harland · William KeepinThe Song of the Earth: A Synthesis of the Scientific and Spiritual Worldviews: Volume 1 (4 Keys to Sustainable Communities)
  ''978-1-85623-097-1Juliet KempPermaculture in Pots: How to Grow Food in Small Urban Spaces
  ''978-1-85623-101-5Mark BoyleThe Moneyless Manifesto: Live Well. Live Rich. Live Free.
2013978-1-85623-105-3Michael GuerraCompact Living: How to Design Small Interior Space
2012978-1-85623-109-1Sepp HolzerDesert or Paradise - Restoring Endangered Landscapes Using Water Management, including Lake and Pond Construction
2013978-1-85623-113-8Carolyn Nuttal · Janet MillingtonOutdoor Classrooms - a Handbook for School Gardens
2013978-1-85623-117-6Glennie KindredLetting in the Wild Edges
  ''978-1-85623-127-5Ben LawWoodland Way, The: A Permaculture Approach to Sustainable Woodland
  ''978-1-85623-137-4Immo Fiebrig · Martin Schnyder & Judith Anger · Foreword by Sepp HolzerEdible Cities: Urban Permaculture for Gardens, Balconies, Rooftops and Beyond
2014978-1-85623-141-1Stephen Barstow · Foreword by Alys FowlerAround the World in 80 Plants
  ''978-1-85623-145-9Rosemary MorrowEarth User's Guide to Teaching Permaculture
  ''978-1-85623-149-7Anni KelseyEdible Perennial Gardening: Growing Successful Polycultures in Small Spaces
2014978-1-85623-153-4Carl LeggeThe Permaculture Kitchen
2013978-1-85623-157-2Will RollsThe Log Book: Getting The Best From Your Woodburning Stove
2014978-1-85623-170-1Francisco Van der Hoff BoersmaManifesto of the Poor
  ''978-1-85623-174-9Tony WrenchBuilding a Low Impact Roundhouse
  ''978-1-85623-175-6Glennie KindredSacred Earth Celebrations
2015978-1-85623-185-5Patrick WhitefieldHow to Read the Landscape
2014978-1-85623-189-3Looby Macnamara · Foreword by Dr Chris Johnstone7 Ways to Think Differently: Embrace Potential, Respond to Life, Discover Abundance
  ''978-1-85623-193-0Mick CollinsThe Unselfish Spirit: Human Evolution in a Time of Global Crisis
2015978-1-85623-197-8Howard JohnsEnergy Revolution: Your Guide to Repowering the Energy System
2014978-1-85623-201-2Graham BurnettThe Vegan Book of Permaculture
  ''978-1-85623-208-1Féidhlim HartySeptic Tank Options and Alternatives: Your Guide to Conventional Natural and Eco-friendly Methods and Technologies
2015978-1-85623-212-8Julian Evans · Will RollsGetting Started in Your Own Wood
2015978-1-85623-216-6Martin CrawfordTrees for Gardens, Orchards and Permaculture
  ''978-1-85623-227-2Helen MooreEcozoa
  ''978-1-85623-243-2Mark BoyleDrinking Molotov Cocktails with Gandhi
2016978-1-85623-247-0Ross MarsHow to Permaculture Your Life
2015978-1-85623-266-1Ben LawThe Woodland Way: A Permaculture Approach to Sustainable Woodland
  ''978-1-85623-275-3Thomas Henfrey · Gil Penha-LopesPermaculture and Climate Change Adaptation
2016978-1-85623-279-1Patrick WhitefieldThe Earth Care Manual: A Permaculture Handbook for Britain and Other Temperate Climates
2017978-1-85623-285-2   ''The Minimalist Gardener
  ''978-1-85623-293-7Tomas RemiarzForest Gardening in Practice: An Illustrated Practical Guide for Homes, Communities and Enterprises
2017978-1-85623-297-5Thomas HenfreyResilience, Community Action & Societal Transformation (The Community-Led Transformations Book Series)
2018978-1-85623-321-7Maddy HarlandThe Biotime Log
  ''978-1-85623-323-1Stephanie HaffertyThe Creative Kitchen: Seasonal Plant Based Recipes for Meals, Drinks, Garden & Self Care
2019978-1-85623-328-6Féidhlim HartyTowards Zero Waste: How to live a circular life
  ''978-1-85623-329-3Jasmine DalePermaculture Design Companion: A Practical Workbook For Integrating People & Places
2020978-1-85623-332-3Anne StobartThe Medicinal Forest Garden Handbook: Growing, harvesting and using healing trees and shrubs in a temperate climate