year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1991978-1-85538-001-1Dolores Ashcroft-NowickiThe Servants of the Light: Tarot Pack
1999978-1-85538-014-1Contest Astrology Paperback
1991978-1-85538-017-2Sasha FentonSuper Tarot: New Techniques for Improving Your Tarot Reading
1990978-1-85538-020-2Holland&Barrett New Age Promotion
1992978-1-85538-021-9Sasha FentonSun Signs
1990978-1-85538-025-7Stephen HassanCombating Cult Mind Control
1991978-1-85538-028-8Page BryantNative American Mythology
  ''978-1-85538-038-7Astrology and Stock Exch Pb
1990978-1-85538-042-4Pips 18 Copy Shrinkwrap Pack
  ''978-1-85538-043-1Discover New Age Sel 2 34bin
1996978-1-85538-045-5John Matthews · Caitlín MatthewsLadies of the Lake
1991978-1-85538-051-6Alan RichardsonThe Magical Life of Dion Fortune
1993978-1-85538-054-7Dolores Ashcroft-Nowocki · Dolores Ashcroft-NowickiThe Shakespearian Tarot
1990978-1-85538-063-9Prediction Tarot Pack
1997978-1-85538-064-6Neil IrwinUnderstanding Crystals: How to Tap Their Frozen Power (Paths to Inner Power S.)
1992978-1-85538-066-0Merlin Tarot Book 2
  ''978-1-85538-067-7Merlin Tarot Handbook
  ''978-1-85538-069-1Murry HopePractical Atlantean Magic
1993978-1-85538-079-0Colin WilsonThe Strange Life of P.D. Ouspensky
1992978-1-85538-081-3M EvansMedicine of the Future
1991978-1-85538-085-1Mark HaeffnerThe Dictionary of Alchemy
1992978-1-85538-089-9Steve RichardsLevitation: What it is, How it Works, How to Do it (Paths to Inner Power S.)
1992978-1-85538-090-5Grail Reader
  ''978-1-85538-094-3Aquarian Gui Chinese Mytholgy
1997978-1-85538-101-8Eileen CampbellDancing Star: Inspirations to Guide and Heal
1992978-1-85538-105-6Nigel PennickRune Magic: The History and Practice of Ancient Rune Traditions
1991978-1-85538-109-4John Matthews · Caitlin MatthewsTaliesin: Shamanism and the Bardic Mysteries in Britain and Ireland (Mandala Books)
1995978-1-85538-112-4Marian GreenA Witch Alone: Thirteen Moons to Master Natural Magic
1991978-1-85538-113-1R. J. StewartThe Way of Merlin: Prophet, the Goddess and the Land
1992978-1-85538-116-2Nigel JacksonCeltic Oracle Cards
  ''978-1-85538-117-9Nigel PennickPagan Book of Days
  ''978-1-85538-118-6J.C. CooperSymbolic and Mythological Animals
1991978-1-85538-119-3Stephen O'BrienVoices from Heaven 24bk Mixed Bin
1992978-1-85538-130-8Pamala OslieHidden Secrets of Aura
  ''978-1-85538-133-9Jan KnappertPacific Mythology: An Encyclopedia of Myth and Legend (World Mythology S.)
1992978-1-85538-135-3Lilla Bek · Robert HoldenWhat Number are You?
1991978-1-85538-136-0David IckeThe Truth Vibrations
1992978-1-85538-140-7Michael Baigent · Nicholas Campion · Charles HarveyMundane Astrology: Introduction to the Astrology of Nations and Groups (Astrology Handbooks)
1991978-1-85538-148-3David IckeTruth Vibrations Icke Bin 24bk
1992978-1-85538-149-0Steve BlamiresThe Irish Celtic Magical Tradition
1991978-1-85538-150-6Vita ScaravelliAwakening the Spine: The Stress-free Yoga That Restores Health, Vitality and Energy
1994978-1-85538-159-9Charles Harvey · Suzi HarveySun Sign, Moon Sign: Discover the Personality Secrets of the 144 Sun-moon Combinations
1996978-1-85538-161-2Vivianne CrowleyPhoenix from the Flame: Living as a Pagan in the 21st Century
1991978-1-85538-163-6E CampbellDancing Star 6bk Pack
  ''978-1-85538-166-7B. K. S. IyengarLight on Yoga: The Classic Guide to Yoga By the World's Foremost Authority
1996978-1-85538-167-4Ross NicholsThe Book of Druidry: History, Sites and Wisdom
1992978-1-85538-168-1Steve RichardsInvisibility: Mastering the Art of Vanishing (Paths to Inner Power S.)
1991978-1-85538-174-2David ConwayThe Complete Magic Primer
1999978-1-85538-177-3Judith StewartKnow Yourself
1992978-1-85538-184-1Mike TuckerDreaming with Open Eyes (Mandala Shaman psychology series)
  ''978-1-85538-186-5Judith PintarHalved Soul
1995978-1-85538-222-0Ayeshah HaleemPriestess
1999978-1-85538-223-7Shaman States of Consciousness
1993978-1-85538-225-1B. K. S. IyengarLight of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
1995978-1-85538-228-2John MatthewsThe Celtic Reader: Selections from Celtic Legend, Scholarship and Story
1999978-1-85538-230-5Stephen ObrienIn Touch With Eternity
1992978-1-85538-232-9Derek WaltersChinese Astrology: Interpreting the Revelations of the Celestial Messengers (Aquarian Astrology Handbook)
  ''978-1-85538-235-0Lucy GoodisonMoving Heaven and Earth
  ''978-1-85538-237-4David CarradineThe Spirit of Shaolin
1991978-1-85538-238-1Penny ThorntonPenny Thornton Mixed 27bk Bin
1999978-1-85538-245-9Justin ToperLove Under the Stars
1992978-1-85538-246-6Swami SvatmaramaHatha Yoga Pradipika
1992978-1-85538-247-3David IckeLove Changes Everything
  ''978-1-85538-251-0Margo AnandThe Art of Sexual Ecstasy: The Path of Sacred Sexuality for Western Lovers
  ''978-1-85538-254-1Virginia McKennaInto the Blue
1993978-1-85538-258-9Caitlin MatthewsThe Arthurian Tarot Course: A Quest for All Seasons
  ''978-1-85538-265-7Rachel PollackShining Woman Tarot Book
1994978-1-85538-270-1J.H. BrennanA Guide to Megalithic Ireland
  ''978-1-85538-271-8Stella WellerYoga Back Book
1992978-1-85538-274-9Guy ClaxtonThe Heart of Buddhism: A Simple Introduction to Buddhist Practice: Practical Wisdom for an Agitated World
1993978-1-85538-279-4B. K. S. IyengarThe Illustrated Light on Yoga
1999978-1-85538-288-6Roberto, M.D. AssagioliPsychosynthesis: A Manual of Principles and Techniques
1993978-1-85538-289-3Vicky WallThe Miracle of Colour Healing: Aura-Soma Therapy as the Mirror of the Soul
1993978-1-85538-291-6Roberto, M.D. AssagioliTranspersonal Development: The Dimension beyond Psychosynthesis
1997978-1-85538-292-3Joseph OstromUnderstanding Auras: A contemporary overview of the human aura
1995978-1-85538-293-0Ean Begg · Deike BeggIn Search of the Holy Grail and the Precious Blood: A Traveller's Guide to the Sites and Legends of the Holy Grail
1993978-1-85538-294-7Tom ChetwyndThe Dictionary of Sacred Myth (Language of the Unconscious, Vol 3)
  ''978-1-85538-295-4Tom ChetwyndDictionary for - Dreamers (Language of the Unconscious, Vol 1)
1998978-1-85538-296-1   ''Dictionary of Symbols (Language of the unconscious)
1995978-1-85538-301-2Rosemary Ellen Guiley · Robert Michael PlaceThe Alchemical Tarot - Deck and Book set
1994978-1-85538-306-7Mudrooroo NyoongahAboriginal Mythology
  ''978-1-85538-307-4Anne RossCeltic Religion Mythology
1993978-1-85538-312-8Lara OwenHer Blood Is Gold: Reclaiming the Power of Menstruation
1994978-1-85538-316-6Miranda GrayBeasts of Albion Book
  ''978-1-85538-323-4Christina FeldmanThe Quest of the Warrior Woman: A Path of Healing, Empowerment and Transformation
  ''978-1-85538-328-9Eileen Campbell · J.H. BrennanMind, Body and Spirit: A Dictionary of Ideas, People and Places
2003978-1-85538-344-9Joseph O'Connor · John SeymourIntroducing NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming
1993978-1-85538-345-6Susan ShaughnessyMeditations for Writers
1994978-1-85538-351-7Robert HoldenLiving Wonderfully
1995978-1-85538-354-8Joan BorysenkoGuilt is the Teacher, Love is the Lesson: A Book to Heal You, Heart and Soul
2002978-1-85538-364-7Ralph Waldo TrineIn Tune with the Infinite: Discover the Fullness of Peace, Power and Plenty
1999978-1-85538-377-7William SpearFeng Shui Made Easy: Designing Your Life with the Ancient Art of Placement
1994978-1-85538-404-0Sasha Fenton · Jonathan DeeStar Sign Horoscopes, 1995: Pisces
1995978-1-85538-405-7Neil SomervilleChinese Love Signs
1995978-1-85538-407-1Janet Bord · Colin BordThe Enchanted Land
1994978-1-85538-408-8Harmon Hartzell BroEdgar Cayce: A Seer out of Season
1998978-1-85538-412-5Robert A. F. ThurmanThe Tibetan Book of the Dead: Liberation Through Understanding in the Between
1995978-1-85538-417-0Martin Palmer · Jay RamsayKuan Yin: Myths and Revelations of the Chinese Goddness of Compassion: The Prophecies of the Goddess of Mercy (Chinese Classics)
  ''978-1-85538-418-7Nowicki D AshcroftNever Ending Tree
1994978-1-85538-427-9Carlos CastenedaThe Art of Dreaming
2000978-1-85538-431-6Terry DonaldsonStep by Step Tarot: The best-selling introduction (Complete Course in Tarot Readership)
1995978-1-85538-436-1Eileen CampbellHealing Our Hearts and Lives: Inspirations for Meditation and Spiritual Growth
  ''978-1-85538-438-5Marian GreenEveryday Magic
  ''978-1-85538-439-2Betty J. EadieEmbraced By The Light: What Happens When You Die?
  ''978-1-85538-441-5Susan Blackmore · Adam Hart-DavisTest Your Psychic Powers: Find Out the Truth for Yourself
1995978-1-85538-455-2Sun Tzu · Chih Chung TsaiSunzi Speaks: The Art of War
  ''978-1-85538-457-6Prof. S. RadhakrishnanThe Bhagavadgita
1997978-1-85538-477-4Lindsay ClarkeEssential Celtic Mythology (Stories that change the world)
1998978-1-85538-480-4Philip Carr-GommThe Druid Renaissance
1995978-1-85538-481-1Billy Roberts · Fiona RobertsBeneath the Wings of Angels
  ''978-1-85538-484-2Marlo MorganMutant Message Down Under
1997978-1-85538-487-3David LawsonYour Psychic Potential: The only introduction you'll ever need (Principles of)
1996978-1-85538-488-0Joseph & McDermott, Ian OConnorPrinciples of Nlp
  ''978-1-85538-489-7Principles of the Enneagram
1999978-1-85538-491-0a C GrahamLieh Tzu
1994978-1-85538-495-8Clive BarrettAncient Egypt Tarot Deck Dont Use
1995978-1-85538-498-9Don Richard RisoThe Enneagram: Discovering Your Personality Type (Classics of Personal Development)
  ''978-1-85538-505-4Erich FrommThe Art of Loving (Classics of Personal Development)
1995978-1-85538-506-1Gabrielle RothMaps to Ecstasy: Teachings of an Urban Shaman (Classics of Personal Development)
1996978-1-85538-507-8Vivianne CrowleyPaganism: The only introduction you'll ever need (Principles of)
1997978-1-85538-509-2Jay RamsayAlchemy: The Art of Transformation: The Path of the Soul

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