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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1993978-1-85607-087-4James M. ByrneThe Christian Understanding of God Today
1994978-1-85607-102-4Enda LyonsJesus: Self Portrait by God
1995978-1-85607-124-6Peter O'DwyerTowards a History of Irish Spirituality
1996978-1-85607-169-7Wilfrid J. Harrington OPMark: Realistic Theologian
  ''978-1-85607-173-4Fr Michael Rodgers · Marcus Losack · Esther de WaalGlendalough: A Celtic Pilgrimage
1998978-1-85607-176-5Michael DrummPassage to Pasch: Revisiting the Catholic Sacraments
1997978-1-85607-186-4Donal HarringtonParish Renewal: Reflecting on the Experience v. 1: Theory and Practice
  ''978-1-85607-206-9Wilfrid J. Harrington OPLuke: Graceful Theologian - The Jesus of Luke
1998978-1-85607-234-2Eltin GriffinFuneral Homilies
  ''978-1-85607-235-9Daniel J. O'LearyPassion for the Possible: A Spirituality of Hope for the New Millennium (Columba Classics)
  ''978-1-85607-240-3Anthony de MelloWalking on Water: Reaching God in Our Time
1998978-1-85607-241-0Donal Harrington · Julie KavanaghPrayer for Parish Groups
  ''978-1-85607-245-8Wilfred J. HarringtonMatthew: Sage Theologian - The Jesus of Matthew
  ''978-1-85607-253-3Adrian GraffyAlive and Active:The Old Testament Beyond 2000
1999978-1-85607-268-7Wilfrid J. Harrington OPJohn: Spiritual Theologian - The Jesus of John
  ''978-1-85607-276-2Una AgnewMystical Imagination of Patrick Kavanagh: 'A Buttonhole in Heaven'
  ''978-1-85607-284-7Finlay HolmesThe Presbyterian Church in Ireland: A Popular History
1999978-1-85607-285-4Mary T. MaloneWomen and Christianity: 1: The First Thousand Years
  ''978-1-85607-286-1Michel De VerteuilPraying the Readings of Lent - Year B
2000978-1-85607-288-5Sean O'DuinnWhere Three Streams Meet: Celtic Spirituality
  ''978-1-85607-295-3Joseph McGuinnessLough Derg: St Patrick's Purgatory
  ''978-1-85607-318-9Joseph Liechty · Cecelia CleggMoving beyond Sectarianism
  ''978-1-85607-319-6Daniel O'LearyTravelling Light: Your Journey to Wholeness: Your Journey to Wholeness - A Book of Breathers to Inspire You Along the Way
2000978-1-85607-320-2Peter HannanThe Search for Something More
2001978-1-85607-322-6Monks of Glenstal AbbeyThe Glenstal Book of Prayer: A Benedictine Prayer Book
2000978-1-85607-327-1Michel De VerteuilPraying the Gospels of Lent - Year C
2001978-1-85607-328-8Enda StauntonThe Nationalists of Northern Ireland 1918-1973
  ''978-1-85607-332-5Adrian Graffy DSS STD PhLTrustworthy and True: The Gospels Beyond 2000
  ''978-1-85607-339-4Mary T. MaloneWomen in Christianity: Medieval Period 1000-1500 CE v. 2
  ''978-1-85607-347-9Mark Patrick HedermanThe Haunted Inkwell: Art and Our Future
2002978-1-85607-350-9Brendan Bradshaw · Daire KeoghChristianity in Ireland: Revisiting the Story
2001978-1-85607-355-4ColumbaThe Calendar and the Collects: According to the Use of the Church of Ireland
2002978-1-85607-362-2Gregory CollinsThe Glenstal Book of Icons: Praying with the Glenstal Icons
  ''978-1-85607-363-9Paul MurrayA Journey with Jonah: The Spirituality of Bewilderment
2002978-1-85607-364-6Earl StoreyTraditional Roots: An Appropriate Relationship Between the Church of Ireland and the Orange Order
2003978-1-85607-365-3Mary T. MaloneWomen and Christianity: From the Reformation to the 21st Century v.3: From the Reformation to the 21st Century Vol 3
2002978-1-85607-387-5James O'HalloranSmall Christian Communities: Vision and Practicalities
  ''978-1-85607-390-5Wilfrid J. Harrington OPMark: Realistic Theologian - The Jesus of Mark
  ''978-1-85607-394-3Kenneth MilneA Short History of the Church of Ireland
2003978-1-85607-399-8Gregory CollinsCome and Receive Light: Meditations for Ministers of Christ
  ''978-1-85607-400-1Jesuit Centre for Faith and JusticeWindows on Social Spirituality: The Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice
2016978-1-85607-404-9Daniel J. O'LearyPrism of Love: God's Colours in Everyday Life
2003978-1-85607-407-0Sean FaganDoes Morality Change?
2004978-1-85607-429-2Church of IrelandThe Book of Common Prayer
  ''978-1-85607-432-2Church of IrelandThe Book of Common Prayer
2004978-1-85607-437-7David StevensThe Land of Unlikeness: Explorations into Reconciliation
  ''978-1-85607-440-7Michel De VerteuilLectio Divina with the Sunday Gospels Year C
  ''978-1-85607-441-4Donal HarringtonPrayer Reflections for Group Meetings: A Parish and Ministry Resource
  ''978-1-85607-446-9Brian MayneThe Prayer Books of Church of Ireland: 1551-2004
  ''978-1-85607-448-3Joseph PollardHomilies for Weddings and Funerals
2004978-1-85607-449-0Eltin GriffinAscending the Mountain: The Carmelite Rule Today
  ''978-1-85607-451-3Edward P. EchlinThe Cosmic Circle: Jesus and Ecology
  ''978-1-85607-459-9Desmond KnowlesPreaching God's Word on Sunday: Year A: Homilies and Prayers of the Faithful
  ''978-1-85607-461-2Michel De VerteuilLectio Divina with the Sunday Gospels: Year A
  ''978-1-85607-464-3Sean McDonaghThe Death of Life: Extinction is Forever
2004978-1-85607-466-7W. J. R. WallaceFaithful to Our Trust
  ''978-1-85607-470-4Gerard O'BrienLet Your Hearts be Broken: A Journey Through the Sundays of Lent Year A in Preparation for Easter
2005978-1-85607-474-2Jane FergusonA Handbook for Parish Pastoral Councils
  ''978-1-85607-476-6Mark Patrick HedermanWalkabout: Life as Holy Spirit
2004978-1-85607-478-0Tom O'LoughlinLiturgical Resources for Lent and Eastertide: Year A, B and C
2005978-1-85607-481-0Peter De RosaBlessed Among Women: The Book of Mary
  ''978-1-85607-482-7Donal HarringtonThe Welcoming Parish
  ''978-1-85607-483-4O Duinn SeanRites of Brigid: Goddess and Saint
2005978-1-85607-487-2James McEvoy · Maurice P. HoganMystery of Faith: Reflections on Ecclesia De Eucharistia
  ''978-1-85607-490-2Cathy MolloyCatholic Social Teaching: Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice
  ''978-1-85607-495-7Maxwell E. JohnsonBenedictine Daily Prayer: A Short Breviary
  ''978-1-85607-497-1Martin Browne · Colman O'ClabaighThe Irish Benedictines: A History
  ''978-1-85607-501-5Desmond KnowlesPreaching God's Word on Sunday: Homilies and Prayers of the Faithful for Year B
2005978-1-85607-508-4Michel De VerteuilLectio Divina with the Sunday Gospels: The Year of Mark - Year B
  ''978-1-85607-509-1Brendan McGuireSeeds for the Soul: Sunday Homilies for Cycle B
  ''978-1-85607-512-1Brian O'HareA Spiritual Odyssey: Diary of an Ordinary Catholic
  ''978-1-85607-518-3Gerard O'BrienLove Dispels All Fear: A Journey Through the Sundays of Lent Year B in Preparation for Easter
2006978-1-85607-521-3Stephen WhiteA Space for Belief: The Place of Theology in Faith
  ''978-1-85607-527-5Donal DorrSpirituality of Leadership
2006978-1-85607-534-3John F. DeaneIn Dogged Loyalty: The Religion of Poetry: The Poetry of Religion
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  ''978-1-85607-547-3Desmond KnowlesPreaching God's Word: Homilies and Prayers of the Faithful: Year C
  ''978-1-85607-550-3Anne AlcockTexts and Tips for Spiritual Directors
  ''978-1-85607-554-1Professor Thomas O'LoughlinLiturgical Resources for Advent and Christmastide
2006978-1-85607-557-2Mary T. MalonePraying with the Women Mystics
  ''978-1-85607-559-6Professor Thomas O'LoughlinLiturgical Resources for Luke's Year: Sundays in Ordinary Time in Year C
2007978-1-85607-560-2Anand NayakAnthony De Mello: His Life and His Spirituality
2006978-1-85607-562-6Sean McDonaghClimate Change: The Challenge to All of Us
2007978-1-85607-567-1Noreen MackeyThe Crystal Fountain: The Story of an Inner Journey
  ''978-1-85607-571-8Donal HarringtonEucharist: Enhancing the Prayer: Including Prayers of the Faithful for the Three Year Cycle
  ''978-1-85607-575-6Donal O'LearyAlready Within: Divining the Hidden Spring
2008978-1-85607-580-0Monks Of Glenstal AbbeyThe Glenstal Book of Readings
2007978-1-85607-582-4Liam SwordsThe Flight of the Earls: A Popular History
  ''978-1-85607-587-9Irish CarmelitesMeeting God: Carmelite Reflections and Prayers
2007978-1-85607-588-6Donal HarringtonExploring Eucharist: Thoughts, Meditations, Ideas
  ''978-1-85607-593-0Thomas O'LoughlinLiturgical Resources for Matthew's Year: Sundays in Ordinary Time in Year A
  ''978-1-85607-594-7Wilfred J. HarringtonJohn: Spiritual Theologian: Jesus of John: Spiritual Theologian: Jesus of John
  ''978-1-85607-596-1Peter HannanNine Faces of God
  ''978-1-85607-600-5Bishop Geoffrey RobinsonConfronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church: Reclaiming the Spirit of Jesus
2008978-1-85607-601-2James P. MackeyJesus of Nazareth: The Life, the Faith and the Future of the Prophet. A Brief History
2008978-1-85607-608-1Monks Of Glenstal AbbeyThe Glenstal Book of Daily Prayer
  ''978-1-85607-611-1Daniel J. O'LearyBegin with the Heart, the Harvest Will Follow: Recovering a Sacramental Vision for Pastoral Ministry and Personal Wholeness
  ''978-1-85607-615-9Peter HannanFollow Your Dream: Restoring Lost Intimacy
  ''978-1-85607-616-6Eamon MaherContemporary Catholicism in Ireland: A Critical Appraisal
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2008978-1-85607-624-1Tony FlanneryFragments of Reality: Collected Writings
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  ''978-1-85607-633-3Sean FaganWhat's Happened to Sin
  ''978-1-85607-634-0Wilfrid Harrington OPWhat was Mark at?: The Gospel of Mark: A Commentary
2009978-1-85607-642-5Joyce RuppGod's Enduring Presence: Strength for the Spiritual Journey
  ''978-1-85607-649-4Peter HannonNine Portraits
2009978-1-85607-660-9Edward Boyne. Foreword by Vincent BrownePsychotherapy in Ireland: 4th Edition
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2010978-1-85607-677-7John FeehanThe Singing Heart of the World: Creation, Evolution and Faith
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2010978-1-85607-686-9Kate TristramColumbanus: The Earliest Voice of Christian Ireland
  ''978-1-85607-688-3Brian D'ArcyA Little Bit of Healing
  ''978-1-85607-697-5Edited by Eamon Maher & John LittletonThe Dublin/Murphy Report: A Watershed for Irish Catholicism
  ''978-1-85607-702-6T. P. O'MahonyWhy the Catholic Church Needs Vatican III
  ''978-1-85607-714-9Joan ChittisterGod's Tender Mercy: Reflection's on Forgiveness
2011978-1-85607-726-2Daniel O'LearyUnmasking God: Recognising the Divine in the Ordinary
2011978-1-85607-728-6Eamon Maher'The Church and Its Spire': John McGahern and the Catholic Question
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2012978-1-85607-762-0Gemma SimmondsA Future Full of Hope
2012978-1-85607-777-4Kevin Kelly50 Years Receiving Vatican II: A Personal Odyssey
2014978-1-85607-780-4Rosemary PowerSpiritual Guidebook to North Clare & the Burren
2012978-1-85607-786-6Mary McAleeseQuo Vadis?: Collegiality in the Code of Canon Law
  ''978-1-85607-899-3Daniel J. O'LearyPassion for the Possible: A Spirituality of Hope for the New Millennium (Columba Classics)
2004978-1-85607-906-8Brendan OgleOff the Rails: The Story of ILDA
  ''978-1-85607-907-5Brian Mac AongusaThe Harcourt Street Line: Back on Track
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2013978-1-85607-916-7E.E. O'DonnellFather Browne's Trains and Railways
2005978-1-85607-925-9Brian Mac AongusaBroken Rails: Crashes and Sabotage on Irish Railways
2005978-1-85607-929-7Sean MacBrideThat Day's Struggle: A Memoir
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2006978-1-85607-937-2Brendan D. LynchThere Might be a Drop of Rain Yet: A Memoir of a Son and His Mother
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2008978-1-85607-958-7Jim HoganThe Irishman Who Ran for England
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2009978-1-85607-986-0Paul FennellReal Irish Ghost Stories