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1991978-1-85605-028-9Various AuthorsScandal: Inside Stories Of Power, Intrigue And Corruption. Profumo, Marilyn Monroe, Rock Hudson, Jeremy Thorpe, Onassis, Watergate and Others
1990978-1-85605-050-0Arthur Conan DoyleThe Conan Doyle Stories. The Ring and the Camp. Pirates and Bluewater. Terror and Mystery. Twilight and the Unseen. Adventure and Medical Life. Tales of Long Ago.
1994978-1-85605-075-3Anne StibbsLists Crossworld Solver
1993978-1-85605-084-5Jane IlesWild Flowers in Cross Stitch
1990978-1-85605-095-1Alexander ArtleyThe Dairy Book of Family Cookery: Over 700 Recipes for Every Occasion
1992978-1-85605-104-0Nigel BlundellScandal: Stories of , intrigue and corruption
1993978-1-85605-137-8Allan HallMiscarriages of Justice
  ''978-1-85605-185-9Hugo VictorLes Miserables
1996978-1-85605-195-8Jean KellawayGrandmother Remembers: Memories to Share with Your Grandchildren
1997978-1-85605-226-9A-Z First Aid and Family Health
1995978-1-85605-255-9Allan HallOperation Rescue.
  ''978-1-85605-278-8Frederick MyattThe Illustrated Encyclopedia of Pistols and Revolvers: An Illustrated History of Hand Guns from the Sixteenth Century to the Present Day
  ''978-1-85605-281-8N/AWebster\'s Concise World Atlas
1997978-1-85605-290-0Bill GunstonEncyclopedia of Warplanes
1996978-1-85605-345-7AnonHelicopters at War (Blitz Editions)
1997978-1-85605-375-4David DonaldThe Encyclopedia of World Aircraft
1998978-1-85605-402-7Terry HewittComplete Book of Cacti & Succulents
  ''978-1-85605-414-0Peter DarmanUniforms of World War II
1998978-1-85605-437-9Jan Toman · Kvetoslav HisekA Field Guide in Colour to Plants and Animals
  ''978-1-85605-438-6Walter CernyField Guide to Birds
  ''978-1-85605-439-3Jiri CiharFreshwater Fish
  ''978-1-85605-440-9Ivor Novak · Frantisek SeveraA Field Guide in Colour to Butterflies and Moths
1999978-1-85605-441-6Jiri ZahradnikA Field Guide in colour to Bees and Wasps
1998978-1-85605-442-3Miroslav BouchnerAnimal Tracks
  ''978-1-85605-443-0Jaroslav BauerMinerals, Rocks and Precious Stones
1998978-1-85605-444-7Jiri ZahradnikA Field Guide in Colour to Insects
  ''978-1-85605-445-4Mirko SvrcekMushrooms
1999978-1-85605-446-1Ludek J. DobrorukaA Field Guide in Colour to Mammals
  ''978-1-85605-447-8Jiri Zahradnik · Jiri CiharA Field Guide in Colour to Animal World
1998978-1-85605-448-5K.W. HardeA Field Guide In Colour To Beetles
  ''978-1-85605-449-2Vaclav PflegerMolluscs
978-1-85605-458-4Julian WilsonThe Great Racehorses
1999978-1-85605-463-8Leslie McDonnell · Peter DarmanInsignia of World War II
  ''978-1-85605-498-0Michael Murrey · Joseph E. PizzornoEncyclopedia of Natural Medicine
1999978-1-85605-500-0David DonaldThe Modern Civil Aircraft Guide
  ''978-1-85605-523-9Chris ChantThe World's Greatest Aircraft
2000978-1-85605-534-5Chris McNabModern Military Uniforms
  ''978-1-85605-535-2Jon LakeThe Battle of Britain
  ''978-1-85605-552-9E. BauerThe History of World War II
  ''978-1-85605-553-6Chris McNabThe Illustrated History of the Vietnam War
2000978-1-85605-559-8Levi JacobJudaism
  ''978-1-85605-569-7Robert HewsonThe World War II Warship Guide
2001978-1-85605-591-8Tony GibbonsThe Encyclopedia of Ships
  ''978-1-85605-598-7Nick Powlesland et AllGuitar Essentials
  ''978-1-85605-603-8Andrew MolloThe Armed Forces of World War II
  ''978-1-85605-622-9John GoodersBirds of Britain and Europe
2002978-1-85605-628-1Craig CoussinsBonsai for Beginners
2002978-1-85605-629-8Pauline CherrettChinese Brush Painting [A Beginner's Art Guide]
  ''978-1-85605-637-3Whichello Denise BrownPower of Crystals: Harnessing Crystal Energy to Revitalise Your Life
  ''978-1-85605-639-7Jonathan Dee · Lesley TaylorColour Therapy
2001978-1-85605-643-4Mark GolleyThe Complete Garden Bird Book
  ''978-1-85605-644-1Heather LukeDesign & Make Bedrooms
  ''978-1-85605-646-5Heather LukeDesign & Make Cushions
2001978-1-85605-647-2Heather LukeDesign & Make Loose Covers
  ''978-1-85605-657-1Steve and Jane ParkerThe Encyclopedia of Sharks
2003978-1-85605-675-5Judith MillidgeThe Handbook of Smoothies and Juicing: A guide to mixing over 200 healthy juice drinks
  ''978-1-85605-679-3Maria CostantinoThe Handbook: Household Hints & Tips
2002978-1-85605-682-3Craig CoussinsThe Bonsai School
  ''978-1-85605-690-8David SpenderEncyclopedia of Combat Techniques
  ''978-1-85605-700-4David JordanAircraft Carriers - Cutaway Illustrations / Performance Specifications / Mission Reports
2002978-1-85605-701-1Tim LamingThe Vulcan Story 1952-2002
  ''978-1-85605-702-8Alfred PriceThe Spitfire Story
  ''978-1-85605-703-5Peter JacobsLancaster Story (Military)
  ''978-1-85605-705-9Paul & Soph Moeng (edits). EdenEncyclopedia of World Aircraft
  ''978-1-85605-706-6Kenneth A BeckettThe Encyclopedia of Garden Plants
2002978-1-85605-708-0Maurice Burton · Robert BurtonEncyclopaedia of Insects & Invertebrates
  ''978-1-85605-714-1SmallwoodOne Hundred Bread Machine Recipes
2001978-1-85605-716-5Denise BrownA Comprehensive Guide to Angel Therapy: Angelic Guidance to Enrich and Improve Your Life
2003978-1-85605-740-0Pauline CherrettThe Practical Art of Chinese Brush Painting
  ''978-1-85605-751-6Robert JacksonAircraft of World War II
  ''978-1-85605-753-0Jim WinchesterTanks
  ''978-1-85605-786-8Robert JacksonThe Encyclopedia of Modern Military Jets - Combat Aircraft From 1945 to the Present Day
2003978-1-85605-788-2J0sephine BaconIllustrated Atlas of Jewish Civilisation
  ''978-1-85605-791-2Brian InnesProfile of a Criminal Mind: How Psychological Profiling Helps Solve True Crimes
2005978-1-85605-792-9David (ed) RossEncyclopedia of Trains & Locomotives
2003978-1-85605-846-9Chris PackhamCreating Your Own Back Garden Nature Reserve
2004978-1-85605-871-1Chris ChantTanks: Over 250 of the World's Tanks and Armoured Fighting Vehicles
  ''978-1-85605-887-2Robert (ed) JacksonEncyclopedia of Aircraft
1999978-1-85605-915-2Nicola Baxter · Frank EndersbySusan's Could-be-Carrot Cake AND Father's Super System (Bunnykins)

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