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1990978-1-85619-000-8Peter AckroydDickens
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  ''978-1-85619-020-6Raffaella Fletcher · Peter MayleDangerous Candy
1990978-1-85619-022-0Arthur MarshallFollow the Sun: A Further Selection of the Writings of Arthur Marshall
  ''978-1-85619-026-8William Boyd · BoydBrazzaville Beach
1991978-1-85619-043-5Joseph O'ConnorCowboys and Indians
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1991978-1-85619-057-2Bernice RubensA Solitary Grief
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1992978-1-85619-100-5Peter ScottThe Art of Peter Scott
1991978-1-85619-104-3Arthur MarshallFollow the Sun: A Further Selection of the Writings of Arthur Marshall
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1993978-1-85619-165-4Peter HallMaking an Exhibition of Myself
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1997978-1-85619-274-3Bryan ConnonSomerset Maugham and the Maugham Dynasty
1995978-1-85619-278-1Peter AckroydBlake
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1996978-1-85619-377-1Richard MabeyFlora Britannica
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1997978-1-85619-409-9   ''The Way I Found Her
1994978-1-85619-415-0John Kenneth GalbraithWorld Economy Since the Wars: A Personal View
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1994978-1-85619-488-4Gerald ScarfeScarfe Face
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1999978-1-85619-701-4Peter AckroydThe Plato Papers
1998978-1-85619-711-3   ''The Life of Thomas More
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1997978-1-85619-849-3Way I Found Her Poster