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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-1-85501-020-8Ruth Maria SwepsonCreative Knits: Designer Patterns for the Practical Knitter
  ''978-1-85501-023-9Andrew RoseThe Collector's all-colour guide to Toy Soldiers: A record of the world's miniature armies from 1850 to the current day
  ''978-1-85501-027-7Frederick MyattThe Illustrated Encyclopaedia of 19th Century Firearms: An Illustrated History of the Development of the World's Military Firearms During the 19th Century
1990978-1-85501-049-9Lewis CarrollAlice's Adventure's in Wonderland & Through a Looking - Glass
  ''978-1-85501-070-3Jane KiddThe Horse, The: Complete Guide to Horse Breeds and Breeding
1991978-1-85501-142-7Jane AustenPride and Prejudice
  ''978-1-85501-147-2Louisa May AlcottLittle Women
1991978-1-85501-148-9Charlotte BronteJane Eyre
  ''978-1-85501-149-6Jane AustenEmma
  ''978-1-85501-150-2Charles DickensNicholas Nickleby
  ''978-1-85501-154-0Carl-Alexander Von VolborthThe Art of Heraldry
  ''978-1-85501-164-9Bill Gunston · Mike SpickModern Fighting Helicopters
1991978-1-85501-165-6D.M.O. Miller · Christopher F. FossModern Land Combat
  ''978-1-85501-167-0D.M.O. Miller · John JordanModern Submarine Warfare
  ''978-1-85501-168-7Paul SmartThe Illustrated Encyclopaedia of the Butterfly World: Over 2000 Special Reproduced Life Size
1995978-1-85501-206-6Richard Crow · Dave KeeleyA Practical Guide to Tropical Aquarium Fish: A Fully Illustrated Introduction to All Aspects of Keeping Tropical Freshwater and Marine Fishes in the Aquarium
  ''978-1-85501-219-6William R. MeadGeographical Atlas of the World
1998978-1-85501-249-3M. · Leyel, C. F. GrieveA Modern Herbal
1992978-1-85501-259-2Elizabeth HastingsThe Gingerbread Boy (Bedtime Stories)
  ''978-1-85501-267-7Peter CosentinoCreative Pottery
1992978-1-85501-268-4Madhur JaffreyThe Madhur Jaffrey Cookbook: Over 650 Indian, Vegetarian and Eastern Recipes
1993978-1-85501-271-4Lesley Adkins · Roy A. AdkinsAn Introduction to Archaeology
  ''978-1-85501-298-1Fabio BourbonSpain (Countries)
1995978-1-85501-304-9Bill RobertsonFrom Tee to Green
1993978-1-85501-307-0Molly MoynahanCastles of Europe
  ''978-1-85501-328-5Lee DavisAssassination: 20 Assassinations That Changed the World
  ''978-1-85501-343-8Rupert PriorOcean Liners: The Golden Years, A Pictorial Anthology
1995978-1-85501-359-9William ShakespeareSonnets
1993978-1-85501-390-2Stephen BadseyD-Day: From the Normandy Beaches to the Liberation of France
1995978-1-85501-394-0Teresa FarinoSharks: The World's Most Feared Underwater Killer
1994978-1-85501-399-5Jon TremaineThe Amazing Book of Card Tricks (Amazing book series)
  ''978-1-85501-400-8Jon TremaineThe Amazing Book of Magic (Amazing book series)
978-1-85501-401-5Teddys Clock Book
1991978-1-85501-403-9Peter SimkinsWorld War One
1993978-1-85501-405-3Lewis CarrollAlice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass
1993978-1-85501-432-9Evelyn AnthonyThe Avenue of the Dead
  ''978-1-85501-451-0Charles MccarryThe Secret Lovers
1994978-1-85501-469-5Guy N. SmithCannibals
  ''978-1-85501-480-0Dieter LadwigJukebox
  ''978-1-85501-481-7Petra RazkowskiPinball (Style Manual S.)
  ''978-1-85501-482-4Dieter LadwigSlot Machine (Style Manual S.)
978-1-85501-494-7Evelyn AnthonyThe Rendezvous, The
1996978-1-85501-500-5David BlackThe Atlas of Rugs and Carpets: A Comprehensive Guide for the Buyer and Collector
1994978-1-85501-508-1Amelia St.GeorgeEasy Ways with Dried Flowers
1994978-1-85501-551-7L. F. BaumWizard of Oz (Children's Treasury)
  ''978-1-85501-552-4Rupert. ButlerThe Black Angels. The Story Of The Waffen-SS
  ''978-1-85501-579-1Robert ButlerLegions of Death
  ''978-1-85501-590-6John LallTaj Mahal
  ''978-1-85501-603-3Ivor MatanleHistory of World War II - 1939-1945 - From the Build-up to War To Victory Over Japan
978-1-85501-609-5Covenant with Death
1995978-1-85501-621-7Hubert DesenclosUnderstanding Graphology: How to Interpret Handwriting
1995978-1-85501-633-0Alan SmithWoodframe Furniture Restoration: The Secrets of the Craftsman's Skills at Your Fingertips, in Easy-to-follow, Step-by-step Pictures (Craftsmen's Guides)
  ''978-1-85501-637-8Chris BrowningCare and Repair of Antique Metalware: The Secrets of the Craftsman's Skills at Your Fingertips, in Easy to Follow, Step-by-step Pictures (Craftsmen's Guides)
1996978-1-85501-652-1Dennis WheatleyIsland Where Time Stands Still
  ''978-1-85501-660-6Dennis WheatleySuch Power is Dangerous
  ''978-1-85501-669-9Colin MonteathNew Zealand (Countries)
1995978-1-85501-682-8Brian SeniorThe Amazing Book of Bridge (Amazing book series)
1996978-1-85501-686-6Anne SavageThe Anglo-Saxon Chronicles
1995978-1-85501-690-3Peter Philp · Gillian WalklingAntique Furniture Expert
1996978-1-85501-694-1Elizabeth M. Hallam · Hugh Trevor-RoperChronicles of the Age of Chivalry: The Plantagenet Dynasty from 1216 to 1377: Henry III and the Three Edwards, the Era of the Black Prince and the Black Death
1995978-1-85501-695-8Anthony BurtonThe Great Days of the Canals
  ''978-1-85501-701-6John HarrisThe Fox from His Lair: A Novel of D-Day
1995978-1-85501-726-9Gareth WilliamsThe Amazing Book of Chess (Amazing book series)
  ''978-1-85501-731-3Gary JohnstoneClassic Motorcycles
1996978-1-85501-732-0Elizabeth M. HallamPlantagenet Encyclopedia: An Alphabetical Guide to 400 Years of English History
  ''978-1-85501-733-7   ''Medieval Monarchs
1995978-1-85501-764-1Mark WilliamsThe Classic Harley
1996978-1-85501-765-8Colin F. TaylorThe Native Americans
  ''978-1-85501-767-2Pramesh RatnakarHinduism
1995978-1-85501-788-7Jeroen KoolbergenVivaldi: 1678-1741 (Composers)
1996978-1-85501-800-6Victoria DuttonTraditional Country Crafts
  ''978-1-85501-805-1Chris ChantArmoured Fighting Vehicles of the 20th Century (20th Century Military)
1996978-1-85501-808-2Chris ChantFighting Helicopters of the 20th Century (20th Century Military S.)
  ''978-1-85501-815-0Dilip Chabbra · Dheeraj PaulCocktails
  ''978-1-85501-819-8Martin BowmanThunder in the Heavens: Classic American Aircraft of World War II
  ''978-1-85501-830-3Chris ChantNazi War Machine
1997978-1-85501-838-9Richard LeslieSurrealism: The Dream of Revolution (Artists & Art Movements)
1996978-1-85501-849-5Ganesh SailiHimalaya: Peaks, People, Monasteries, Festivals
  ''978-1-85501-850-1Joseph G RosaThe Age of the Gunfighter: Men and Weapons on the Frontier, 1840-1900 (The taming of the West)
1997978-1-85501-872-3Pietro TaralloIndonesia (Countries)
1997978-1-85501-891-4Christine MoodieFive Minute Hair Stylist
  ''978-1-85501-892-1Gail DuffFive Minute Salad
  ''978-1-85501-898-3Karl NagelfellNorth American Indian Chiefs
  ''978-1-85501-900-3Claude BlairHistory of Silver
  ''978-1-85501-903-4Chiara LiberoLondon (Past & present)
1997978-1-85501-908-9Ottfried NeubeckerHeraldry: sources, symbols and meaning
  ''978-1-85501-913-3Rosalba Graglia · Marianne DelaneyIreland Past and Present (Past & present)
  ''978-1-85501-919-5Brooks RobardsThe Medieval Knight at War
1998978-1-85501-926-3G.N. GeorganoVintage Cars 1886 to 1930
  ''978-1-85501-940-9TeleorderVietnam Past and Present
1997978-1-85501-943-0J. BurdickWilliam Morris: Redesigning the World
  ''978-1-85501-947-8John GoldmanGuide to Martial Arts
1997978-1-85501-954-6Jack ClaryTiger Woods
  ''978-1-85501-959-1Colin F TaylorPlains Indians
1998978-1-85501-972-0Christopher. ChantThe Indian Wars. An Illustrated History of the Conflicts Between the North American Indians and the U. S. Army