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1995978-1-85522-410-0Gillian JonesA Devon approach to dance at key stage 1
  ''978-1-85522-411-7Phil Stevens · Phil Spurr · Nina SimpsonCommunity education and community arts: the Estover experience
  ''978-1-85522-412-4Survey of companies: Devon and Cornwall
  ''978-1-85522-414-8Access for all: A guide for less mobile and disabled visitors to Dartmoor National Park
  ''978-1-85522-415-5Devon . England County Environment DepartmentDevon coastal statement: a report for discussion of the principal issues that affect the Devon coastline
1995978-1-85522-418-6Richard SmithYou can talk back!
  ''978-1-85522-419-3Gordon BattenLearning disability service users speak: a consumer survey in Plymouth, 1994
  ''978-1-85522-420-9Kevin M WardDevon waste disposal plan: Position statement: a report on the current waste arisings in Devon and the existing arrangements for its disposal ... and the survey of waste disposal facilities
  ''978-1-85522-421-6Peter ThistlewaiteBuilding a strategy with the communities of Devon: a statement of strategic intent for community care & children's services in 1995/96 and beyond
  ''978-1-85522-435-3Playing in Devon: Starter pack for adults working in organised children's play
1995978-1-85522-437-7Devon Library ServicesHenry Williamson: A handlist of items in Devon Library Services
  ''978-1-85522-442-1Devon . England County Environment DepartmentConserving Devon's historic heritage 1994-95
  ''978-1-85522-443-8   ''Support for environmental schemes 1994-95
  ''978-1-85522-444-5Devon (England)Devon 2011: Devon County Structure plan: first review consultation draft
  ''978-1-85522-445-2Devon . England County CouncilDevon County structure plan environmental appraisal of the consultation draft: first review consultation draft
1995978-1-85522-446-9Devon . England County CouncilDevon County structure plan: new and expanded communities in Devon; a discussion paper; first review consultation draft
  ''978-1-85522-450-6Who's who in Ilfracombe 1995
  ''978-1-85522-451-3Health + safety in music curriculum activities
  ''978-1-85522-452-0Devon . England Research and Intelligence ServicesPopulation projections for Devon, districts and parishes
978-1-85522-453-7Dorothy OrchardThe life and story of May Orchard
1995978-1-85522-454-4Joyce HallidayChildren's Services and Care in Rural Devon: a Report to Devon City Council
1995978-1-85522-459-9Devon (England)Including people with disabilities in community education: Information pack
1996978-1-85522-461-2Education statistics for Devon, January 1996
1995978-1-85522-462-9Making sense: Crafts in context
  ''978-1-85522-473-5Goodiy ReillyMoving with the times
  ''978-1-85522-475-9Education Dept DevonA Devon approach to environmental education; learning through play beyond the classroom: a kit to promote new policy or practice part A; the manual
1997978-1-85522-476-6Devon County CouncilDevon Commercial Directory: 1997-98
1995978-1-85522-477-3Ian MaxtedDevon Bibliography 1994
  ''978-1-85522-478-0Devon . England Education DeptThe letting of educational premises and grounds (Policy statement)
  ''978-1-85522-484-1Education Dept DevonThe effective use of school resources to meet special educational needs
1995978-1-85522-485-8Education Dept DevonPromoting integration for special school pupils
1996978-1-85522-486-5Dartmoor National Park local plan: Including minerals and waste policies
  ''978-1-85522-491-9John RoweThe Sixth Devons and their origins
  ''978-1-85522-494-0South West Regional Planning ConferenceThe study of maritime potential in the South West: adopted by the South West Regional Planning Conference, December 1995
  ''978-1-85522-496-4A great place to exchange views - Devon!
  ''978-1-85522-497-1Pete Griffin · Keith Holding · David OwenThe teaching of calculating in the National Curriculum at Key Stages 1 and 2 (Devon curriculum advice: mathematics)
1996978-1-85522-501-5Department of Trading Standards and Consumer Protection DevonOff who?, off what?, off where?: a review of the utility regulators' role in protecting the interests of consumers
  ''978-1-85522-502-2Education Dept DevonA Devon approach to environmental education: towards a policy and guidelines
  ''978-1-85522-503-9The archaeology of Dartmoor: perspectives from the 1990s: papers presented to a conference at Exeter University in September 1994 to celebrate the centenary of the foundation of the Dartmoor Exploration Committee
  ''978-1-85522-504-6Whispering corner: Developing listening skills in reception and key stage 1
  ''978-1-85522-505-3Assessing, planning and recording in mathematics
1996978-1-85522-506-0Autism and Asperger syndrome
  ''978-1-85522-512-1Danny Hughes · Richard H. JoyDiscovering Landkey
  ''978-1-85522-515-2Devon . England County Environment DepartmentTransport policies & programme for 1997/98
  ''978-1-85522-524-4The home front: Part II (North Devon at war)
  ''978-1-85522-525-1The Yeomanry (North Devon at war)
1996978-1-85522-526-8Jenny LloydGrace Darling
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  ''978-1-85522-540-4   ''Devon structure plan: First review 1995-2011: summary of strategy and policies and proposals
1996978-1-85522-541-1Chris TaylorCombating copying: Teaching enquiry & research skills in history (Devon curriculum advice history)
  ''978-1-85522-543-5John ForsterMusical elements simply: A practical glossary for teachers at key stages 1 and 2
  ''978-1-85522-544-2Nick JonesCaptain Swing: Developing reading skills in English & History at Key Stage 4 (Devon curriculum advice)
  ''978-1-85522-545-9Aspects of a Jewish way of life: A resource for teachers in Key Stage Two: handbook to accompany the video
1997978-1-85522-547-3Ian MaxtedDevon Bibliography 1995
1996978-1-85522-548-0Jenny BatesRetracking
1997978-1-85522-550-3Devon Partnership GroupPromoting quality learning for four year old children in Devon
  ''978-1-85522-555-8English Nature · Dartmoor National Park AuthorityThe Nature of Dartmoor. A Biodiversity Profile
1997978-1-85522-559-6Devon from the air: A support pack for the aerial photographs from PhotoAir
  ''978-1-85522-560-2Dartmoor National Park AuthorityWorking together: The local community and the Dartmoor National Park Authority: a guide to National Park Authority services: incorporating the Dartmoor National Park Authority's citizen's charter
2000978-1-85522-563-3teignbridge councilteignbridge local plan inset maps - village envilopes 1989-2001
1997978-1-85522-567-1City Council Plymouth · County Council DevonPlymouth cycle guide: the Plymouth cycle strategy
  ''978-1-85522-570-1Nicholas OrmeThe Cap and the Sword: Exeter and the Rebellions of 1497
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2001978-1-85522-581-7Nick JonesVictorian Shorts (Devon curriculum advice: English, media, drama)
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  ''978-1-85522-585-5Media education in the secondary curriculum: An introduction
978-1-85522-586-2Audrey Edgeler · John EdgelerNorth Devon Art Pottery
1998978-1-85522-587-9Sheila Hoey MiddletonSeals, Finger Rings, Engraved Gems and Amulets in the Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter: From the Collections of Lt.Colonel L.A.D.Montague and Dr.N.L.Corkill
1997978-1-85522-592-3Antony FirthTamar estuaries historic environment: A review of marine and coastal archaeology (Plymouth Archaeology occasional publication)
1998978-1-85522-594-7Wendy CollinsActive Playtimes: Teachers Book
  ''978-1-85522-603-6Devon: Collections, collectables & cuisine: seven trails
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1998978-1-85522-612-8Mount Wise Historic Park: An historic landscape and its archaeology
  ''978-1-85522-613-5Mount Batten historic headland: Its archaeology and landscape
  ''978-1-85522-614-2Exe Estuary ProjectExe estuary management plan: approved document
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1997978-1-85522-616-6Autocrime: Drama project: building the skills to say no
1999978-1-85522-619-7Devon . England County CouncilStarting School With Special Needs: Special Educational Needs
1998978-1-85522-621-0Jackie TaylorWays with plays: Supporting literacy in the primary classroom
1999978-1-85522-622-7Jackie Taylor · Loraine DavisBreaking Down Barriers: Interactive Training Resource
  ''978-1-85522-623-4Developing a policy and guidelines in art at key stage 1 & 2
2000978-1-85522-625-8Devon schools at the Tate St. Ives: [a project and exhibition directed by Chris Wightman with the help and support ... of the Devon Curriculum ... Team ... and ... staff at the Tate St. Ives]
1998978-1-85522-626-5Peter BrearsThe Old Devon Farmhouse (Travel)
1998978-1-85522-628-9Peter HamiltonAn English Eye: Photographs of James Ravilious
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1998978-1-85522-639-5Plymouth . England City CouncilTransport Policies and Programme 1999/2000
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1998978-1-85522-648-7John SweteTravels in Georgian Devon: v. 2: The Illustrated Journeys of the Reverend John Swete, 1789-1800
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978-1-85522-682-1Devon Curriculum ServicesAspects of a Hindu Way of Life
1999978-1-85522-683-8Devon . England County CouncilDevon structure plan first review 1995-2011: written statement; policies and proposals; adopted by the five Structure Plan Authorities; first review adopted version (Devon structure plan review)
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  ''978-1-85522-687-6S. WoodsDartmoor Stone
2001978-1-85522-688-3Louise OrchardLooking back on my gypsy childhood
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  ''978-1-85522-696-8PoleIWA LÕEWA. Yoruba and Benin Collections in the Royal Albert Museum. Exeter.
1999978-1-85522-702-6This Way to the Eclipse
  ''978-1-85522-707-1Ian MaxtedFrom script to print to hypertext: Two millennia of Devon's written heritage: a companion guide to the exhibition organised by Devon Library Services ... the richness of Devon's long written record
2000978-1-85522-728-6RavenhillEarly Devon Maps (Friends of Devon's Archives occasional publications)
978-1-85522-729-3Devon Curriculum ServicesTeaching Christianity in the Primary School
2006978-1-85522-730-9   ''Teaching Hinduism in the Primary School
978-1-85522-731-6   ''Teaching Judaism in the Primary School
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2000978-1-85522-752-1Devon (England)Devon on the move: Devon local transport plan 2001-2006
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  ''978-1-85522-760-6Iain RiceDevon Firefighter: A Century of Courage and Service - An Illustrated History Of The Fire Service in Devon 1900-2000
2001978-1-85522-761-3Alan RichardsPoints of contact: Alan Richards paintings
2002978-1-85522-771-2Making Connections: Using ICT in the Literacy Hour
2000978-1-85522-773-6Caroline WorthingtonExeter's fine art
2001978-1-85522-778-1Devon county minerals local plan: Revised deposit version
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2001978-1-85522-781-1County Council DevonDevon County Minerals Local Plan: Revised Deposit Version; Part Di: Additional Statement of Public Participation
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2001978-1-85522-805-4Devon . England County CouncilDevon on the Move: Devon Local Transport Plan 2001-2006 (Annual progress report)
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2002978-1-85522-810-8Reading for a reason: The effective use of primary school libraries
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2003978-1-85522-827-6Devon . England County CouncilLocal Spatial Planning: the Identification of Spatial Policies and Activities in Coastal Areas: Phase 1 Report
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  ''978-1-85522-829-0   ''Local Spatial Planning: Evaluation and Communication to Refocus Management Effort: Phase 3 & 4 Report
  ''978-1-85522-830-6   ''Local Spatial Planning: Developing Stronger Communication Mechanisms: Phase 5 Report
2002978-1-85522-832-0Ten centuries of Devon's archives (Friends of Devon's Archives occasional publications)
2002978-1-85522-833-7Pauline Allen · Chris BanburyMaterials Pack: Materials & Their Properties: Primary Science Support Material: Science for 5-11 Year Olds
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2002978-1-85522-846-7Devon . England County CouncilDevon on the Move: Devon Local Transport Plan 2001-2006 (Annual progress report)
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2008978-1-85522-854-2Devon Literacy TeamGuided Reading at Key Stage 2
2003978-1-85522-864-1Devon . England Structure Plan Joint CommitteeDevon Structure Plan 2001 to 2016: Pre-Examination in Public Changes to the Deposit Draft
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2003978-1-85522-875-7Devon . England County CouncilGardens: Forty Six Beautiful Gardens to Enjoy (Discover Devon)
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2004978-1-85522-903-7Len Pole · Sherry DoyalSecond Skin. Everyday and Sacred Uses of Bark Worldwide
2004978-1-85522-905-1J. LewisSovereigns, Madams and Double Whites: Fruit and Flower Pioneers of the Tamar Valley
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2005978-1-85522-939-6County Council DevonDevon on the Move: Provisional Devon Local Transport Plan: 2006-2011
  ''978-1-85522-941-9   ''Devon on the Move: Improving Devon's Environment: Rights of Way Improvement Plan 2005
2006978-1-85522-954-9Devon County CouncilDevon's Brunel Journey | A Personal Journey on the South Devon Railway
2008978-1-85522-966-2   ''Two Moors Way - Devon Coast to Coast
  ''978-1-85522-976-1Chris WakelyTake 10 en francais
2009978-1-85522-978-5Ethnic Minority Achievement TeamThe Polish Connection (Ethnic Minority Achievement)
  ''978-1-85522-993-8Chris WakelyTake 10 En Espagnol a Resource